UNC Women Finish ACC Undefeated

The #2 ranked UNC women pasted #12 Duke in Chapel Hill on Sunday by 31 and finished the ACC season with a pristine 14-0 mark.  The Heels are 27-2 overall with their only two losses coming against Tennessee and UConn which is to say, not too shabby.  UNC goes into the women’s ACC Tournament this week as the #1 seed and odds on favorite to be a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament.


5 Responses to UNC Women Finish ACC Undefeated

  1. Jack says:

    Aw, c’mon! Someone has to comment on this!

    There are plenty of story lines–even just with the seniors:
    Larking played with a broken hand and got double doubles! Pringle has to get respect for her huge contributions. And I want to see someone post on YouTube the video of Austin taking a charge from Duke’s Chante Black in her 4min of starting http://www.newsobserver.com/sports/college/unc/story/977757.html

    We expected less from this team without Ivory Latter, and got more, thanks to freshman point guards and everyone stepping up. Go Heels!

  2. rbl says:

    The women had a great season. I feel that they are better than the teams of the past few years and have a realistic shot at winning it all. I like the fact we lost to UConn and Tennessee in the regular season, which gives us ample motivation in any rematch.
    I listened to most of the second half on XM Radio – we didn’t get the game on TV in Ohio – and relished the total domination of the Dukies. I suppose the Duke coach must be saying to herself, “Well, Toto, I guess we aren’t in the Big Ten anymore.”

  3. william says:

    Both losses were on the road. They were, however, extremely fortunate to get by Maryland at home in 2OTs, I think it was. Carolina and Maryland could determine the final number one seed should Maryland beat Carolina in the finals, although they both could conceivably get one.

  4. william says:

    I kind of stopped following the women after last year’s debacle against Tennessee, Jack and I don’t mean just because they lost, although it was very similar to how the men lost vs. G’town.

    The women’s game is very sloppy. Even with the smaller ball, they simply do not handle the ball and shoot the ball in a way that is particularly interesting to watch. Add to that the fact that the officiating often seems second rate and that is what you end up with, something that is sort of second rate. There are plenty of sports where the women are more interesting to watch than men, where the men languish in semi-obscurity, such as ice skating, gymnastics and others, but basketball is not one of them.

    With respect to Latta, I honestly expected them to be better without her. I don’t think she ever really recovered from her injuries and she was not much of an asset by the end of last year. She got all the press that Larkins deserved.

  5. rbl says:

    I saw the Tennesse debacle, which was in Cleveland. It was particularly painful since Sidney Spencer, the lone UT senior, is a cousin of mine. Her mother couldn’t believe I was pulling for Carolina. Some things are stronger than blood, my dear.

    I don’t share your take on the women’s game. Of course, they aren’t as athletic, but the Lady Heels play with blazing speed and bring incredible intensity to the game. De Graffenreid will be in the record books before she’s through. Larkins and Pringle give us a strong presence under the basket, and Breland and McCants have a nice touch. Sylvia Hatchell is a dynamite coach who doesn’t get the credit on campus she deserves.

    When you beat Duke by 31 points, what’s there not to like?

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