NCAA Tournament: Elite Eight Sunday


I will likely miss all the games today due to other obligations(thank you to the NCAA for putting the Heels on the Thursday/Saturday rotation for the regional!)  We will see if Davidson can pull of the gigantic upset which seems less likely to me than George Mason knocking off UConn in 2006.  That being said, Davidson has shown they can play and anything can happen.  #1 Memphis will try to get over the proverbial hump against #2 Texas for the other spot.

Comments if you have them.


9 Responses to NCAA Tournament: Elite Eight Sunday

  1. Will says:

    Is anyone else going to San Antonio? What I did was buy one of those “ticketreserve” things, so I got a ticket that way. I went ahead and booked a flight to Houston a month ago and got a car rental and motel, so I think I’m ready to roll come Friday morning.

  2. tarheeler4life says:

    even though Memphis beat Texas, I still think they are over rated. They have only lost one game this year but they play in the CUSA, which has no talent whatsoever. UCLA will beat them next Saturday in the final four and the tarheels will beat Kansas, even though I really hope Davidson pulls through. UNC will come up with the Championship win. GO HEELS!!!!!!!

  3. Lake says:

    tarheeler, are you kidding me? Since the Mississippi State scare, they curbstomped their last two opponents. The entire second half of the Memphis-MSU game was garbage time and Derrick Rose has been very impressive.

    Now, if you want to make a claim for UCLA showing some flaws or Kansas not being tested, then you’re probably right…but Memphis is legit when Dorsey isn’t a basketcase.

  4. Will says:

    Curry is ridiculous

  5. Big Apple Heel says:

    Davidson’s D is serious so far. really impressive how well they are holding up in the middle and off the inbounds. And they look like they’re having fun and staying loose. Kansas does not.

  6. C. Michael says:

    I’ll be honest… given what happened in November, and what has happened recently… I’m not sure UNC wants any part of Davidson…

  7. 52BigGameJames says:

    this ain’t November, and it ain’t Davidson—bring it Hawks–let’s get it on!

  8. Santiago says:

    What a horrible last 16 seconds for Davidson. Four guys stand around for 12 seconds waiting for a double-teamed Curry to do it one more time.

    So Kansas it is. Let the hype begin. I know the sports execs at NBC are kicking themselves right now. If their Olympic coverage is any indication, the KU-Roy-UNC love triangle is a story they’d love to tell, and tell, and tell…

    What the over-under on how many times we get to hear Roy’s “I don’t give a …” quote about UNC after losing to the ‘Cuse in 2003 between now and 9pm Saturday night?

  9. william says:

    Davidson wins a normal Curry shooting day, just like Carolina beats Utah in 1998, but they don’t give you any second chances in college ball. Still a pretty amazing run for a team lacking in scorers.

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