ACC Basketball Update(3/24)

Miami bows out, Heels dominate.

NCAA Tournament

#2 Texas 75 #7 Miami 72

I did not see this one but based on what I saw keeping track of the score Miami made a late run after being down 14 most of the game. Texas missed a gross number of free throws down the stretch and Miami hit two threes in response to get it close but the Hurricanes basically ran out of time.  Nice run for Miami in the end and something Frank Haith can hopefully build on.

#1 UNC 108 #9 Arkansas 77

This game was over in the first five minutes and that was a little surprising.  This is probably the last time UNC enjoys an easy one like this.


5 Responses to ACC Basketball Update(3/24)

  1. Santiago says:

    I don’t care that the ACC is down this year, so long as the ‘Heels get to keep playing. The East and South (more or less) are progressing according to seeding. I certainly hope the East continues to do so. The West and Midwest? Not so much.

    This was the first year since my kids were born that I filled out a bracket and paid into a pool. I don’t think I’ll do it again. It’s not that I can’t afford the entry fee. It’s that I still have a fighting chance in the pool, so picking Georgetown and UCLA in the FF makes me do “unnatural” things like rooting for the former against Davidson and the latter against TAMU, or Duke to win (yikes!) one more game so they can lose to Xavier as I predicted. Gotta go write 1 Timothy 6:10 500 times.

  2. william says:

    The ACC’s record in the tournament is not that different from any of the other conferences. The ACC is currently 4-3 overall. I think the best conference was 6-3 or something like that. The tournament is ongoing. Miami overperformed and Clemson got about as hard a 12 seed as anyone could imagine.

    Remember in 2005 when the Big Ten was bragging about having 3 teams in the Final 8? And then bragging about having 2 teams in the Final Four? And then bragging about having the top team in the nation at 37-1 playing, essentially on its home court in the finals? I do.

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Didn’t UNC beat all three of those teams?

  4. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    As shown by the tournament, with the exception of UNC, the ACC was down a bit this year but should rebound nicely next. The play of UNC and being ranked #1 brought a lot of notice to the league but aside from Duke (which was over-rated and continued their trend of late-season faeds – ESPN Radio had a long segment on Duke this morning) and streaky Clemson, the league was good but not great.

  5. william says:

    I think that would be an interesting topic, what were the strongest years in ACC basketball, both from top to bottome and considering just the ranked teams. Considering just the ranked teams, I would submit the following:

    1974–State wins it all; Maryland only loses to State, at UCLA and at UNC; UNC only loses to State, Maryland and Purdue.

    1982–UNC and Virginia are both monsters and essentially even. Carolina wins two out of three but UVa outscores us in the three match-ups.

    2001–Carolina wins the regular season and both Duke and Carolina are ranked number one during the year. Carolina upsets Duke at Cameron but gets pasted twice by Duke after that. Carolina has little trouble with Maryland, which has by contrast, much more success against Duke. Duke and Maryland face off in a titanic National Semi-final for the ages and de facto National Title game, with Duke winning after trailing by twenty-plus points.

    2005–Carolina, Duke and Maryland are all in the top five most of the year, with both Wake and UNC holding the top ranking and Duke garnering the ACC tourney and a number one seed.

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