UNC at Boston College

Where: Conte Forum, Chestnut Hill, MA
When: Saturday, March 1st, 3:30 PM
Records: UNC 26-2, 11-2 ACC; BC 13-13, 4-9 ACC

Another 3:30 game…that’s no good

Regardless of what BC’s record might be and their penchant for playing subpar basketball this game will be a tough road game for UNC.  The ongoing plotline of UNC’s injury issues, especially when it comes to the possible return of Ty Lawson, will reach a climax in this game with actual action for the sophomore point guard.  I will accept no news as being good news at this point and assume Lawson will see action on the court against BC.  Now begins the delicate task of getting Lawson back running the offense and moving QT, whose contributions saved this season in many ways, to the backup role where we all hope he will continue to play at the same level.  And the stakes could not be higher for the Heels than right now when a loss would be damaging to how the NCAA my setup for UNC.

The question heading into this one is how well UNC handles Tyrese Rice and his ability to effectively run the offense and be the offense.  During the game at Chapel Hill, Rice got his points but also turned the ball over quite a bit and BC got very little from anyone else.  At the time it was one of the finer defensive efforts of the season and also at that juncture where Lawson was playing some of his best basketball.  So questions persist as to how UNC will repeat the job they did on Rice last time out and that answer probably lies with Marcus Ginyard though QT has shown himself capable of playing some good defense.  As always this game will be about what Tyler Hansbrough does and if Wayne Ellington/Danny Green can compliment him with outside shooting.

UNC 81 BC 72


30 Responses to UNC at Boston College

  1. william says:

    The half court offense was looking pretty weak before, so I hope that Ty can do some of the things that QT was doing and get the ball to Hansbrough more. Among ACC players with 50 or more assists in conference play, Quentin has the best Assist to Turnover ratio, at 2.07. Did anyone ever envision uttering those words?

    Roy’s the coach so we will see what he decides. Lawson has missed about one third of UNC’s games thus far. He still has a better A/TO ratio overall, but due to where Lawson’s dual injuries occurred, he has missed more than half of Carolina’s games against teams that actually had a chance to beat UNC, having missed the BYU and OSU games and half of our conference games, i.e., Quentin has faced the better competition, having to confront guard heavy teams alone like Clemson, Wake and Duke.

  2. 52BigGameJames says:

    that’s my thoughts too william: expecting to see Ty execute a half-court game for the most part while/if he’s in. Q has done a good job, but I’m glad Lawson is back if for nothing else but his on-ball pressure. I guess Stepheson gets the start today?

  3. villageheel says:

    I just hope that Q doesn’t go back into spinning, palming, flying -out-of-control, spastic mode because he feels the pressure of Ty coming back. He could erase good memories of 8 games in just 3 minutes with 5 or 6 turnovers. His whole problem in 4 years at Carolina was trying to impress everyone in limited playing time. Calm down, mofo.

  4. 52BigGameJames says:

    well put vh

  5. Josh Bowling says:

    Let Ty sit out.

  6. Josh Bowling says:

    Let Bench develop more

  7. Josh Bowling says:

    It looks as if we will be a number 2 seed regardless, so let bench play on. Sit Ty out.

  8. Johnny says:

    I’m actually most excited about seeing Alex get another opportunity. He seems to energize the defense. And while he lacks offensive polish and is not the rebounder you would expect, he seems to ignite the offense and defense with hustle plays, blocked shots and passion.

  9. villageheel says:

    Stepheson jumps like Dave Popson (which is good) and has the same robotic cyborg biomechanoid shot release. (which is bad) Needs oil.

  10. villageheel says:

    Duke just tipped off. Coach Ratface going for number 800 today.

    THF: Remaining comment deleted. As much as I dislike Duke I am not wishing injury or death on anyone.

  11. Will says:

    On the Roy Williams show this morning, he basically said Ty had to start playing in order for him to get back into the rotation. I took that as a signal that he will play with pain, as long as he is not disabled.

  12. villageheel says:

    then how ’bout another “back spasm” (a.k.a. nervous breakdown)

  13. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Okay, back jokes are fair game.

  14. Josh Bowling says:

    A lot of people share your THOUGHTS village heel. They just don’t pen it or say it. I really don’t have any kind of hatred towards Duke that much. I do not like to see them be allowed to play a tougher (physical) brand of defense than other ACC teams, and they seem to be allowed to do that, even more so than us. The bad thing as a UNC fan is that you “get it” from all angles. We have no alliances, we are the common enemy. Even State & Duke have a kindship with each other because they have one thing in common-they hate UNC. We have no one that shares any kind of kindness or liking towards us. NO ONE

  15. villageheel says:

    they hate us cause we’re good. we hate them cause they’re evil.

  16. william says:

    I agree, THF, although I probably have gone over the line at some time in my life. Grant Wahl did a fairly long piece in SI this week about the deteriorating level of good sportsmanship among fans, although I thought it had some weak sports, particularly in finding a Carolina prank versus Henderson to be over the top. It also failed to hold teams like Memphis (and Duke?) partially responsible for the reactions they provoke. The article has quotes from Tyler so it is of interest to most of us.

  17. Big Apple Heel says:

    I really wish I had not just spend two hours watching that. I have a feeling I’m about as POed as most State fans about that effort in the last 5 minutes. Kinda easy to understand why they hate Carolina more than they like their own team.

  18. villageheel says:

    pig farmers fold like wet cardboard once again.

  19. Tar Heel Fan says:

    So which question applies to that game:

    1. Where has this NCSU team been all season


    2. What’s wrong with Duke?

    I think it might be both but I can honestly say Duke is scaring me less and less as the days go by.

  20. Josh Bowling says:

    Duke goes to Raleigh to get home court advantage. I recall watching the State game in Cameron. State committed 6 straight body-fouls that changed the momentum of the game to Duke’s favor. State didn’t get that same respect on their home floor as Javi gets clotheslined w/no call and DeMarcus Nelson hooks McCauley and not only did McCauley not shoot free throws for the foul, they call the contact on him. Some home court advantage there huh?

  21. Josh Bowling says:

    Not to mention that those are late game calls that other ACC teams have benefited from on their own back yard.

  22. Josh Bowling says:

    Duke is scary because they get to the free throw line, they can drive & dish, and they can make opposing teams commit turnovers. However, they stink in the interior. Not a good recipe for ncaa tournament success. The name Duke on their jerseys will enable them to get more wins in the tournament than their play alone will. Maybe over the next few years they can get a good “big guy” to go supplement with their peremiter game. The officiating in this game made it look like to me that they want the Duke/UNC matchup to be the determining factor in the ACC regular season title holder. Hopefully we can win today regardless of officiating style.

  23. villageheel says:

    Not to defend dook, but, Nelson was already being forced out of bounds when he hooked. And please don’t say dook scares you, that’s very unHeelistic.

  24. william says:

    That was a kick in the stomach. Not the most inspiring coaching down the stretch…. I think Duke is like one of those pitchers with a strange wind-up who does real well the first go through the league, but then everyone begins to figure out their new Phoenix-inspired style. I absolutely despise their style and I am thrilled that the line is moving back next year, which will help some also. It seems like in the Olympics, the U.S. starts off well and then by the fourth game, the Europeans have figured out how to defuse this Phoenix-type (have they ever won anything?) offense.

  25. Josh Bowling says:

    I would love to go back to the way the game was pre-86. Let’s not reward players for taking worse shots than they otherwise could.

  26. villageheel says:

    I think I just saw a piece of cheese fall out of Coach K’s mouth during that CBS interview.

  27. Tar Heel Fan says:

    One thing about NCSU’s defense. They played zone all day as did Miami. That seems to work as long as Duke shoots like crap which they seem to be doing now.

  28. Josh Bowling says:

    I guess it’s time to take Chris up on what he has been saying all along, “Play zone with Duke”. Chris, you need to chime in on this.

  29. 52BigGameJames says:

    the only place the 3/2 is weak is on the corners–long as they’re not hitting from the side, a GOOD team should be able to get decent scoring separation from them.

  30. william says:

    They weren’t shooting like crap in the last ten minutes. They made 3 after 3, grrr. I wish they had won by 30.

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