A Lighter Note To Ease Your Anxiety

Did you know Tyler Hansbrough is an elite ping pong player?

From Deadspin:

The off-campus apartment Hansbrough shares with teammates Bobby Frasor and Marcus Ginyard has a ping-pong table in the basement (along with a Wii that has a full Rock Band set-up). And when the Princeton tennis team was recently in Chapel Hill, getting a tour of the Dean Dome, Hansbrough challenged the teams’ co-captain to a game of table tennis in the basketball players’ lounge. Hansbrough, despite having virtually no backhand, won.

The story comes from this quote Hansbrough made prior to the NCAA Tournament:

I heard the Princeton tennis team was on a tour of the Dean Dome and the museum. I called someone who said they were touring them around. Someone said they wanted to play me in ping pong. I was like, `Well, bring him on down.’ He came down and he had me point-to-11 or 10 or something like that. I got on a roll with my serves. He couldn’t handle my serves. I came back and beat him. His whole team watched it – well, not his whole team, but a lot of his teammates – and they gave him a lot of grief about it. But I knew I was going to beat him.

In case you have not seen it here is Hansbrough and Frasor playing Texas style ping pong two years ago:

Relax, only three hours to go.

3 Responses to A Lighter Note To Ease Your Anxiety

  1. william says:

    Only 3 hours to go. Well, even if we lose, guess what? The Tar Heels might be good next year and you could win $20 by reading this article:


  2. Creecher says:


    Seriously…will someone PLEASE turn up the clock??!

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