UNC vs FSU: Live Blog

QT’s last time on the Carolina blue court.

7:59 PM: Those of us in the Raleigh area just caught the tail end of a WRAL special on the 1983 NCAA Championship team which might be as close as NCSU will get to a national title in the foreseeable future.

8:04 PM: Those of us in Raleigh are also in the midst of some severe weather in the area and WRAL is famous infamous for interrupting whatever programming is on to talk about what the doppler radar is showing. They tend to drag these break ins out to well beyond the point of providing just what is useful.

8:06 PM: Split screen now, so small I can hardly make it out and no sound. Thanks WRAL…you know a crawl on the bottom of the screen tells me the same thing!

8:07 PM: So they drop the split screen, end the newscast and go to a commercial! What the heck is wrong with these people!

8:08 PM: Surry Wood scores the first basket?

8:09 PM: Looks like the Heels got themselves smacked in the mouth to start the game but a 7-0 run ties it up.

8:10 PM: Surry Wood is on fire!

8:11 PM: 1st TV timeout of the 1st half which seemed quick because I missed most of listening to Greg Fishel talking about the direction of winds at the upper level of some storm cloud. FSU 10 UNC 9 and only because Surry Wood came to play.

8:13 PM: Deon Thompson comes in for Surry Wood and commits an offensive foul.

8:14 PM: Lawson comes in.

8:15 PM: Wow…VT is up 20 on Wake…of course in this league no lead is safe.

8:16 PM: Heels a little out of sync, five turnovers to start the game.

8:17 PM: Whoa…very bad miss by Ellington but good news is Lawson looked very good running the break that time.

8:18 PM: Why is Hansbrough sitting so long here? Is Roy trying to give Stepheson and Thompson experience?

8:19 PM: 2nd TV timeout. UNC 14 FSU 10. There was a discussion on the ACC update post about UNC fans worrying despite how good this team is and the first eight minutes of this game demonstrates why we still worry.

8:23 PM: Nice alley-oop from Lawson!!!! Way to go get it Danny!

8:24 PM: Reid getting mixed up with Hansbrough. That will not end well for you Ryan.

8:25 PM: How you like them apples Reid? UNC needs to get the offense cooking.

8:27 PM: Roy seems to want to rest Hansbrough more in the 1st half. I guess he would rather have him all of the 2nd half so he rests him more in the first. And QT picks up two quick fouls, the last was just was not a smart play.

8:29 PM: Heels take the lead at 17-16.

8:30 PM: FSU hits a three then beats UNC down for a dunk. Roy is six kinds of pissed I am sure.

8:31 PM: 3rd TV timeout. FSU 21 UNC 19. Well so much for playing Lawson on limited minutes. QT has three fouls. FSU is dictating to UNC not vice versa and I am more than a little disturbed at the lack of intensity on the part of the Heels in this game. That along with the turnovers is making this a difficult game.

8:35 PM: Lawson looks as though the confidence is there but he is not quite up to full speed.

8:37 PM: Ellington has come out cold in this game but that does not mean he won’t catch fire in the 2nd half.

8:41 PM: Lawson hits the three, UNC goes up three and the crowd comes to life.

8:42 PM: Final TV timeout. UNC up one. Again, FSU is dictating the game and UNC is playing porous defense in the halfcourt.

8:45 PM: Another Tyler Hansbrough-Dave Cowens comparison. This must be a Raycom/FSN talking point.

8:46 PM: Need a key three. Call 1-800-GREEN14

8:48 PM: How is that a double foul? When is the ACC going to deal with FSU and their thuggery?

8:49 PM: Greg Fishel on again to tell use a tornado might be touching down in the middle of nowhere.

8:51 PM: Another three by Green I think, I can’t say for sure because WRAL cuts the game off to tell us they are going back to the game.

8:52 PM: This has been an ugly half. Now Lawson with ice on the hip.

8:54 PM: Too many fouls in this game. Lot of Seminoles with two fouls. Could be key in the 2nd half.

Hafltime. UNC 44 FSU 32. Ugly basketball and if I hear Billy Packer say one more time how Lawson is not 100% I am going to lose it. Lawson headed to the locker room early which means less than Packer is probably ascribing to it. UNC is a 2nd half team and with a 12 point lead they should go ahead and crush the Noles.

9:13 PM: 2nd half opens up. FSU scores and Hansbrough seems off in this game.

9:15 PM: Thanks for the bail out foul Mims! I have to wonder why it takes Ellington half a game to get started.

9:16 PM: I am becoming convinced that flat blowing out FSU is tall order since they are willing to pull the ball out down 10.

9:18 PM: That was a shot clock violation. i am not sure he got the ball off in time which is what Roy was complaining about before he blacked out.

9:24 PM: Wayward children not staying in bed had me missing a few minutes here.

9:25 PM: Foul? Ya think?

9:26 PM: Two rare items here. One, Hansbrough got in the air on the ball fake. Two, three fouls on Hansbrough though one of them was totally bogus and UNC is footing around too much here for my taste.

9:27 PM: Is it too much to hope for FSU to be down to four players at game’s end like Clemson did ten years ago?

9:28 PM: 2nd TV timeout. Lawson seems to need a half to get the ankle warmed up though I thought he was decent in the first half. FSU keeps hanging around and the refs are starting to calls fouls on the interior which could lead to a serious advantage for the Heels as the game moves on. UNC by 10.

9:32 PM: Well darn. Ginyard has four fouls. This is just a rough and forgettable game for UNC. Heels need to get a good run, get this out to 15 plus and get ready for Duke.

9:33 PM: Will Graves has his moments and is starting to show that Danny Green inclination to hit a three when needed. Graves runs the lead back out to nine and Leonard Hamilton wants to further instruct his players in the ways of ugly basketball.

9:37 PM: Had Greg Fishel not been on I would know more about how this lead got to 13.

9:38 PM: This period of less speed might actually help Lawson find his jumper a little more so when he does get back to 100% he will have two dimensions to his offensive game.

9:40 PM: Reid needs to foul out. Justice demands Reid foul out of this game.

9:41 PM: 3rd TV timeout. Heels by 14.

9:45 PM: FSU does not look like they are in much of a hurry to get back in this one.

9:48 PM: Hansbrough can flat out run the floor. I love watching him on the breakaway dunks.

9:50 PM: Have I mentioned how ugly this game has been?

9:51 PM: Wait a minute. Lawson and QT in the game at the same time? Preview of Saturday night?

9:52 PM: Final TV timeout. Heels up 17 and FSU not showing any urgency to get back in it. QT with a couple of nice drives there.

9:58 PM: Ginyard has fouled out. Not sure when the last time that happened was.

9:59 PM: Thomas with the dunk down the lane which probably should have garnered a technical foul but the refs were nice about it.

10:01 PM: Well QT has fouled out which will give him his standing ovation.

10:02 PM: Surry Wood gets his ovation. And why the heck is Greg Little still playing? Spring football has started. Get out of here man!

10:03 PM: Hey Toney Douglas. Under a minute now and I am still waiting to be shocked.

Heels win 90-77.


25 Responses to UNC vs FSU: Live Blog

  1. 52BigGameJames says:

    everybody in Central NC is on severe weather alert

  2. Schwartzy says:

    Curse you Greg Fischel!

  3. Triadboy says:

    Jebus! Is he still the weatherman there?! He was there 20 years ago.

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:


    I think Fishel came in around 1981 so it is getting close to 30 and he flat out loves the bad weather. You can see it in his eyes, they get all crazy

  5. 52BigGameJames says:

    here we go–you can see Dean is ready to roll–let’s see it continue.

  6. My wife is working on her computer and not really paying attention to the game. Just now she perked up, looked at me funny and said, “Did Woody just say Coochie Coochie Coo?”

    No, honey. That’s Uche Echefu.

    Of course, he has a new nickname.

  7. Mark says:

    Crappy Charter reception. No picture, but the analyst who will not be named is coming in clear as a bell. Curse you, Charter!

  8. TxTarheel says:

    We got snow last night in Dallas…can’t say I blame that on Greg Fishel. It’s all Al Gore’s fault anyway

  9. Silent Sam says:

    Coochie Coochie Coo — Priceless!

  10. unc/uncwfan says:

    Yeah only one break in for weather here in Wilmington. What is going on with Tyler. He is not himself, anyone know why? Ice on Lawson’s hip and him leaving the half early to go to locker-room…

  11. cltheel says:

    You got your 15 THF.

  12. RJ says:

    Don’t think we’ve seen Q and Lawson on the floor at the same time before…

  13. Displaced Heel says:

    You guys don”t know how lucky you are!. I am stuck in the Atlanta airport, not able to watch, only able to keep up through CBSsportsline and this blog! And I had to give up a ticket to the game to be here!!!!!!

  14. Will says:

    They had Bobby and Ty in the game at the same time just a couple of times before Bobby got hurt.

  15. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Actually during the Nicholls State game Roy had Lawson, Frasor, QT and Ellington on the floor at the same time with Hansbrough. NSU had a four guard offense.

  16. JMOHN says:

    The Heels are looking great down the stretch. They’ve been finishing the first half strong and the second half with style and ease. I hope Duke can take care of business in Charlottesville tomorrow, and then it’s on like Donkey Kong! IMO UNC has definitely been playing better than the Blue Devils since the last match up but the game in Cameron should be interesting. Maybe Duke has been saving a little something for Saturday night. They’re going to need it.

  17. Steve says:

    Have you noticed that Unamed analyst is totally in the bag for Hansbrough?

  18. william says:

    If Carolina does not beat Duke on Saturday, then it is hard to be sanguine about our chances of winning it all. I don’t believe that we have ever won the national championship while losing the season’s series to an ACC opponent.

    This game on Saturday is almost as important as the 2005 final Duke game. If Carolina does not make that comeback, there is no way they win the title in my opinion. I think it definitely hurt Duke in 1998 having lost two out of three to Carolina (how come K never had to answer for losing a 17 point lead to Kentucky anyway?).

  19. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I agree. The historical manner in which UNC has always won national titles includes certain common factors. It is interesting to note that, if I am not mistaken, UNC has had perfect home records in the previous four NCAA title seasons but this year they have the chance to do the exact opposite and go perfect on the road while losing two at home.

  20. 52BigGameJames says:

    I “double-ditto”–in fact, I think there was a fairly long stretch whereby the ACC Tourney winner went the deepest in the NCAA’s. Not a surprising stat really, but it was uncanny how consistent that was for a time. W. Graves appears to be an increasingly important element for this team. I liked his work on the boards and on D last night.

  21. william says:

    I think history shows that all the ACC teams that have won titles were unquestionably the best team in the conference that year during the regular season. We have seen teams that have split like 2005 Tar Heels and Blue Devils, and the 2002 Terps and Blue Devils, but Carolina’s 14-2 mark and Maryland’s 15-1 in the conference, trumped Duke’s 12-4 and 13-3 markes with an ACC tourney win those years.

    In 1991, I believe that Duke and Carolina tied for first with Duke winning both regular season games and Carolina winning an easy game in the tourney finals. In 1982, Carolina took two of three from UVa.

    It obviously is not a rule that this always has to happen but if an exception occurs then the team might be a fluke champion like RC State in 1983.

  22. Section 229 Fan says:

    The officiating was confusing, bad and non-existence at different points in the game. When we look at game flow I think officiating has a big role in this, how – I defend, drive or work under the basket when you have no idea how the refs are calling the game. I’m not trying to be easy on the players but I can see how as a player that makes life difficult. The Danny Green fouls seemed to me to be the least meaningful, almost no contact though the double foul was a new low point.

    Are there any sites with ref statistics and calls by game by season by date? I mean there seems to be a statistic for anything which means most of them are useless I would like to see how these play out in a game and over time. I also don’t get how they put the refs together as crews, are the refs mixed based on the games do they stay together as a unit, any details on that would be nice if only to benefit my bb education.

  23. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I am not aware of any public stats on refs, especially on who makes what calls. I think the NBA keeps data like that for their refs but I am pretty sure the NCAA and the conferences do not. As for ref crews they mix them up. The easiest place to see this is simply go to ESPN.com, look at any team’s box scores and the list the officials for each game. If someone were so inclined they could produce a list of which refs see which teams the most and I am sure there are conclusions that can be drawn from that albeit not very good ones in my opinion.

  24. Silent Sam says:

    unc / uncw fan — I guess the 2nd interruption of the FSU/UNC game for “meteorologist babble” was after you posted. There were two interruptions for “meteorologist babble” at my house (Wilmington).

  25. Vote for Tyler Hansbrough for player of the year in the fan vote at http://thebigdanceblog.blogspot.com/ , currently he is losing to Michael Beasley.

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