#1 UNC vs #3 Louisville

What: NCAA Tournament East Regional Final
Where: Bobcats Arena, Charlotte, NC
When: Saturday, March 29th, 9:05 PM
Records: UNC 35-2; Louisville 27-8
NCAA Results: UNC-def. #16 MSM, #9 Arkansas, #4 WSU; Louisville-def. #14 Boise St, #6 Oklahoma, #2 Tennessee

Looking for a ticket to San Antonio

If UNC ends up winning a national title it will be via a very tough road.  Louisville is playing about as well as anyone else right now.  The Cards have the personnel to adequately defend the Heels and score the needed points to win.  The Cardinals have senior David Padgett who is versatile, plays great defense and the very definition of a glue guy.  Surrounding him is a mix of good athletes and solid basketball players who can matchup with UNC and play great defense at every position.  The Cards are well coached and UNC will be under the gun to play focused defense every time down.

All that being said, UNC will go into this game needing to do what they have all season.  The Heels need a balanced offense which means getting singificant scoring from all positions.  Tyler Hansbrough struggling to get it going in the last game usually means a concerted effort on his part to come out early and assert himself.  And along with you want to see Wayne Ellington in particular but also Danny Green off the bench shoot the ball well.  Historically speaking, the nightmare tournament games for UNC usually included cold shooting from the perimeter personnel.  I also think the emergence of Deon Thompson and Alex Stepheson has been paramount to the way UNC has played thus far and more of the same might be what it takes to secure the Final Four berth.   Given the way Louisville plays defense, Ty Lawson and Quentin Thomas need sharp, mistake free games to avoid giving the Cards any freebies.

Defensively speaking, Tennessee proved the Cards can be turned over frequently and the Vols were rated as an inferior defense to UNC.  This could end up being the lynch pin to the whole game and that is UNC turning Lousiville over and scoring significant points in transition from those TOs.  This is where a 100% Lawson is so important both in terms of attacking Louisville at the point guard position but moving the ball once the turnovers have been created.

For a year now UNC players and fans have carried on with the Georgetown game planted firmly in our minds.  Now the Heels will face Louisville and try to do what they could not last season.  This team has been on a mission since last summer and I expect that mission to continue in earnest with a win in this game.

UNC 84 UL 73

23 Responses to #1 UNC vs #3 Louisville

  1. Will says:

    The stage is truly re-set for this team. Again, we face the best team of the Big East (most would agree) for all the marbles. I’m sure the team will be as focused and motivated as possible. Hopefully, they won’t come out over-hyped like they did against WSU.

    I think they’ll lay it all on the court and see what happens.

  2. Will says:

    william – with regard to recording the games on DVD, what I have been doing is recording the games on SP (the 2nd highest quality) and pausing at all the commercials. Then I have an upscaling DVD player and HDTV, and the games look great on replay. It’s nice since I have almost every game on DVD this year. The only problem is that when you try to watch a game with no commercials, it’s quite exhausting.

  3. flitzy says:

    UNC 71 Louisville 56
    UNC 93 Davidson 63
    UNC 85 memphis 71


  4. I think a UNC-Davidson rematch in the final four would be spectacular!

  5. Will says:

    What would really be incredible is a final four with 4 #1 seeds. Never happened before apparently.

  6. Russell says:

    On games played yesterday-
    The media mouths are already writing off Davidson against Kansas. I love great basketball, therefore I love this Davidson team. While Kansas may prove too big – and too agile in that bigness – the Wildcats will give them Game.

    Memphis showed me their stuff for the first time this season. Their stock just rose big time (no pun intended.)

    My second favorite conference, the Big Fodder, ah, Big 10, showed up and as per usual plodded their way to oblivion…again. How is it that so few get that the 10 are not the stuff that this sport is made of? Like the good fodder they are, they keep my pick sheet well fed. Illinois was a fluke in ’05, a down year nationally, and would have never made the title game had the seedings been stronger. My big regret from last year was that the Heels were thwarted from getting to demolish another Pretender to the Game, Ohio State.

    Tonight’s games-
    UCLA has a reprieve to finally regroup and play a quality 40 minutes. If not, they’re gone.

    It is with some reluctance that I have to agree with something Vitale shouted, er, said: “The UNC-L’ville game will have the character of a final championship game.” The final games have a tendency to be conservatively played, not that that is what he meant.

    Worry being my constant companion, Padgett bothers me. A showdown looms. Hansbrough will need to bring his 8′-15′ A-game today to avoid fouls called against him and get his points. Pitino is an obsessed shark; I would be delightfully surprised if UNC gets to enjoy a ten- to 15-point transition game. I will not be surprised to see a testy, back-and-forth game down to the end. Fouls may play a hefty role in this one – on both sides. Yet – ever yet – Heels will pull it out.


  7. unc/uncwfan says:

    I hope we play the cards better than women’s Heels are right now…

  8. william says:

    Will, I tried the SP setting but I was getting motion artifacts, which ruined it for me. I don’t have much tolerance for compressed video,which is something people differ on. My tivo is always set on high or best, but it seems a lotof people used the lowest settings.

    Washington State, however, would probably look great in the SP setting, since they don’t move around all that much. Looks like the Lady Heels are about to guy one out after trailing by 18. Louisille and Pitino complain about playing in Charlotte, how about a number one seed having to play in the number two seeds home state?

    On the other hand, so few people go to the women’s games, maybe it doesn’t really matter.

  9. Will says:

    That is odd about the motion artifacts. I got a panasonic DVD recorder 2 years ago, and I record on all different types of DVD-Rs and have no problem. I like to record on SP and edit out the commercials so they fit on one disc. My collection of DVDs, especially the good games, is basically my prized possession.

  10. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I was just listening to Fox Sports radio and can I say I am little weary of everyone talking about how much UNC has to do to deal with Louisville or WSU or anyone else without discussing the fact those teams have to stop one of the top offenses in the country and the NPOY. Media folks act like UNC faces some monumental task in going against these teams when shouldn’t it be the other way around?

  11. Josh Bowling says:

    Exactly THF. If we win it will be a victory over the Cardinals, and the SPORTS MEDIA

  12. Rick Jordan says:

    IMHO, the key to winning tonights game is simple: BOX OUT (particularly Padgett cuz he’s the most aggressive center they’ll play this tournament — he doesn’t need to score to score if you know what I mean).

  13. Rick Jordan says:

    …oh yeah, just thought I’d give you all a chuckle — remember Coach Williams monkey incident. If you don’t, here’s a laugh: http://www.flixgadget.com/wink.aspx

    pretty sure it was during his Kansas days

  14. william says:

    Will, mine might be a little bit older than that. It is a Samsung. Maybe I should buy a newer one, although there no longer seem to be a lot of them on the market. They are supposed to have double-sided disks available that have twice as much recording time, but just try to find them. It is also annoying that they crippled their intputs by limiting them to an S-connection.

    How do you edit out the commercials? Do you used DVD-RW and do it on the computer or can you do it on your machine?

  15. william says:

    It is interesting that this team doesn’t get the respect from the media that the 2005 team got, which was basically seen as the top team in the country by most people, in spite of always trailing Illinois in the ratings.

    On the other hand, Dick Vitale has touted this team in the same way that he touted that team and say what you want about Vitale, he seems to know about what makes a team excellent. I think he was about the only one who foresaw Duke’s near miss at a regular season title, with most analysis seeing them going from 8-8 to 12-4 and certainly not starting out 10-0 or whatever it was, in conference.

  16. Will says:

    Yes, the prices have come way down on DVD recorders because Tivo is so popular. I think that is why you don’t see them around too much either. Probably want to go with amazon as the prices are cheap.

    My Panasonic DVD recorder is basically a vcr, i.e., not in the computer. I use DVD-Rs. On my machine, of course I hit record when the game starts. If I hit pause at a commerial, the recording pauses, and when I hit pause again, it start s recording again. Using SP mode, the games take up about an 1h and 20 to 30 minutes on average.

    I also have a separate DVD player with upscaling, and it looks great on the HDTV.

  17. william says:

    OK, so you do it manually. I did that during the 1993 title game, but you have to be sure not to get too excited and forget to turn it on.

    My recorder does have upsampling, but the television, which is newer, seems to do it automatically and much better so i don’t used it much. Apparently, upsampling has really improved in the last couple of year because their is a visible difference. I, honestly, cannot tell the difference between DVD’s that are upsampled and the hundred or so Hi-def channels that i get. If anything, the DVD’s probably look better, as I am not sure that most “hi-def” channels are really hi-def.

    For this reason, if Blu-ray is going to really take off, they need to make it backward compatible, i.e., include DVD versions on the disk along with the Blu-ray version, as there should be plenty of space since they have 20 times more disk space or something. If they don’t do this, then it will take off more slowly, because disk portability will be severely curtailed.

  18. william says:

    I wish we were playing, Xavier, THF. By the way, I saw an interview with one of the Kansas players and like everybody in the NCAA now, he is oh so respectful of Davidson.

    I wish these guys would be honest and say something like, “Davidson? They can’t hang with us. Those guys better stick with Elong University, didn’t that team almost beat them, and UNCG.

  19. 52BigGameJames says:

    well, Bruins hold serve–I’m duly impressed.

  20. william says:

    Didn’t Xavier lose twice to St. Joe’s? UCLA can’t beat Memphis; they better hope for a re-match with Texas.

  21. william says:

    Ridiculous region with Duke second and Xavier third…. I have been watching the new reunified IndyCar series instead of the second half of the boring beatdown in Arizona….

  22. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Yes, Davidson is getting all the respect in the world but not the Heels.

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