Hansbrough Has A Message For Mike Freeman

From ACC Now:

Hansbrough has been so successful — winning the ACC Player of the Year award, being named ACC Tournament MVP, and being dubbed National Player of the Year by Sports Illustrated and The Sporting News — that he’s been accused of being “overexposed” by some in the national media.

He said that only makes him want to win more.

“I feel like when you get to that certain level, somebody’s always look for something negative,” he said. “I don’t understand what they’re saying, but I also use it as motivation. I think there’s a lot of people out there who think I’ve been successful, or I wouldn’t have that status. But at the same time, I’m not always going to please everybody. I’m not trying to. I’m just trying to listen to a couple people, and that’s our coaching staff here.”

In other words Rick Morrissey, Mike Freeman, John Gasaway and any others who want to step up and whine incessantly about Hansbrough being overexposed or that voters are ignoring the performance in favor of media coverage should all know you are simply adding to his bulletin board.

I am also impressed with how level headed Hansbrough is with everything swirling around him and he understands that you cannot make everyone happy.  Hansbrough is also narrowly focused on listening to what the coaches tell him.  No wonder Roy loves him so much.


16 Responses to Hansbrough Has A Message For Mike Freeman

  1. C. Michael says:

    And the 64 other teams in the NCAAT just collectively said, “Damn you, Mike Freeman!!!” 😉

  2. Flitz says:

    You cannot watch a game with a non-carolina fan and not hear 35 times that hansbrough sucks, hes overrated, hell suck as a pro, plays ugly, hits lucky shots, and is uncoordinated. He is as great a competitor i can remember at UNC, and i hope he stays next year and wins all-american four years in a row for the first time in NCAA history, along with passing Redick for all time-Acc scorer. That would shut everyone up.

  3. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    Despite what the experts say, big men in the NBA who can consitently nail the short outside jumper, like Hansbrough is doing, are prized. His rebounding also will be a big asset. That said, I too hope he comes back next year

  4. william says:

    The next time someone mentions that Hansbrough is not going to be a good pro, the proper answer to the person is to say, “who asked you and how is that relevant in any shape, matter, or form to watching him play college ball.”

    It really is the lowest form of argumentation and instantly belies the person as someone just looking for something negative to say about someone. If people want to watch the pro’s, then let them go watch the pro’s. It really is an ignorant thing to say, a bit like watching champion doubles players and saying, “well, I bet neither one of them could beat Roger Federer in singlies.” Well, who cares,….

  5. Tar Heel Fan says:

    This is true. I have no idea why we have reached a point where the potential NBA success factor became a part of how we view college players. This has been one of the issues in how the NPOY race was viewed because Beasley will be the #1 pick and even Gasaway in his argument for Love brought up the fact Love would do better than Hansbrough in the NBA. Who cares? I don’t and I can assure you at this moment Hansbrough does not care. One of the reasons you love him as a UNC fan is he is out there every game giving his all to win the game for the name that is on the uniform not so he can be drafted higher(see JJ Hickson in the ACCT) or because he wants to be POY but because he wants a title.

    And on the NBA question. I do not know what kind of career he will have and I know there are limitations for him in terms of talent but I do know that he will work himself day in and day out to be a difference maker on an NBA team. That kind of work ethic should NEVER be underestimated.

  6. william says:

    And I don’t think that anyone has to worry about Kevin Love getting too little exposure. I think his relatives will take care of that, although Mike Love was the Allen Klein of the Beach Boys.


  7. Josh Bowling says:

    Great arguments William & THF. Right on with that C. Michael! No team wants to see Hansbrough more motivated than he already is. People who undervalue his NBA potential are not understanding what teams in the NBA need. There is a reason why the Ben Wallace’s and the Elton Brand’s of the NBA are such an assett. They do the things that most players (that these columnist herald) like Kevin Durant, Kevin Love, or anyone else they have recently mentioned do not do. They get things done in the paint. Hansbrough does not need to hit a game-winning 3 point shot or be a damn point guard in order to be successful in the pro’s. Teams do not need people like Hansbrough to be able to hit outside shots (there are plenty of people in the NBA willing to do that). They will WANT him to do what he HAS ALREADY DONE in college, which is hustle, don’t give up on a possession, get the rebound aggressively, dominate your opponent in the paint.

  8. CarolinaGirl says:

    This may seem like a bold prediction, but I’ll go ahead and say it – Hansbrough will have a better NBA career than JJ Redick. There, I said it. 🙂

  9. Jonathan Starsmore says:

    Morrissey and Freeman are know-nothing opinion column hacks who deserve every bit of criticism they’re sure to get between now and early April, but what’s with the ongoing vendetta against Gasaway? Yes, it’s unfortunate that he used the word “exposure” in his column extolling Kevin Love as the more deserving NPOY candidate, but he honestly believes that Love is better (his belief is based on flawed/incomplete data, but he still has a right to it) and was only searching for an explanation as to why the rest of the country is oblivious to a fact that he considers manifest. I don’t think anywhere in his article did he claim that Hansbrough isn’t deserving of the exposure he gets due to his performance, which makes him markedly different from the other two guys you’re singling out.

    Gasaway has been a favorite NCAA hoops blogger of mine for several years, and while he was publishing as Big Ten Wonk, I’d always wished he would switch off that boring league and cover the ACC. Using tempo-free stats, he wrote about how good UNC’s 2005 and 2007 teams’ defense was at exactly the same time the mass media was questioning the same D because of tempo-inflated opponents points-per-game stats, and in 2006 he was the first non-Carolina fan to catch and write about how good that young team was suddenly becoming. He’s had copious praise for Hansbrough in every UNC-related post I’ve read (granted, these aren’t much, since we don’t have much of a tendency to pop up in a Big Ten blog), and while his article on Kevin Love for NPOY was poorly thought out (he didn’t factor the impact of team tempo and team makeup into Love’s high DR%, and he makes the rather vacuous suggestion that a higher DR% means that a player is a better defender), he’s no Hansbrough-hater.

  10. Silent Sam says:

    Also, no wonder Tar Heel fans love Psycho-T so much.

    Digressing, I played golf Monday in a foursome which include a nice guy (who is clueless when it comes to hoops) who was telling me what Tyler is doing wrong, what he needs to do to improve and etc. Although it’s true Tyler has room to improve, I wonder why this guy was picking on Hansbrough — he didn’t have any suggestions for Q, Danny, Marcus, Ty, Ol’ Roy, Ratface, Sidney, Tubby Smith or anybody else. Just Tyler.

    Anyhow, early on I realized it would only prolong the monologue and the agony if I were to, say, ask the gentleman if Tyler needs to improve so much why is he winning all of these awards as well as being the leading scorer & rebounder on the #1 team in the nation? So instead I patiently waited for him to take a breath and said, “Excuse me, I’m next off the tee” or something equally inane.

  11. Silent Sam says:

    Carolina Girl — you’re really going out on a limb there aren’t you?

  12. Silent Sam says:

    Oops I tried to post a smiley face on my previous page but I’m to technically challenged to accomplish that.

    CG – I enjoyed your comment and wasn’t trying to give you a hard time & since I didn’t get the smiley face . . . . & etc. blah blah.

  13. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    I still maintain that Hansbrough will be a solid pro, for all the reasons stated above (I’m thinking Nick Collison, but with better range). And I agree with William: the argument on the pros is for next year or the year after, for fans of the NBA. I’m excited to watch NCAA tournament teams, which have never had to face him before, deal with his relentlessness.

  14. william says:

    I personally asked Gasaway to re-visit the Hansbrough stats issues and told him that I thought that THF’s argument was better than his. I hate to say it, but fame may have gotten to Gasaway. When he was Big Ten Wonk, he used to print letters of dissent and allow opposing viewpoints. Now, he and Pomeroy make statements that are clearly wrong–see what they recently said about it being more difficult to win an NCAA championship now versus back in the 1970’s and when you point it out to them, they refused to retract the statement or even publish the letter.

    If SI has space for letters for opposing viewpoints, it is difficult why Gasaway cannot do this. I think that the loss of Ken’s blog and the Big Ten Wonk were a net loss for basketball fans as their Basketball Prospective stuff is far from satisfying. Maybe next year, it could be a good idea to start an ACC blog similar to the old Big Ten Wonk.

  15. william says:

    I see Pomeroy is claiming on Basketball Prospectus that Kansas is eight times more likely to win the NCAA title than UNC. I wonder how much of his money he is willing to put down on those odds. This is the kind of stuff that gives stats heads a bad name–statistical mumbo-jumbo that is clearly wrong.

  16. william says:

    One other thing is that no one really knows who is going to be a good pro. If you had asked scouts who would be a better pro between Keith Lee and Mitch Kupchak(they were a handful of year apart, but just for illustrative purposes) most would have said Keith Lee and he was a quick flame-out, while Kupchak was a great pro–fringe all star with the Bullets and Lakers until injuries sidelined him. Hansbrough is a bit like Kupchak, but not as tall but a better shooter and he runs the court better and much less injury proned, which is a huge thing for tall players–just look at Yao, his body cannot take the pounding.

    Or how about Kevin Grevey versus a whole host of faster guards? Grevey had an excellent career in the NBA.

    And finally, for all the narrow-minded Americans in the media, it is not as though the NBA is just head and shoulders above Spanish, French, Greek or Italian basketball, anymore. Donald Williams and Derrick Phelps played their whole careers in Europe, got rich doing it, and as far as I can tell, had no desire to come back and try to make it in the NBA. I think Coach K could tell you a little something about Greek basketball….

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