2008 ACC Tournament Semifinals: Review

This is what we have come to expect from the ACC Tournament.

#1 UNC 68 #4 Virginia Tech 66

This looked all game long like that game I have seen UNC play so many times where they simply could not get over the hump. In the end they did and Tyler Hansbrough showed why he should be the NPOY by chasing down the offensive rebound and hitting the jumper to win the game. And credit Virginia Tech for coming out and playing toe-to-toe with UNC after the beatdown administered to them in Chapel Hill last month. Seth Greenberg validated his COY award in my opinion.

#3 Clemson 78 #2 Duke 74

Down goes Duke(I love writing that.) Clemson looks like a team on a mission and when this game was tight late, Clemson executed and hit free throws which is probably the more amazing aspect of their win. The Tigers are simply playing great basketball right now and Duke seems to have lost themselves since getting to 10-0 in the ACC.  Kyle Singler has ceased to exist it seems like and in this game so did Jon Scheyer.  It is not surprising to see Duke have problems in February but it is a bit odd to see them lose back-to-back ACC Tournaments because it has been 10 years since it last happened.  Clemson advances to their first ACC title game since 1962.


4 Responses to 2008 ACC Tournament Semifinals: Review

  1. TxTarheel says:

    THF, here’s another article today for the running debate amongst Tyler / Beasley in the national POY stakes. I suppose his column will be amended tomorrow for today’s win & Tyler making key plays in the last 3 minutes on both ends to aid his team reaching the ACC finals.


    or google “Chip Brown Beasley vs Hansbrough”

  2. Silent Sam says:

    THF – Hear, hear!

    I know a lot of people are interested in why so and so is supporting Beasley for NPOY and I don’t fault them at all. But I’m not the least bit interested in the debate. I sort of lost interest in that kind of debate when John Roche was selected as ACC POY over Charlie Scott long, long ago and, to me, debates like Roch vs. Scott & Tyler vs. Beasley might get me riled up and it’s just not worth it – to me. For all you guys who thrive on the debates, more power to you!

    Of course I’m hoping Psycho-T wins all of the NPOY awards, but even if he doesn’t win another one I’m satisfied that Tyler is one of the all time greats at UNC and people will still be telling legendary tales about him in the distant future.

    Cheers & Go Heels!

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    It is interesting to see how much the pro-Beasley crowd wants to make it about the media coverage, UNC favortism and strictly the numbers.

    And CBS Sportsline named Beasley POY? Sounds about right seeing that that bunch has about 11 brain cell between them.

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