#1 UNC vs #9 Florida State

What: ACC Tournament Quarterfinals
Where: Bobcats Arena, Charlotte, NC
When: Friday, March 14th, Noon
Records: UNC 29-2, 14-2 ACC; FSU 19-13, 8-9 ACC

Happy ACC Tournament Friday!

There is something right about the world when we get to ACC Tournament Friday and UNC is playing the noon game as the #1 seed. My favorite memory of this is in 1993 and our teacher put the game on the TV we had mounted in the classroom even though it was a no-no. UNC pummeled Maryland that day. In years prior to that when the TVs were not available(except for one in the commons area) the one guy in the room with the walkman would pass on scoring information to everyone else. With the advent of Blackberries and cell phones keeping track of scores is far easier for the younguns than it was in my day.

Anyway, Roy’s general feelings about the ACC Tournament as it compares to the NCAA Tournament not withstanding, UNC needs these games. Ty Lawson will start for the first time since February 3rd and the Heels could really use a few contests under this type of circumstances to mesh on offense and continue the stellar defense from Saturday night. The greatest worry I have playing FSU is their tendency to be physical.

Not that UNC fears FSU but the fact Ryan Reid nearly broke Lawson’s ankle last month gives you a bit of pause. And given how much contact we will see from the FSU interior players, the manner in which this game is called by the referees will be a crucial factor in this game. The other concern is how well the Tar Heel perimeter players will shoot the ball since a tournament setting can often make guys press a little more and result plenty of missed shots. All that being said, I think the Heels will be motivated to come out and attack the Seminoles in every facet of the game. Some rust brought on by the shift in routine might be evident early but the tempo UNC plays and the depth which is getting close to normal again will put the Heels in a better position than FSU as the game wears on.

Besides the need to play well in these games to get the on court chemistry working, UNC would be best served by an assignment to the East Regional as the #1 seed. Roy says he does not worry about these things but UNC being 21-1 in the state of North Carolina during NCAA Tournament games means being in Raleigh and Charlotte is almost a lock based on the historical evidence. In the end the best case scenario is a blowout win for the Heels affording them a chance to rest the starters ahead of the weekend.

UNC 94 FSU 74


76 Responses to #1 UNC vs #9 Florida State

  1. Johnny says:

    A great time of year. You mentioned the 1993 ACC tourney and it reminds me of my favorite Tarheel–The Donald. There have been others that were flashier or more athletic, but The Donald had a knack for hitting backbreaking buckets. No one pulled up for a three on a fast break like The Donald. (I still hate BC for damaging his career with the hard foul in 1994.) We’re into the time of year where legends (and unfortunately, NBA lottery picks) are made. Go Heels!

  2. robuck says:

    Johnny, pretty sure it was Virginia that messed up Donald’s career. BC is the team that got Derrick Phelps in the NCAA 2nd round later that season – and we all know how that turned out.

  3. Josh Bowling says:

    No one shot the ball better on that 93 championship run than Donald Williams. However, for pull-up 3’s (even on the fast break with no one guarding) I give that one to Jeff Lebo.

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Virginia hurt Derrick Phelps too. In the 1993 ACC semifinals, Phelps took a nasty fall versus UVa in a game that was interrupted by a power failure in Charlotte due to an ice storm. Phelps was a no go versus GT and James Forrest having been left off the All ACC team went nuts and UNC lost. The upside is they did not lose again that season.

  5. C. Michael says:

    Chalk up another one… Tyler Hansbrough, ESPN NPOY!

  6. Carrie says:

    hey, i cant watch the game, can any one tell me the score so far?

  7. C. Michael says:

    20 – 20 at 9:22.

  8. The Equalizer says:

    35-28 UNC…I predict an upset by FSU.

  9. C. Michael says:

    Except for the fact that UNC is undefeated when leading at the half, and FSU is playing their second game in two days, you might be on to something…

    BTW, last 60 minutes of game time: Hansbrough = 0 FTA. That is absurd…

  10. Santiago says:

    I predict whoever wins the first 5 minutes of the second half wins (just like the ‘Heels did it last year).

  11. Tar Heel Fan says:

    And what basis? UNC a great 2nd half team and I imagine the FSU legs will start to go as the game progresses. UNC with a little rust out of the gate but starting to putting together down the stretch.

  12. Sam says:

    Thanks for the updates! Please keep’em coming…

  13. william says:

    If anyone has MASN, they are currently showing the UNC-Kentucky game from 1981, whiched pitted number one Carolina vs. number two Kentucky.

  14. Tar Heel Fan says:

    UNC 39 FSU 30

    Hansbrough finally makes it to the FT line after 64 minutes of game time.

  15. Santiago says:

    The first 5 minutes is basically a push. Second 5 minutes?

    Actually, I agree with CM and THF. I think FSU will be too tired to finish.

  16. Chris Tutino says:

    Can we please start running away with it now?

  17. Sam says:

    What’s the time on the game?

  18. Tar Heel Fan says:

    11:47 remaining in the game.

    UNC 48 FSU 38

    Gnyard just D’ed up Jason Rich and forced a shot clock violation.

  19. william says:

    These teams are just going through the motions….

  20. Tar Heel Fan says:

    UNC 79 FSU 67

    1:20 left

  21. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Heels win and Roy was pissed off at the refs.

  22. C. Michael says:

    No injuries (as far as I could tell online) and a W. All I could have asked for. #1 in the East is locked, IMO.

  23. C. Michael says:

    Also, congrats to Roy! First UNC coach to ever have back-to-back 30 win seasons! Next year he can join Rupp and Calipari as the only coaches to have 3!!

  24. Steve says:

    What was Roy saying to the refs at the end?

  25. Jim U. says:

    What did Roy do to the refs?

  26. Jim U. says:

    nice timing

  27. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I am trying to gather that info now. Hansbrough had the ball in the middle of the court and Roy called him over and according to accounts introduced him to the refs then proceeded to chew the refs out for the lack of fouls calls on Hansbrough defenders. At least that is my understanding based on message board banter and what [UNNAMED ANALYST] was saying

  28. william says:

    I guess that was the perfect first round game: low intensity, no injuries and a win. It sure wasn’t much fun to watch, but we’ve had plenty of exciting games lately.

  29. william says:


    By the way, has anyone else noticed how much Hansbrough resembles Joe Wolf?

  30. Tar Heel Fan says:

    It was not much fun but I do not think they expended themselves much and got Lawson back out there as a starter which is going to be a multiple game process.

  31. C. Michael says:

    FYI, Tennessee leads SCAR 75-71 with 6:24 to go…

  32. william says:

    USC is giving Tenn a tough game….

  33. william says:

    USC has the ball, trailling by 3, with 6 minutes to go, on 632 Directv….

  34. C. Michael says:

    75-73 UT…

  35. william says:

    Great minds think alike, CMichael…..

  36. william says:

    That would be nice for Dave Odom if they could pull the upset….

  37. william says:

    no defense in this UT-USC game at all…..

  38. C. Michael says:

    Agreed. THF and I have also been doing the double-post tango this week! 😉

    (Not to be confused with the tango my “esteemed” governor has been doing…)

  39. william says:

    Tenn by 3 with a minute to go, USC at the line…..

  40. william says:

    Tenn by 1 with the ball, 1:38 to play

  41. william says:

    Come on, ‘Cocks!

  42. C. Michael says:

    This would basically make tomorrow’s game moot for UNC, as the only way Duke can usurp #1 in the East is by actually beating UNC.

  43. william says:

    Tenn coughs up the ball, USC ball, down by 1 with 1 minute left….

  44. william says:

    Yeah, we could lose with dignity, like in 2005…. Except VPI couldn’t beat us on their best day….

  45. william says:

    Carolina by 1!

  46. C. Michael says:

    Cocks up 1!!

  47. william says:

    Oh, no! Tenn has a 3-point play!

  48. william says:

    but they miss the free throw. Tenn by 1 with 36 seconds….

  49. Silent Sam says:

    It’s nice to see other people know the correct name for the folks from Blacksburg!

  50. william says:

    Carolina by 1 with 17 seconds. TO Tenn.

  51. william says:

    Yeah, like I am going to write out VA Tech instead of VPI….

  52. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Now william, it is not Carolina.

  53. william says:

    VPI and GIT are the abreviations I use!

  54. william says:

    25 footer by UT

  55. william says:

    USC ball with 1 second, down by 2

  56. william says:

    Tennessee took a terrible shot and it went in.

  57. william says:

    I hate Bruce Pearl.

  58. william says:

    Tennessee looked terrible but they won.

  59. Tar Heel Fan says:

    That figures…UT losing would help us tremendously. UT and Duke losing would be Christmas day.

  60. Santiago says:

    I guess Seth Greenberg gets to keep COY. He’ll get a chance to earn it again against Ol’ Roy tomorrow, and if successful then, maybe even against Coach K on Sunday.

    Prediction: GIT will win the “Cheap Suit” award tonight against Duke. Hope I’m wrong though.

  61. TxTarheel says:

    GIT better hope for a better half…15 points is a lot to make up on weary legs.

  62. 52BigGameJames says:

    Tech is too stoopid to turn the corner on Duke.

  63. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Yes and when you expend so much energy to get the lead down to two the last thing you want to do is give up six straight and go back down eight.

  64. Tar Heel Fan says:

    And GT is playing good defense and creating loose balls which fall into Duke players’ hands and because the defense is scrambled Duke gets an open look.

  65. 52BigGameJames says:

    I’ve been really unimpressed by the teams outside of UNC & Duke this year. At first glance it can indicate poor coaching, but I don’t think it’s that simple. The talent level overall of the ACC seems to be there, but the thinking level and composure has really dropped off. Case in point-Terps–outstanding talent, but questionable decision-making. Do these highly-recruited kids come in “coachable”? Or have they been so coddled and butt-kissed that they can’t be properly taught? I know it’s a process and these are still kids but Geez! Maybe they need to pass a hoops “HAT” to qualify for entrance into the ACC.

  66. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I don’t know. I just watched GT come down and have the PG dribble the ball near the top of the key for 20 seconds then settle for an 18 foot jumper. That is not offense, that is playground basketball. Good teams know how to get spacing and work the ball to probe the defense and find a look. GT is not doing that and I think that falls on the coaching though I see your point about players not being coachable.

  67. 52BigGameJames says:

    on that note THF, I think if you watch the next game, you’ll be able to reasonably predict the chances of the winner being able to knock off Duke tomorrow, based on their cerebral play….or lack thereof.

  68. Tar Heel Fan says:

    True. Beating Duke is about executing, especially when Duke is not.

  69. william says:

    GIT just played a stupid game. They are like Wake, away from home, they can do little….

  70. 52BigGameJames says:

    Cremins used to be able to close out games when his team got hot, as did Tacy.

  71. Schwartzy says:

    UNC and Duke both won 82-70. Coincidence?
    If anyone’s been watching college gameday, is it me or is Jay Bilas scared of Bob Knight?

  72. Tar Heel Fan says:

    In a way Knight is essentially his grandfather except he is the crazy grandfather who swears all the time and your mother never wanted you around.

  73. 52BigGameJames says:

    well, I’ve seen enough–if I’m Duke, I’m more than a little concerned about the Tigers. On a personal note, I hope Clemson draws Kansas’ bracket. Jayhawks fans have been talking major s*** about how Clemson’s 1st ot game with Heels was proof that UNC was over-rated. Some of em will never get over Roy’s departure.

  74. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Duke is prone to too much hot and cold on offense and Clemson is one of a few teams that can score when that is happening and build a lead.

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