Did You Know UNC Was Running Up The Score on Arkansas?

According to the brillant minds at ESPN.

Let me state up front this is against my better judgment to acknowledge these comments but 850 the Buzz has video from ESPN’s morning show First Take in which Dana Jacobson askes Jalen Rose and Skip Bayless about UNC having the starters in up 36(Jacobson actually says 38 and feel free to insert your own Dana Jacobson drunk joke here.)  Jalen Rose is shocked!  SHOCKED that UNC would be so classless and Skip Bayless is just incredulous over the whole thing to the point that he is now hoping for a Washington State upset on Thursday since this kind of behavior is “beneath Roy Williams’ diginity” which is a pretty funny statement since I am not entirely sure Bayless would know dignity if it fell in his lap.

Rose also had issues with Danny Green’s dancing(which was very subdued on Sunday) because if someone from Michigan had done something like that we all know it would be a problem.  Apparently Rose does not speak much with Doug Gottlieb who raised six kinds of hell about Danny Green’s dancing. This led to Roy snubbing Gottlieb on an interview and now poor Dougie has a vendetta against the Heels in every on air comment he makes. Anyway, I really only have one thing to say to Jalen Rose, member of the 1993 NCAA runner-up team(vacated).


As for Bayless, I like the comment Red and White’s Alpha Wolf had on 850’s post:

Skip Bayless is a jack*** on the level that Gregg Doyel hopes to one day reach. If there is any personality on the Four Letter Network with less reason and insight than him, I can’t think of it. He’s the equivalent of a radio shock jock with a mouth his talent cannot cash.

That about sums it up.  It is really amazing that ESPN has so many of these guys on their payroll.  Can you imagine what the office Christmas party is like when you get Gottlieb, Bayless, Colin Cowherd, Stephen A. Smith, and a few of the other obnoxious talking heads in the same room with a free flow of alcohol?  I think there is a good chance one of them might offend a religious group or something…but I digress.

For the record, Roy has said there is never a set method for pulling starters or how many minutes the starters play.  He says he makes substitutions based on the flow of the game.  In this case Hansbrough had the most minutes among the starters with 31 followed  by Marcus Ginyard with 28, Wayne Ellington with 25, Ty Lawson with 24 and Deon Thompson with 21.  I am not sure what Rose or Bayless would have Roy do here.  This is the NCAA Tournament and maintaining an edge is important.  At this point in the season, practices are minimized for the sake of making sure the players can give a full effort in the game and guess what, this was a game and having the guys play just 20 minutes while the scrubs played would probably have been less beneficial.  And don’t talk to me about injuries.  Ty Lawson was hurt twice in the opening minutes of games this season.  Injuries can happen at any time so whether it is three minutes left of 33 minutes left the risk is the same in my opinion.  At this point in the season teams need to show up, Arkansas failed to do that and they got crushed in the first ten minutes.  After that is was basically a live game practice and UNC played the Hawgs even in the 2nd half mainly because they went on cruise control defensively. In the end UNC completely dominated the game without expending all that much effort which probably says more about the way Arkansas approached the game than it does UNC.

As I said, I probably should have left it alone, but than again it is fun to call out idiots when they act this way in hopes that perhaps someone will get the message and show them the door.


34 Responses to Did You Know UNC Was Running Up The Score on Arkansas?

  1. CarolinaGirl says:

    It’s okay, THF – my fiancee got a text from one of his friends (a Kentucky fan) towards the end of our Mount St. Mary’s game. It read “40 points not enough?” Now, this was the same game in which we took our starters out, IIRC, around the 7:00 mark. You can’t please everyone all the time. I was being playful with the guy and told my fiancee to tell him”No.” Then he texted back “Tell her it would have been if Lawson tweaked his ankle again.” I got so pissed and went on a massive rant. I mean, if seven minutes isn’t soon enough, when IS it soon enough? And I agree with what you said about keeping an edge. Besides, they kept trying to scor e and score quickly and Lord knows, what would Ken Pomeroy say about our defense if they had dropped 80 on us?

    Ugh, I get so mad just thinking about it. Why 850 the Buzz would choose to post that garbage is beyond me. Sounds like they’re just trying to stir the pot. I chose to ignore it. Jalen Rose – like anyone who complains about the score – is a LOSER.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    As I said on 850’s post had Marc Campbell shot the ball all the times we told him to it would have been 115.

    Against MSM, UNC played a good while with the second unit out there and he put Surry Wood and the boys in before the final TV timeout which must have been fun for them to come to the bench during the TO and sit in the chairs while the starters stood around.

    I am sure Bayless and Rose agree with K about Hansbrough’s broken nose being Roy’s fault for keeping him in the game.

    And if Bayless wants to root against us now, that is just fine with me.

  3. Clemson lost an eighteen point lead. Georgetown lost a seventeen point lead. Are we supposed to send in the walk ons with ten minutes to play? It’s not like we were still going [UNNAMED SPHERES] out on defense in the second half, anyway.

    Arkansas was in the SEC championship game. If you don’t want to get beat by thirty, then keep playing. Or take your starters out. When Arkansas puts in their scrubs, I’m sure Roy returns the favor. But as long as they’re trying to win, to whine about us having guys from our top two rotations in the game is downright communist.

  4. william says:

    This isn’t exactly like New England calling time-out and going for it on fourth down against Washington, when they had a 48-7 lead.

    After that Clemson game against Maryland, where they made up 20 points in ten minutes and the Miami-Texas game, where Miami made up 13 points, I believe in under four minutes, I am not sure that I would take my starters out any earlier than absolutely safe. Maybe Bayless doesn’t remember the Illinois-Arizona game where Illinois made up 15 points in 3 minutes.

    A lot of these analysts still are in the mindset of 1983, where 7 points was a four possession margin and there was no shot clock. Arkansas got the lead down to 21 points a couple of times and who knows what could have happened if they had hit a couple of threes. Maybe our scrubs shouldn’t have been shooting three pointers, but on the other hand, these guys almost never get to play, so it is presumptuous for some guy named Skip, to tell them not to have any fun out there.

  5. Chuckheel says:

    Pot meet Kettle, Kettle meet Pot….
    One of the most obnoxious players ever in NCAA history was Jalen Rose. Between him and Chris Collins, I’m trying to decide who shot their team out of more wins…
    Skip Bayless is a DA and I’m talking about District Attorney.
    Carolina has the right to play its players to get the kind of workout it needs for the next game. Plus, this past weekend numerous teams lost big leads, most notably Georgetown.
    Anytime garbage like this gets brought up it just makes me want to puke!!

  6. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    It is pretty clear Roy simply wanted to keep the “edge” on his team and I share William’s view; a couple of times during the game when it got down around 20 I became nervous about a late run. I believe Roy wanted to keep his team’s confidence level high. Also, when did Arkansas pull their starters? Typically when the other team does that, in effect sending up the white flag, Roy will pull his starters.

  7. thesportsidiot says:

    I didn’t see the MSM game, but I did catch the end of the Arkansas game. While I didn’t think UNC was trying to run up the score, I did wonder why T and the boys were still out there past the 5 minute mark. With the logos causing such problems, I would have preferred to see a little more caution with the starters when up by over 30 points with less than 5 minutes to go. That being said, Jalen Rose is a retard and this is the first time I have ever heard anyone quote First Take for anything. Skip Bay Less is retarded as well. Much ado about nothing, but I will say that in the Arkansas game I thought Roy left his guys in too long.

    It’s a tough spot at this point, though, as he needs to keep everyone playing in rhythm and as a unit. He also has to continue to perfect the offense, which at this point has to be about as good as it can get. Maybe Skip would prefer they work on their defense and run a full court press the entire game?

    THF, you didn’t have to create a category just for me.

  8. C. Michael says:

    There are certain people in this world who make my life easy. Whatever they like, I dislike. Whatever they are for, I am against. Bayless and Rose are 2 of these people.

  9. Jim U. says:

    I thought the point of a game was to run up the score. I don’t get it. Big deal if a team keeps playing hard. Stop whining.

  10. Tar Heel Fan says:

    You also never want to be in a position you have to reinsert your starters because the scrubs allowed things to get out of hand, there lies a greater risk of injury IMO.

  11. C. Michael says:


    Couldn’t agree more.

  12. jackiemanuel says:

    According to Bill James the lead was 100% safe somewhere between the 11:02 mark when Wayne made it 79-51 and the 10:41 mark when Deon made a lay up.


    I was suprised Tyler and Tywon were in the game after the 5 minute mark. I’m positive Roy was not trying to run up the score, but he should have pulled them a bit earlier imo.

    Skip Bayless is worthless.

  13. Black Mountain Sophomore says:

    According to this formula, the lead was 100% safe at 81-51, with 10:38 left in the game. http://www.slate.com/id/2185975/ What an insult it would have been to Arkansas if Roy had pulled his starters that soon!

    I always thought the proper etiquette should be for the team that is hopelessly behind to pull its starters FIRST, signalling surrender. Then it is incumbent on the team with the lead to give quarter and reciprocate.

    I hope we win all four of our remaining games by 30. I can live with being accused of running up the score.

  14. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Man, I bet Sam Cassell wishes he had that calculator back in 1993 so he would know when to wag his tongue at the camera.

  15. C. Michael says:

    Anyone else have a problem with a stat guy (Bill James) saying a 30 point lead w/ 11 minutes to go is 100% safe? I mean, it is obviously safe, but any stat guy should no that saying something is 100%, with that much variable (11 minutes) is really premature.

  16. william says:

    According to Bill James, Duke’s lead against UNC in 1974 was safe, so take Bill with a grain of salt. Anybody want to calculate whether Maryland’s 11 point lead against Duke with a minute to go, back in 2001 was safe? I can’t find my calculator.

  17. C. Michael says:

    Maryland’s lead was only 69% safe, believe it or not. Duke got the ball with 61 tics, down 90-80. As a Duke hater, that game was torture. As a fan of remarkable basketball, it was a thing of beauty.

  18. Big Apple Heel says:

    A lot of the commenters here have noted that this team is playing like it’s on a mission. I think folks like Rose and Bayless (and so many others) can only help Carolina’s desire with this crap.

    PLEASE keep it coming, we almost have enough material to wallpaper the entire locker room now. Let the press keep fawning over UCLA and Kansas. I’ll take all the disrespect and doubters that can be mustered.

    I’ll even toss in a few story ideas:

    1) “Ty Lawson: Too slow to play in the ACC?”
    2) “Ellington talented, but can he come through in the clutch?”
    3) “Danny Green is no starter”

  19. Steve the State Fan says:

    Big deal. If you don’t like having the score run up on you, you need to try to score more points. I didn’t watch much of the game – it was out of hand when I tuned in (sounds like it was out of hand pretty quickly), but I didn’t see a bunch of posterizing dunks or taunting. I haven’t read about anyone associated with the Arkansas program complaining about bad sportsmanship.

    Hmm….come to think of it THF, even discussing it is beneath your dignity! :*)

  20. william says:

    69% safe? What does that mean? It can’t mean that Maryland only wins 69% of the time in that situation.

  21. C. Michael says:

    That is what I presume it means. And yes, that seems way low to me, too.

  22. keithunc says:

    I agree. Would the mouths of the airwaves have rather it have been a 5 pt game. Not me brother. I happy for the win by the more digits he better. The other team is still trying to win. Why cant we continue to keep a safe lead.

  23. Josh Bowling says:

    We are not the only team to exercise this practice. It has been done over and over and over again. I, as a Carolina fan, am happy we have the ability to run up a score. I recall a UNC team just recently that couldn’t do that. Go Heels!!

  24. Josh Bowling says:

    Maybe it would have been better if we let the other team (Arksansas) hang in there & give them a false hope that they have a chance to win kinda like what Davidson did to Georgetown.

  25. Josh Bowling says:

    🙂 !!

  26. Displaced Heel says:

    I am a TarHeel first and foremost, and I always have faith in the coaches we have had (even with Matt D., but I was glad when he was gone). Having said that, I will also preface my remark with the fact that, being married to a Jayhawk and living in Kansas since before Roy started coaching in Phog Allen Fieldhouse, I can say that I have watched almost every game that Roy has coached that has been televised. That is a lot of basketball games.

    Early on, I commented to my husband that I thought Roy should pull starters sooner than he did. Of course, my husband disagreed, because he was coaching “his” team. I still believe that the starters are left in too long in many cases (and now my husband agrees, somewhat), but I have also come around to believing that the coach has to know what he is doing. I understand keeping the starters hungry for the win, but being up by that much has to be a factor in some sloppy basketball. What does the coach say: You should have played better defense because they (thinking of the NCSU game) scored 13 points in the half? Injuries happen more often when the play is sloppy, and (think of dook) opposing players can get angry, either at us or themselves, and act their anger out on someone’s face. Having said all of that, I still believe Roy knows what he is doing, and no longer look at our players on the court in the final minutes of the game and think, What is he doing?

    For us to sit out and second guess a coach is to believe that we know more than they do about the game, their players, and the other team. I will never, ever again question Roy (although I do loudly criticize other coaches!)

    Misplaced TarHeel

  27. TxTarheel says:

    Bayless is an idiot…ESPN gives too much air-time to talking heads with worthless opinions. It is the chief reason I watch only when I have to and get my main info straight off the net. How many analysts does it take to screw in a light-bulb in Bristol? stay tuned as our 5-person expert panel breaks it down

    Harkening back to the Pats beat-down of the Redskins…these same folks might’ve been saying Joe Gibbs defense just was not good enough to stop Brady from scoring. Let ROY run ’em all while the getting’s good in March

  28. TxTarheel says:

    I question whether these same analysts deem offensive dominance in the early rounds to be terribly uncommon. Duke’s first 2 wins in the 1999 tournament were each by 41 points


  29. Larry P says:

    Some of you may recall the comments of Bobby Bowden, after being accused of running up the score in football. He said it was the other team’s responsibility to keep his team from scoring.
    I remember during Coach Guthridge’s tenure when he took his starters out prematurely once and had to send them back in when the subs let the other team get within 10 points and lots of time left to do serious damage. Why wouldn’t a coach prefer to err on the side of preserving a big lead? It’s the NCAA tourney, for crying out loud!

  30. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Go back and look at the UK teams under Rick Pitino They ran the score up all the time, broke 100 on several occasions and guess who they also scored 113 on? That’s right Mount St. Mary’s.

  31. william says:

    UMass made up 26 points in the second half tonight against Syracuse. ‘Nuff said.

  32. Wait a minute, Jalen Rose is complaining about Danny Green dancing and UNC running up the score? Wasn’t he and the rest of the FABulously overrated FIVE notorious for childish antics like sticking their toungues out at opposing teams and the cameras when they were winning, among other classless acts?
    As far as Skip Bayless goes, he’s got a reputation for whining and taking the most awkward stances on issues it makes me wonder why ESPN gives this guy a paycheck. Things have gotten so bad there that listening to Jay Bilas is actually refereshing!
    Unfortinately, giving idiots like Rose, Bayless, and Stephen A Smith air time is like ABC letting Rosie O’Donnell run wild on ABC. It’s not about actual reporting of the news or having level headed opionions that you can debate someone on; it’s all about how ridiculous you can make things sound to shock people for ratings.
    This is why I only watch ESPN when there’s a game on that interests me. Anything else takes second fiddle to whatever cartoons the kids want to watch.

  33. Larry P says:

    If you’re watching the Heels, turn the sound down and listen to Woody & Co.

  34. Silent Sam says:

    FWIW, in the Mount St. Mary’s game:
    NCU starters played 99 minutes & scored 76 points.
    NCU 2nd string played 76 minutes & scored 25 points.
    NCU 3rd string played 25 minutes & scored 12 points.

    In the Arkansas game:
    Tar Heel starters played 129 minutes & scored 76 points.
    Tar Heel 2nd string played 61 minutes & scored 29 points.
    Tar Heel 3rd string played 10 minutes & scored 3 points.

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