ACC Basketball Accolades, Part 2

ACC Player of the Year: Tyler Hansbrough, UNC
Defensive Player of the Year: DeMarcus Nelson, Duke
Rookie of the Year: Kyle Singler, Duke
Coach of the Year: Seth Greenberg, Virginia Tech

No complaints and no surprises really.

Tyler Hansbrough was unanimous mainly because one would have to be a complete idiot to vote otherwise and he was also the only unanimous All-ACC pick so anything else would have been confusing.

Seth Greenberg is a good guy and it was nice to see him win COY for working around the graduation so many key players to end up nine seconds away from finishing 10-6 and in 3rd place. And in case you were wondering how Roy did in the COY voting, he finished 3rd behind Greenberg and Miami’s Frank Haith. Oliver Purnell was fourth and previously thought to be a total lock for COY Mike Krzyzewski was fifth.


4 Responses to ACC Basketball Accolades, Part 2

  1. MinnyTarHeelFan says:

    No, but I thought Adam Lucas’ comments on ROY were very interesting:

  2. C. Michael says:

    Question to the group:

    How many ACCT wins does UNC need to “guarantee”:

    a) A #1 seed.
    b) #1 in the East.
    c) #1 overall.

    IMO, a) is already clinched. b) will take 1 win, unless Tenn wins the SECT, then it will take 2. c) will require all 3 b/c you have to assume Memphis will win out.


  3. Tar Heel Fan says:


    This will get posted around noon but Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm both said yesterday they thought UNC was locked into a #1 seed assuming they did not lose on Friday. They need to win the ACCT to be the #1 overall. I think outside of winning the ACCT being #1 in the East is dependent on what UT does and Duke not looking really good should they win the ACCT.

    Memphis is a lock because they will not lose and their non-conf SOS is very good.

    UCLA is probably a lock for the West

  4. rbl says:

    I believe we have to win the ACCT to earn the Raleigh/Charlotte route, although if we lose to a team other than Duke, and the Devils don’t win the ACCT, then we may retain the preferred NC route. If Duke wins the ACCT, then they earn the NC route, although we may very well remain a #1 seed somewhere else.

    This tournament is huge, if we value playing close to home, which makes it more meaningful than recent events.

    It sure looks like a Carolina-Duke final to me, although a few teams – Clemson comes to mind – could do some mischief. I want another crack at Maryland, which could only take place in the finals. That I can live with, even relish.

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