ACC Basketball Update(Final Edition)

And then there was one and it was North Carolina.

National Invitation Tournament

Mississipipi 81 Virginia Tech 72

I saw some of this game and in what I saw VT shooters had two threes rim out when they really needed them to go down to keep pace with the Rebels.  And that was it.  Deron Washington sees his somewhat controversial but high flying career come to end which included the original dunk over Greg Paulus.  And with this THF bids adieu to the Hokies until next season.

College Basketball Invitational

Bradley 96 Virginia 85

Bradley?  How the heck do you lose to Bradley?  Anyway, Sean Singletary ends his Cavalier career with a 17 point, 8 assist performance.  UVa bows out of the inagural CBI in the semifinals sending Bradley on to play the winner of the Tulsa-Houston game.

So the Heels are the only ACC team left in any postseason tournament and if they can go all the way it will make up for the rest of the slackers in the conference.


5 Responses to ACC Basketball Update(Final Edition)

  1. Nothin Could be Finer says:

    definitely a down year. With the exception of Duke I always pull for other ACC teams (unless they are playing the Heels). My hope is next year the conference will be stronger – am sick of hearing about the PAC 10, and other conferences this year>

  2. Wilson says:

    I think next year we can expect a good season from Wake Forest, Duke, UNC, Clemson…? I don’t really know past that, is Miami losing/bringing in anyone of note? GT has been far to inconsistent, and some of that comes with losing two good freshmen to the NBA, but I don’t think Hewitt is a very good coach. FSU loses a bit of their talent (Swann, Rich) although I think Echefu could be great next year. State will wallow in more of the same mire. Maryland will continue to be an enigma after losing Osby and Gist and everyone else will be forgettable. ACC ain’t what it used to be. Maybe we should kick out BC and pick up Davidson for basketball, like the Big East and Notre Dame.

  3. 52BigGameJames says:

    nice game for the baby-Heels, but Jennings (AZ) and Warren (OK) were very impressive!

    Jennings will most certainly be gone after one year-major talent!

  4. Wilson says:

    Yea, Jennings is quite a stud. Liked what I saw out of the boys though. Drew has more jets than I figured.

  5. william says:

    Well, the Pac Ten came within a hair of having only WSU left and lost their other three teams right away, so I don’t think they are doing a lot of bragging. The Big East has not been particularly impressive either. Notre Dame went down lamely. Georgetown suffered a 17-point breakdown. Marquette blew a game they should have won. Villanova beat Siena and a team that couldn’t make any free throws. I doubt they will be around much longer. West Virginia still has work to do to impress, but you have to remember that the Big East has 16 teams and the A-10 has 14 believe it or not.

    At this point, probably the Big 12 has impressed the most, with Kansas and Texas looking good and Texas A&M dropping one they could have had if they had not missed 2 free throws in the last few minutes(although Pomeroy claims free throw shooting doesn’t matter much).

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