ACC Basketball Update(3/19)

NIT and CBI action all over the place.

National Invitation Tournament

Maryland 68 Minnesota 58

Maryland finally righted the ship and won on the road at Minnesota. Not that this says much but Minnesota did knock off Indiana in the Big Ten Tournament.  Next up for Maryland is Syracuse in a battle of coaches who perpetually sit on the NCAA bubble and whine for tournament expansion to save them the trouble of actually scheduling a tough non-conference slate.

Akron 65 FSU 60 (OT)

Way to represent the conference FSU.  Akron is actually a pretty decent team but that did not stop FSU assistant football coach from whining to the media that Akron won because they take non-qualifiers on their football team.

College Basketball Invitational

Virginia 66 Richmond 64

The only thing you can be sure of here is that Sean Singletary appreciates the opportunity to pad his career stats at UVa by participating in this tournament.

4 Responses to ACC Basketball Update(3/19)

  1. Silent Sam says:

    How in the world did Cincinnati get into the CBI with a 13-18 record? Maybe they had some “good” losses?

    Sure, by time 65 teams are selected for the “Big Dance” & 32 are selected for the NIT there aren’t a lot (well, maybe there aren’t any) of good teams left for the CBI, but it would seem they could at least get someone with a .500 or better record.

    (It’s a rhetorical question, of course.)

  2. william says:

    They beat West Virginia.

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    They had the guy from the CBI on 850 here and he basically said they would try to put together a “good” tournament based on various factors and the record was not a huge concern.

  4. william says:

    Maybe they should invite East Mecklenburg, my high school, who just won the state championship.

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