NCAA Tournament: 2nd Round Sunday

My bracket is a complete mess.

I was too high on Pitt that is for sure.

The final day of the best four days of the college basketball season includes four lower seeds playing each other all at the same site in Tampa.  Given the trouble UCLA had with Texas A&M the question as to whether one of the other two #1 seeds has the same problem.   To that I say Memphis: Yes.  UNC: No.

One interesting note is as much as UNC fans complained about getting Indiana the #8 how do you think Tennesse feels getting Butler seeing that Butler has 30 wins.  An upset of UT by Butler likely has the best odds of the day for another big upset.  Lousiville, who many see as the 2nd best team in the East, will try to push Oklahoma out and problably succeed in quick order.

And besides the UNC game at 5:20 I will be attending #2 Georgeetown vs #10 Davidson really hoping I see another incredible performance out of Stephon Curry.  And yes I will be cheering against Georgetown in full.

Open thread for comments, I will try to throw in my two cents via my Blackberry.


16 Responses to NCAA Tournament: 2nd Round Sunday

  1. Will says:

    “It’s been great for this team to watch the ‘stache grow – to see that it came from a little peach fuzz to a nice thick red stache,” junior Marcus Ginyard said, trying to keep a straight face. “Honestly, it has become a symbol for this team – a symbol of perseverance. … It continues to get stronger, and as it gets stronger, Jack has become stronger as a person and as a player. And we just look to that as a symbol of strength, and I think the guys have picked their game up, knowing that the stache can do it.”

  2. AEM says:

    My bracket looks like the moon, its got huge craters everywhere! Pitt! UConn! Just to say the two that really hurt! Oh well, I just fill them out to pass the time waiting for the Tar Heels to play anyways!


  3. TxTarheel says:

    Watching UCLA for much of last night, they are very good / stay active on defense. Refs seemed a little loose on calling contact in the paint, but Love is the real deal & seems to have a motor similar to UNC’s own PsychoT. I think they could score 80, but only Collison & Love were consistent last night. Enberg gets annoying with the obvious bias…at least he’s not wearing plaid

    JT III should make somebody other than Curry beat me today…there’s no way Curry gets many uncontested looks today. Not that I’m pulling for the Hoyas mind you. Butler is better than a # 7…that one should be fun

  4. 52BigGameJames says:

    Love deserves all the love he gets–I’m impressed! Not too shabby for a pudgy white-boy.

  5. THF at RBC says:

    I am at RBC and Davidson just came out and this place is LOUD

  6. 52BigGameJames says:

    looks like Tenn was listening to all the doubters–mission statement?

  7. 52BigGameJames says:

    have you witnessed any NCSU fans who came out just to cheer against Carolina THF? stranger things have happened, lol!

  8. Jenius says:

    Go Davidson…though a Final Four matchup against Georgetown with Pat Ewing Jr and John Thompson III just sounds like a lot of fun.

  9. william says:

    His uncle Mike is a no-talent hack who did everything in his power to ruin the genius vision of Brian, Carl and Dennis Wilson…. Kevin is pretty good though….

  10. TxTarheel says:

    Miami down by baker’s dozen < 8 minutes to go

  11. THF at RBC says:

    Whoa…Pat Riley talking to Patrick Ewing at halftime.

  12. THF at RBC says:

    Curry is putting on a show. He might singlehandley beath the Hoyas

  13. THF at RBC says:


    I hope the Heels were paying attention.

  14. nathan says:

    Great game by Davidson!! Really tough situation for Georgetown though in getting a home game for Davidson, with all the UNC fans wanting the home-state school to beat the team that beat UNC last year. They kinda got screwed with that setup.

  15. nathan says:

    Great game by Davidson!!

  16. 52BigGameJames says:

    ICE-WATER! Old North State holding serve! Congrats Davidson!!!

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