Odds and Ends

More hardware for Hansbrough, class of 2008 goodness and the Heels head for Charlotte to play on non-slippery floors.

  • Tyler Hansbrough picked up another player of the year honor  in the form of the Adolph Rupp award from the Commonwealth Athletic Club which is probably a little like winning the Nevada caucuses.  Of course the more organizations that name Hansbrough NPOY the better the odds he will win the big ones.
  • The next Tyler in UNC history made quite a showing in his high school state title game.  Class of 2008 commit Tyler Zeller went for 43 points and 16 rebounds in leading Washington(IN) High School to the Indiana 3-A State Championship.  Washington defeated Harding 84-60 with Zeller setting several individual records in the 3-A state championship including most points, most FGM, more FTM and FTA.  He also blocked four shots, also a record.
  • Larry Drew, PG recruit in the class of 2008, won the three point shooting contest at the McDonalds All American game which is fairly ironic since everything I have read about him says he is a pass first point guard.  Of course winning a three point contest is a far cry from shooting like that in a game but it is a nice win for the future Heels PG.
  • The Heels left Chapel Hill for Charlotte Tuesday at 7 PM.  The Heels will participate in the normal NCAA song and dance with the press conference, open practice, etc, etc, etc which we all know Roy loves so much. And no worries about the decals on the floor this weekend.  The NCAA employs custom floors for the regional rounds.  The decals used in the first two rounds will be reviewed by the NCAA which claimed they did enough to make them safe for the players.  Obviously this was not the case but I think more than it shows how the NCAA completely misses the mark on certain things.  Why they think they have to have the original logos covered up and huge decals bearing “NCAA” on the floors is a genuine mystery.  Then again we should be used to the NCAA being obsessed with things that do not matter even at the possible expense of the very athletes they are supposed to protect.

7 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. Will says:

    With all the money the NCAA tournament generates, it seems fairly simple that the NCAA should have 9 custom floors: 4 for the opening rounds, 4 for the regionals, and 1 for the final four. Going cheapskate and using that sticker is ridiculous.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    You would need eight for the opening rounds. And I am not sure hot it works with some of these floors and whether you can manufacture a portion of the floor or not. The simpler solution would be not to worry about having the NCAA in the middle of the floor or if you must have a small circle that says NCAA right in the center of the court.

  3. Will says:

    No, there are 4 sites for the opening rounds. See http://www.ncaa.com/championshiphub/default.aspx?id=9920

    Assuming you can’t get the courts from the opening round sites to the regional sites in time, they need 4 more courts.

    I think they use the big sticker to cover up the big university logos. My guess is that by next year they will buy 4 more courts.

  4. Will says:

    Whoops, sorry you were right. Maybe 8 courts is too expensive.

  5. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Yes they are trying to cover up whatever logo is down there as though it matters. Georgia did not seem to mind one iota playing on GT’s floor for the SEC Tournament and I doubt UNC would have been affected by the NCSU logo. I do realize they want something NCAA down for TV but the one at RBC was HUGE and comprised too much floor space making it more dangerous.

  6. C. Michael says:

    Just pray they never have tourney games at Texas A&M!!!

  7. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Or Arkansas
    Or Clemson

    Though I do think A&M’s is the largest.

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