UNC 113 Mount St. Mary’s 74


Photo Credit: Zeke Smith

When Patrick Moody gets this kind of run, you know it was ugly.

I did miss the margin of victory on this.  I thought it would be a 41 point win, Heels only won by 39.

Coming into this game the concern was if Ty Lawson could return to form and if Deon Thompson could simply play better.  Both of those happened tonight, in fact everyone played a top flight game with the exception of Danny Green and Marcus Ginyard.  Well in Ginyard’s case he just missed anything close, including a wide open dunk.  Green just seemed out of sync which I hope is not a pattern for him going forward.

In the end you have five Heels in double figures with Thompson and Alex Stepheson having huge games down low.  Tyler Hansbrough led the game off with a steal and dunk which was another example of his incredible effort considering that he was standing back in the paint, anticipated the pass and sprinted wide open into the passing lane for the steal.  From there the Heels were in control even though the defense seemed lax and MSM enjoyed some good looks on the way to 41 points and close to 50% shooting.  At halftime I am thinking Roy emphasized the defense since the offense was working in ways we have not seen since the first BC game.   In the second half the defense was much better at contesting shots and creating TOs.   There was about a seven minute stretch in the 2nd half where MSM did not score.  During that stretch UNC forced five turnovers and MSM missed a number of shots as UNC pushed it out to a 40 point lead.  Obviously you would rather see a full game defensive effort but clamping down the way the Heels did works too, just as long as you do not get into a huge hole with a lack of offense.

I do not know what the correlation, if any, there is between a #1 team decimating a #16 seed or struggling with them a bit as it pertains to what happens later in the tournament.  Obviously the huge win is preferable and I know that after UNC had issues with Eastern Kentucky last season I wondered how viable UNC was for a national title.  Of course in 1993 UNC only won by 20 over ECU and in 2005 the result was similar to what we saw tonight.  At this point I think it was an important step to come out show zero mercy to this team, especially in light of Duke and Tennessee allowing #15 seeds to hang around.  It also sent a powerful message as to what this team can do when their A game is working.

That being said, in tournament play you are only as viable as what you do in your next game and right now the Heels should be wholly focused on the next game.


9 Responses to UNC 113 Mount St. Mary’s 74

  1. william says:

    Well, Miami and UNC have given stellar efforts in the first round; Duke and Clemson, eh, not so much….

  2. william says:

    Miami and UNC get A’s. Duke gets a D- and Clemson gets a Z-….

  3. TxTarheel says:

    going out on a limb that Duke’s outside touch shows up tomorrow & the West Virginia match-up kicks off Saturday in great fashion

  4. keithunc says:

    Heels sure showed some focus. Hope Dookies loose by 99. Anyone know anything about Arkansas?

  5. 52BigGameJames says:

    my guess is we’ll see the same style/tempo as MsM, but against better athletes. ie-we’d better be prepared to play better defense.

  6. Josh Bowling says:

    Duke is going to go on a roll until UCLA. Most Duke fans are calling for a final 4 showdown with Memphis, a team that they have beaten in the past.

  7. TxTarheel says:

    i would not look much further ahead than today’s game against West Va. UCLA has a virtual cake-walk it appears to get to the elite 8.

    Xavier or Purdue could present a good match-up should Dookies win today

  8. william says:

    Carolina had by far its best offensive game of the year, in case the 113 points didn’t tip anyone off. The defense was so-so but its hard to tell in a game like this.

  9. Santiago says:

    I was offered a ticket to the evening session at the RBC last night at 6pm. I live a little less than 45 minutes away from the Blue Ridge Road exit. No citations were issued on I-40, and I only missed the first 3 minutes or so. It was a great game to watch in person. Also, I watched all but the end of the Ark-IU game. I was worried about the second round match up until seeing those teams play each other. IU was kinda sleepwalking through it on both offense and defense, and yet the Razorbacks couldn’t pull away. My prediction: we’ll be fine, so long as we defend the 3 decently and have average offensive production.

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