#1 UNC vs #3 Louisville: Game Thread

For the record UNC has already knocked Louisville out of the NCAA Tournament today.  The Tar Heel women rallied to knock of the Cardinals in women’s Sweet Sixteen.  We can only hope that is a sign of things to come with the Tar Heels doing the same to the men’s team in the regional final.

Comments when I have them, feel free to do the same.


9:12 PM: UL 9 UNC 8. Decent start.  Heels missing some shots early and gave up a fast break basket.  They seems to have a good handle on the press and the zone right now.  QT might have issues with it which remains to be seen.

9:21 PM: UNC up five.  The Heels are playing great defense.  They are in the face and the boards are completely under control.  Danny Freaking Green hits a huge shot….us usual and the crowd is into it.

9:27 PM: UNC up seven.  The Heels look good.  They are doing all the things they need to do.  Thompson is playing a great game and Ginyard is going all the little things.

9:33 PM: Heels by 10. Offensive rebounds, offensive rebounds, offensive rebounds, offensive rebounds, offensive rebounds.

9:42 PM: Heels by 7.  A bit of a rough spot here that was really not that rough.  UNC had two breaks thwarted by a blocked shot followed by a turnover and Hansbrough mishandling a pass on the break leading to a turnover.  Heels would do well to score a few baskets to get the lead back to 10 or so before the half.

9:53 PM: Heels up 12 at halftime.  Great half for the Heels.  The only complaint is the number of missed chances that would have made this a 20 point lead at halftime.  The defense has been very good and the Heels have basically gotten anything they want on offense.  Will it continue?  Given what happened last season in the regional final I do not see this Tar Heel team losing this game.  Obviously anything could happen but this feels really good right now.

10:23 PM: Heels by 7.  Anyone else get a flashback from the Georgetown game when Danny Green missed that three?  Heels need to reassert control.

10:32 PM: Heels by 3.  Wow this got tight in a hurry.  The Heels are giving up too many offensive rebounds to start with and because of that they are not getting the ball out on the break.  Hansbrough with the big plays but UNC needs some stops and run.  I expect Lawson to come back for the duration.

10:40 PM: Heels by 2.  Time to put up or shut up.  All the talk about redeeming Georgetown and now it is time to step up and seize control of the game.  I think UL will tire given the energy the expended in coming back to tie the game.

10:58 PM: Heels by 5.  Survive….just survive.

11:03 PM: Heels by 7. Maybe….just maybe.  Hansbrough proving why he is the NPOY.

11:06 PM: HEELS BY 11 WITH ONE MINUTE LEFT!  Hansbrough with clutch shot after clutch shot.  UNC is 60 seconds away from San Antonio.

11:12 PM: FINAL FOUR BOUND!!!!!!!!

156 Responses to #1 UNC vs #3 Louisville: Game Thread

  1. C. Michael says:

    Man, has Seth Davis changed his tune on UNC, or what??

  2. 52BigGameJames says:

    didn’t hear–what did he say?

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    He changed it after the Heels smacked WSU Thurs night, went as far as to say it did not matter who won the UL-UT game.

  4. C. Michael says:

    Yeah, and just now he said he expects the Heels to win big…

  5. 52BigGameJames says:

    well, when they came back from a break the other night, Gumbel was snickering, and Frosted Flake & Seth were looking sheepish???

  6. william says:

    Ginyard, can too dunk!

  7. C. Michael says:

    When did Enberg become a babbling idiot?

  8. C. Michael says:

    When the chippies start falling, UNC will be fine. The energy is there.

  9. william says:

    See, I told you, James! Danny Green has talent!

  10. william says:

    Hey, I think Seth turned out pretty well, considering his father is a grade one jerk….

  11. william says:

    At least they took Enberg off the UCLA game. He seemed to be rooting for them against A&M….

  12. william says:

    Not to get cocky, but UL doesn’t look all that well coached.

  13. C. Michael says:

    What’s more “automatic,” the Hansbrough push-hook, or the Thompson 10′ bank shot??

  14. C. Michael says:

    I agree, william. Let’s not forget this team is prone to implosions…

  15. Darkhoarse says:

    Danny freakin’ Green! Louisville is lookin a little tired already from all the running, let’s hope we can keep this up

  16. william says:

    Pitino is going to have to change his defense. You can’t win if you can’t protect the defensive board. UL is getting killed underneath.

  17. william says:

    How many guys does Louisville usually play? Do they go ten deep like us? I know his UK teams used to but he seems to have changed his coaching style for the worse….

  18. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Isn’t a zone supposed to control the middle?

  19. william says:

    Now we are getting sloppy. I haven’t seen this since the first Clemson game….

  20. section229 Scott says:

    CBS – Can’t Broadcast Shot Clock
    Count it down on your own

  21. william says:

    Hey, THF, do they still have the 3-second rule? I haven’t seen that called all year. I also have noticed that they do not call basket interference on the offense unless they gain an advantage, which seems reasonable….

  22. william says:

    Aaarrgghh! Lawson looks terrible.

  23. william says:

    Padgett sure isn’t much of a defender. He just let Ginyard have that basket.

  24. C. Michael says:

    This team has been incredible with in closing out the first half in the tourney!

  25. william says:

    Rick Pitino, how does it feel to face a team with equal talent? I remember when Pitino used to be the big bully at UK and that talentless Carolina team from 95 spanked him thoroughly!

  26. william says:

    I also think Pitino was stupid to make all his cracks about Freedom Hall–what kind of message do you think that sent to his team? Even coach isn’t sure we can win in Charlotte….

  27. william says:

    Of course, I was the one who said above that I find frankness by players to be refreshing, so call me a hypocrit, lol

  28. 52BigGameJames says:

    exactly when did I say Green didn’t have talent? Lawson’s push is freakin unbelievable. If the tv timeouts weren’t so frequent, we have em by 30.

  29. Nothin Could be Finer says:

    I hope UL stays in that press – it is not working.

  30. 52BigGameJames says:

    it’s workin for us, lol!

  31. william says:

    You are alway talking about Ginyard, James.

  32. william says:

    We really should be ahead by four to eight more points. They cannot let up.

  33. william says:

    hey, didnt clark kellogg tell michigan state to run with carolina in 2005?

  34. 52BigGameJames says:

    and still am–he needs to flush-period-end-of-sentence, but you said Green-check your own post-I’ll chalk it up to the adrenaline 😉

  35. 52BigGameJames says:

    lol, Seth just said plan A isn’t working for slick.

  36. william says:

    Yeah, because i want you to appreciate, Danny as well. G&G.

  37. 52BigGameJames says:

    there are other maybe equally quick guards in the country, but NOBODY gets an initial push like Ty–I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone that fast!

  38. 52BigGameJames says:

    I appreciate BOTH of them!!!!

  39. 52BigGameJames says:

    over & out

  40. william says:

    Strange officiating. They call every touch foul, but nothing underneath.

  41. RJ says:

    How many calls can Dick Enberg get wrong in one game?!?

  42. C. Michael says:

    RJ, the answer is the number of call possible in the game, plus one…

  43. Elliot says:

    Enberg needs to go back to tennis – permanently. I’ve never heard a “name” announcer confused on so many calls in one game. That Georgetown bile is starting to rise in my throat just a little bit.

    I think the Heels in this half have gotten away from what they do best, as opposed to UL doing something special – aside from hitting several improbable shots. Roy and Ty need to take a breath and decide to get back to basics.

  44. Matt says:

    Enberg has been like this for years. I first really noticed it during the 2000 South Regionals.

  45. william says:

    Nobody can tell Alex from Deon.

  46. william says:

    I am not sure either coach likes this officiating. It is bad all around. What conference are these guys from?

  47. Elliot says:

    Matt: I think you’re probably right. This is one of the first games this year I’ve had to deal with the TV crew instead of being able to listen to Woody.

  48. william says:

    Please don’t talk about Woody, that is a sore subject since UNC yanked the WBT broadcasts to the entire East coast.

  49. william says:

    Lawson sort of redeems himself with a three!

  50. william says:

    It is Kaplinsky time!

  51. Adam in Chicago says:

    This is sloppy all around. I know Padgeant is huge, but I can’t help but feel like Tyler still needs to be lower in the post. And why the hell is QT still in? 3 mins left, Ty should be in.

  52. william says:

    Can anybody read Pitino’s lips in Italian? Kaplinsky time!

  53. TxTarheel says:

    Tyler is huge…Ellington has disappeared into the witness protection program or at least for this half

  54. Elliot says:

    I think Ty had a pretty good first half. He wasn’t scoring or dishing that much, but he was beating the hell out of the press, and the first guy he hit with a pass often found someone else open. He has looked a little timid in the second half against the press though. All in all, I can’t fault his game tonight too much, especially since Green and Ellington have been completely silent for the past forty-five minutes.

  55. Matt says:

    I have a serious man-crush on Psycho T!

  56. william says:

    Kaplinsky time!

  57. william says:

    Kaplinsky! Kaplinsky! Kaplinsky!

  58. C. Michael says:

    If I was a girl I would offer to bear ALL of Hansbrough’s children…

  59. Hawker says:

    NEWS FLASH: You’ve just won your last game of the season. Kansas will blow your overrated doors off. Roy Williams will be bawling again.

    THF: First of all, very classy, dropping comments while we are celebrating our big win. Secondly, take care of your business tomorrow evening and then we can talk.

  60. Big Apple Heel says:

    Get past Davidson first there, birdie.

  61. william says:

    Art Kaplinsky was with us down the stretch!

  62. C. Michael says:

    You might want to wait to see if KU actually beats Davidson… Karma can be a bitch…

    Go to bed, Troll…

  63. william says:

    What about Art Kaplinsky’s children, C. Michael?

  64. Hawker says:

    How many hacks did Tyler Hansblow get away with tonight 8 ? 9 ? 10 ?

  65. C. Michael says:

    No son, that’s how many times Hansbrough was hacked.

  66. Hawker says:

    ANOTHER NEWS FLASH: Hansblow will get eaten alive if he ever makes it to the NBA.

  67. TxTarheel says:

    nothing could be finer…than pulling for Tyler and Carolina ! great game, great season keeps rolling

  68. C. Michael says:

    Maybe, but who cares? This college ball, and he’s the NPOY. That is all that matters.

  69. Black Mountain Sophomore says:

    Davidson by 3

  70. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Hansbrough is not playing in the NBA and you are officially done here. Have a nice night.

  71. 52BigGameJames says:

    yer a truly dumb fock Hawker–just like many of your compadres.

  72. william says:

    Lots of Jayhawks eating up the NBA. Wilt passed away, fella.

  73. C. Michael says:

    I am officially pulling for Davidson now. I had heard KU fans are amongst the most classless, but this is now confirmed.

  74. william says:

    Art Kaplinsky was the patron saint of defense of the 1957 undefeated team, for anyone wondering….

  75. C. Michael says:

    The godfather (THF) has spoken!! 😉

  76. Big Apple Heel says:

    I didn’t see where Lawson tweaked his ankle, but looked like he was limping to the bench after the buzzer. Did anyone see? Was it that screen he got sandwiched in?

  77. 52BigGameJames says:

    I have to confirm that Michael–I go to a KC Chiefs site, and they’re (Jayhawkers) mostly classless.

  78. 52BigGameJames says:

    I think he got Padg’s knee to the thigh

  79. Hawker2 says:

    Hey moderators….suck on this…..you d***suckers can’t take criticism…..LMAO

    THF: It is not criticism it is straight up flaming on a UNC fan blog before your team has even won their regional final. It is classless and it will get you blacklisted.

  80. william says:

    is Kansas in the Final Four?

  81. Big Apple Heel says:

    I’m going to go spit in the East River now. 🙂

  82. MDTarheel says:

    Great game. Whatever you can score, I can score too and faster.

  83. C. Michael says:

    Wow… just… wow… make sure you clean up the keyboard before your parents wake up, buddy.

  84. MDTarheel says:

    If it is not Ellington or Green comming up big then its Hansbrough. How can anyone say he will not be a good pro player? Are they not seeing the same game?

  85. C. Michael says:

    On a different note… several threads on IC from L’ville fans offering congrats and best wishes. Nice to see class still exists in college athletics…

  86. classof99 says:

    Kansas can’t even keep Roy let alone beat Davidson(well maybe Kansas can beat a 10 seed!) Kansas had a rough road with a 12 and a 10 seed. I call for a truce. No more taking until after the game .

    Did anyone else think Wayne was timid in the second half? He needs to be a leader and step it up if we hope to win the championship.

  87. 52BigGameJames says:

    L’ville made some nice adjustments–that was a good team we beat btw!

  88. TxTarheel says:

    UL had Wayne pegged in 2nd half, he didn’t get many looks. UNC thrived in 1st half off fast breaking and UL mistakes…not as much in 2nd half. They forced someone else to step up and were a very tough out tonight.

  89. nathan says:

    I had the same thought as THF when Green missed that momentum killing 3. But thats the difference with this years team, they find a way. FINAL FOUR!!

  90. Nothin Could be Finer says:

    Hansbrough was incredible. That shot when he stepped jusr inside the 3-point line and nailed that jumper was the game breaker. I think UL gave up after that. He saved the game when UNC was starting to struggle on offense. Go Davidson! I would love to see two NC teams in the Final Four!


  91. MDTarheel says:

    UL turned the ball over too many times, especially at the end of the game. Lawson and Tyler each hit a shot the assured the Heels victory. I thought a well played game by everyone of the Heels. I don’t think anyone played poorly.

  92. Will says:

    See you all in San Antonio!

  93. MinnyTarHeelFan says:

    Great win. I’ve never been so nervous for a game since 2005 vs. ‘Nova. Psycho T’s stock for the 2009 NBA Draft went way up tonight after knocking down those two perimeter J’s in the final minutes. Lawson was really solid vs. the press (nice to clear out and just let him bring it up 1v2) and Deon gave us some nice offense until the end, when Ty ‘n Ty carried us. Great win vs. a gritty UL team.

  94. classof99 says:

    As much as I would love to see us play Davidson, the odds are not even close to be in thier favor. UNC vs Kansas is going to get all of the HYPE it deserves. I know it will be a good game but it could go either way

  95. william says:

    Padgett is usually better than he was tonight, I think.

  96. MDTarheel says:

    I haven’t seen KU play this year, but do we really want to face Davidson. They are playing very well and will have the revenge factor on their side, plus the underdog. That gaurd of theirs is on fire. Could be a tough match.

  97. Nothin Could be Finer says:

    It looked to me like Ellington had a different (taller?) player on his in the second half. One effective adjustment made in the 2nd half was to take the ball out of Lawson’s hands when they began pressing. That limited UNC’s ability to break the press. It was fun watching Roy and Pitino in action; both great coaches. I hope Lawson is OK.

  98. nathan says:

    Just for the record, the preseason top 4 were 1. UNC 2. UCLA 3. Memphis 4. Kansas

    They’ve been the best four teams all year, and I can’t remember the last time that happened. No surprise that they all make the final four

  99. Nothin Could be Finer says:

    It seemed to me all year those four teams (plus Texas) were the best teams. If all four make it that will be a helluva Final Four. And despite the revenge factor I still think Davidson would be a considerable underdog to UNC, as opposed to KU.

  100. MinnyTarHeelFan says:

    Looking at pbp, Psycho scores 11 of UNC’s 16 pts during 16-7 run as heels pull away from 59-all game over a nine-minute stretch. Thompson makes a lay-up and Lawson a three during that stretch, but it basically was all Tyler. D locks down as well, allowing only two FGs during that stretch.

    Now that we’re past this point, I think we’ll play loose (and well) in San Antonio!:)

  101. MinnyTarHeelFan says:

    NCBF – Good point. I think the other adjustment that Pitino made was to drop the deep guys on the press into the lane. We broke pretty easy with sideline guys (Green, Marcus, Wayne) but there weren’t any openings to the hoop. They switched to man-to-man and did a good job at limiting looks for Wayne and Green from perimeter. Well played game from both teams, Heels simply have a few more weapons and experience.

  102. Santiago says:

    IIRC, last year against G’town the ‘Heels kind of forgot about TH as the lead evaporated. This year he didn’t let that happen.

    I’d much rather face Davidson than KU–mainly to avoid the hype. Yes, we only beat them by 4 the last game, and both teams are better now than then. But I think we’re better better.

    Finally, for all of you who didn’t like the bracket, don’t you feel like this team accomplished a lot in the region? Two laughers, one chess match, and the obligatory “close one.”

  103. TxTarheel says:

    Odds for tomorrow’s games have Memphis favored by 3 and KU favored by 9. No matter what UNC fans think of him, Rick Barnes has done a very good job this year at Texas. I would not be shocked to see them beat Memphis tomorrow.

    KU’s edge tomorrow should really be in the paint, and they have been very good defensively this season. Self’s Illinois teams typically played good D also

  104. MinnyTarHeelFan says:

    You have to wonder about KU. If tomorrow goes like it should (Jayhawks by 20+) they won’t have been tested in two weeks. I think UNC-KU would be a game for the ages.

  105. Lisa says:

    William – If you want to hear Woody Durham’s broadcast, go to “roostercountry1061.com.” It’s the Raleigh radio station that carries the Heels. I’m in DC and that’s how I hear the radio broadcasts.

  106. Santiago says:


    I don’t know if I agree about KU not being tested. The Big 12 final was close for 38.5 minutes.

  107. Will says:

    Listen to Rooster also. All the way from Charleston, WV

  108. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Why is it every time ESPN shows Stephen Curry highlights they are from the UNC game? Are they the only highlights they own?

  109. Nothin Could be Finer says:

    I agree. UNC is over the hump. In the 2nd half, when UL was making their big push and Danny Green missed that long 3, I thought “oh, oh, shades of Gtown.” Then it became very clear Tyler was not going to let that happen! Also I heard a snippet of Pitino’s press conference – he gave credit to UNC for being a better team. Classy!

  110. MinnyTarHeelFan says:

    Santiago – I was counting from that game forward to Final Four weekend. That was the ‘Hawks last tough challenge, assuming they trounce Davidson.

    They should, but if Davidson can keep it close, KU might just choke it away. With that said, I think KU can throw multiple defenders at Curry, which makes it tough for him to get a read on how he’s being guarded.

  111. william says:

    Lisa, I am assuming that is Am. Is it 670 AM?

  112. william says:

    Or do you mean that it is on the web, Lisa? Thanks.

  113. Lisa says:

    William – it’s 106.1 fm in Raleigh. The broadcast is just signing off as I write this – but you can listen to the Final Four next week!

  114. Lisa says:

    On the Web

  115. william says:

    Thanks, Lisa, I am in D.C. too. We should have a party!

  116. william says:

    Yeah, THf, that might have been their only game on ESPN.

  117. TxTarheel says:

    I wonder if Steve Lavin developed an ulcer over time since they must talk about UCLA making 3 straight Final Fours and all the platitudes that Ben Howland has earned since taking over…kinda funny if you think about it.

    What I would give to be near Franklin Street right now…only 1200 miles !

  118. william says:

    If Davidson wins against Kansas, I am going to have some really mixed emotions and I bleed Carolina deep blue, going back to the two incredible Duke wins in 1974.

  119. william says:

    deep Carolina blue or is that an oxymoron?

  120. william says:

    By the way, my phone has been ringing, but I just wanted to say to the Big East, buh-bye, thank you for playing!

  121. Lisa says:

    William, I am sure you’d agree it was painful being here in DC last year hearing all about G’town in the final four.

  122. william says:

    Davidson’s worse loss all year was by 12 at Pauley Pavilion after leading by 18. After that, Charlotte and Western Michigan! beat them by 7. No one has blown them out so I would be surprised if they lose by 20. Jason Richardson had 13 assists yesterday and guess how many turnovers he had, Mr. Ty Lawson? O!

    He had no assist-turnover ratio!

  123. william says:

    Well, we lost to George Mason and Georgetown the last two years but those are pretty good programs. Tennessee almost lost to American, lol.

  124. william says:

    Hey, is that your goat, THF?

  125. Tarheel4real says:

    Do we all think Tywon is ok? I am nervous about him limping the last couple minutes of the game. Anybody heard anything?

  126. william says:

    He seemed off the whole game to me….

  127. william says:

    So we have UCLA, UNC, Kansas and too bad, Indiana, Duke and UK are down this year, it could have been pretty unbelievable, with the four greatest programs of all time.

  128. Tarheel4real says:

    My biggest fear is his mental game. I think he can be physically fine, but scared he is going to re-injure his ankle, which might as well mean he’s not playing.

  129. william says:

    How popular do you think that UNC is in Louisville, Ky tonight after knocking off both their women and their men….

  130. 52BigGameJames says:

    you didn’t watch the same game I did william.

  131. william says:

    What are you talking about, James?

  132. william says:

    He had 9 assists and 4 turnovers, 11 points, hit a big 3, but he didn’t dominate the game the way, say Phil Ford use to. He is an excellent player, but I still don’t think he has reached his potential.

  133. william says:

    Hansbrough pretty much dominated Padgett, 28 points versus 6 for Padgett, 13 rebounds to 8 for Padgett.


  134. william says:

    I think that rim-shattering (well almost) dunk by Hansbrough, midway through the second half, when Louisville had made a run, was huge in terms of momentum.

    Enberg asked Hansbrough after the game how it felt to be going to the Final Four and Hansbrough said: “it feels great.”

    Ask a dumb question….

  135. 52BigGameJames says:

    off the whole game? you need to parse words a little better. he’s still not 100%, that should be obvious by how much he was spelled, but he was plenty good to win the game. I’d hate to see the outcome if he really was off the whole game.

  136. william says:

    Louisville was able to stop Thompson and Stepheson in the second half….

  137. william says:

    He said that he was back up to speed. Let’s not fall back on being injured. I think he made some turnovers that were not necessary. I recorded the game as I am sure you did. Watch it again.

  138. 52BigGameJames says:

    did you notice that play where Marcus took it up the gut and dumped to Deon in the 2nd half? It almost appeared they had worked that one out on their own-strange play to me, as it seemed to take the wing players by surprise, but it worked at a key juncture.

  139. william says:

    This is a team game. Hansbrough had only 2 points in the first half in the last game, but this game in the second half was a little bit like Georgetown last year, where we were not getting as much as a balanced attack as I would have liked. Hansbrough carried the team in the second half. He was handling the ball in the middle of the press, hitting outside shots and holding Padgett to 6 points.

    Louisville might be the 2nd best team in the country but I still think we could have played much better.

  140. william says:

    That was a big basket–it sort of hit the underside of the hoop but had good upwards English on it and it went it.

  141. 52BigGameJames says:

    they all made un-necessary turnovers-I could run em down, but as you say, watch it again. he DID dominate the first half. Their full-court pressure was almost totally broken–mostly by Ty.

  142. william says:

    New rule: announcers cannot call a three pointer a dagger, unless it occurs in the last 2 minutes and puts a team ahead by double figures….

  143. 52BigGameJames says:

    oh, I agree we could play better–I’ll beat the drum again, but if Marcus had gone up for a slam, instead of a lay-up against a 6’8″ jumping-jack, he likely would’ve at least drawn the foul, instead of receiving a swat…but I’m good, as I’m sure Roy is too!

  144. william says:

    He was good in the first half, but he still could be better. He tried to dribble through traffic a couple of times unwisely. I am using a high standard, that of the best guard in the country, which is what he aspires to be.

    Jason Richards had 13 assists yesterday and 0 (zero) turnovers. I am just saying that I would not complain if Ty did that next week.

  145. 52BigGameJames says:

    turnin in for sum sweet Carolina dreams–night–been great as usual!

  146. 52BigGameJames says:

    last one–hopefully he’ll be back to refine next year!

  147. william says:

    The same thing happened to Ellington. I think Wayne was one step off from being able to elevate the way he wanted to and didnt realize the guy was there. See, dunking isn’t always showboating–it is usually safer than banking a shot because they can’t block it.

  148. thanks tar heels for putting ricky p in his place no one deserves to loose any more than him and being a uk fan we love seeing him go down like you love seeing duke go down since thier is no kentucky blue this year GO TAR HEEL BLUE

  149. william says:

    Really. I didn’t know you guys were that mad at him. It is ironic because exactly the same thing happened to UNC with our former national title winning coach Frank McGuire going to South Carolina to coach our rival against us.

  150. william says:

    Why does Miles Simon identify himself on CBS as Miles Simon, of the the University of Arizona. That is strange. Jay Bilas doesn’t do that.

  151. mad is not the word hate is more like it hopefully roy williams will take ricky p up on his offer to play at freedom hall and spank him down there give biily g another year or two and he will put a spanken on ole rick p

  152. william says:

    Frank McGuire took the Gamecocks really to their only true success in their history and beat UNC in the ACC tourney in 1971 and then left the ACC. He went from beloved to hated by many, although I think most people have forgiven him now, since he did go undefeated and left his assistant coach Dean Smith with the program. I don’t guess UK people feel that Pitino left you guys with the equivalent of a Dean Smith when he left….

  153. we got a smith it was tubby dean could have put his coat on the back of his chair on the sidelines and done more than tubby

  154. TxTarheel says:

    Dan Patrick has a quote in this week’s SI (baseball preview cover) regarding which rival fans Christian Lattner fears most: “I’ve driven through Kentucky a few times and boy I get a little scared on the road..I do not stop anywhere in Kentucky”

  155. hey tar heels the ricky p louisville red is turnd blue today after the spanken you gave them last night the louisville area is in a state of shock thanks to you great job they deserve it ricky p thought he would have the same sucess and fan base at ul that he had at ky NOT HAPPENING we are also hearing from the ul small fan base the only way you darn tar heels can beat rick is to play in you back yard i guess # 50 will have something to do with a win anywhere ricky wants to play

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