UNC Women Win 4th Straight ACC Title

Another UNC team took the court against Duke on Sunday and the result was the same as Saturday night only this time there was hardware being handed out. The Tar Heel women completed a 17-0 sweep of the ACC beating all league comers and winning a fourth straight ACC title.

The UNC women are ranked 2nd in the country and presumably will be a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament with a 30-2 mark.  The only two losses for the Heels came at Tennessee and UConn.  Needless to say UNC would like a crack a either of them on a neutral court in the Final Four and given the way women’s basketball has it’s top teams make it to the Final Four we might see that.

Congratulations to the UNC women, I really hope the men can make it two for two next week in Charlotte.


8 Responses to UNC Women Win 4th Straight ACC Title

  1. rbl says:

    It’s a good weekend when we sweep Duke, even if I am trapped at home in a blizzard.

  2. Steve says:

    What they’ve done this year is amazing. They have 3 point guards and all are freshmen. The PG position is if anything, more important in the women’s game. The coaches have done a great job of fitting the system to the players. They pressure all over and run all the time; to get them going at that pace the coaches had to tell them that turnovers didn’t matter, and now they play fast and loose. Finally, they have the rare luxury of 2 senior post threats, but more importantly they’ve capitalized on their advantage. Their best game this year was a double over time victory over #4 Maryland at home. In the final 5 minutes they went big and played 4 forwards with PG Cetera DeGraffenreid, and that lineup brought them back. I’d say they are the only team this year that can throw out a lineup like that and win. I’d love to see them pull that again in the final 4.

  3. Josh Bowling says:

    To me, they are the best team in the country. I know all the buzz is around UConn and Tennessee, but we have played better down the stretch. Great job heels. Larkins will take us well into post season. DeGraffenreidt can get the job done as well. Let’s thank the McCants family for choosing UNC!!

  4. william says:

    I don’t know if any of you guys saw this but this is pretty vile stuff:


  5. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Jealousy is so unbecoming.

  6. C. Michael says:

    Yup, and this one is even worse!

    They honestly make it sound like Beasley averaging 30 and 20!


    KSU (2006-07): 22-11 (10-6)
    KSU (2007-08): 20-10 (10-6)

    So the idea that Beasley is the single reason why KSU is a bubble team is absolutely laughable…

  7. Tar Heel Fan says:

    As someone in the comments over at You Tube said, Hansbrough has been named POY by SI and Sporting News…someone is not laughing.

    Good point on the records. Beasley’s presence has not changed a thing.

  8. seth says:

    Carolina took the baseball series against Duke this weekend, 2-1. A good weekend, indeed, when three UNC teams beat Dook…

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