Hey Mike Freeman, Did You Hear What Rick Pitino Said?

Earlier this month we have several in the media spouting off that Tyler Hansbrough was overhyped by the media and hyperbole was the name of the game when describing him citing the likes of Dick Vitale and Bill Rafferty.  And while the media can be that way, it is very difficult to get around what Rick Pitino said last night.  To paraphrase him he basically said he had coached against Michael Jordan as well as other NBA greats and he can honestly say he has never seen a player who works as hard on every possession as Tyler Hansbrough.  Pitino said he did not have the same talent and what not but the effort could never be quesitoned and according to him not even comparable.

So Mike Freeman and others can whine about the things people in the media say about Hansbrough but when a coach with the level of success as Pitino says these kinds of things about Hansbrough you know it is not media hot air but fairly close to the truth.

13 Responses to Hey Mike Freeman, Did You Hear What Rick Pitino Said?

  1. TxTarheel says:

    The best way to shut up thine enemies is to defeat them on the field of battle…drain a few 16-18 footers at critical points for emphasis.

    Does anyone recall if UNC was in serious contention to get Kevin Love? I believe Roy had recruited him and thought UNC was in his final set of schools.

  2. From following IC at the time, it was reported that it was down to UCLA and UNC and he wanted to stay closer to home, IIRC.

  3. CarolinaGirl says:

    I thought what Louisville’s Terrence Williams said about Tyler after the game was right up there as well:
    “You see the guy as a junior and he’s getting his jersey retired and you’re like, ‘Why?”’ said Terrence Williams, who had 14 points for Louisville. “Then you play against him and you say, ‘That’s why.’ He’ll go through the floor just to get a rebound. He’s a great player.”

  4. Silent Sam says:

    clipped & pasted from N&O:
    “He deserves every accolade he gets,” said Louisville center David Padgett, who walked to the dressing room wiping away tears. “I’ve never played against a guy who plays that hard.”

  5. 52BigGameJames says:

    thanks for the quote CG–unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how it works out) Tyler will have to have MOP performances against both KU and UCLA (if they win) in order to shut the remaining doubters up. I don’t normally talk trash on competing websites, but with all the anti-Roy/Heels/Hansbrough crap, this year I’m making a very pointed exception!

  6. C. Michael says:

    I thought Pitino and his team were the absolute definition of class in defeat last night, and I don’t believe that is was fake. I have always respected Pitino as a coach, but I have a new found respect for him as a person. As a person stuck in Big East land, it will be a pleasure to root for the ‘Ville against the ‘Cuse’s and UConn’s of the leage, next year!

  7. william says:

    It is hard to have much respect for John Gasaway anymore. It is a huge shame when journalists basically put out hits on college kids and it is even worse when they do so negligently like Gasaway.

    At least traditional print journalists will revisit things and say, wow, I was wrong. Some of these online guys can dish things out but can’t handle defending their positions, hiding behind the anonymity of the net.

  8. william says:

    I have to say that Pitino’s post-game quotes as well as those of Padgett were very nice.

    I don’t think UNC fans have any lack of respect for Louisville. In fact, last night might have been the de facto national title. Once Padgett came back, Louisville was aces.

  9. Josh Bowling says:

    What is all this hype about Lawson not being available for the game next Saturday? Did he get hurt or something? He seemed fine during the game.

  10. C. Michael says:


    In his post game interview Ty said he rolled it a little at the end of the game, but seemed far from concerned.

  11. Jack says:

    52 says: I don’t normally talk trash on competing websites, but with all the anti-Roy/Heels/Hansbrough crap, this year I’m making a very pointed exception!

    Don’t make exceptions (esp. pointed ones.)
    It only encourages the trolls.
    The anonymity of blog commenting sure brings out the subhuman on some boards. (Thx for watching this one, THF.)

  12. 52BigGameJames says:

    don’t worry Jack, I won’t hit any boards or leave any trails that track back to this one. although there is something to be considered in trash-talk Karma-land.

  13. I thought it was really classy on Roy’s part when the camera showed him with David Padgett after the game. I’ve always been one to be hard on Roy, but he’s always been a sportsman. Padgett and Louisville played their tails off last night, and I want to echo an earlier post talking about Louisville’s class in defeat. It was a pleasure to see a game this competetive without trash talking or blowing gasketts at the officials.
    The only things I have left to say are GO TAR HEELS and GO DAVIDSON!!!!

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