Duke Is Bleeding

Talk about two ships passing each other, UNC is heading to the Final Four with a 36-2 mark and the prohibitive favorite for NPOY in Tyler Hansbrough leading the way while Duke is heading who knows where.

Duke announced on Monday night that freshman Taylor King has decided to become the next Duke player to leave the program.  King played in all 34 games and early in the season really lit things up from beyond the arc.  Once ACC play commenced King largely disappeared and did not do much when he did enter the game.  I suspected it was because he did not play great defense but given the fact he made a decision which means he will not be playing basketball on a college team for at least a year tends to confirm it.

The question I have is what in the name of Vic Bubas is happening at Duke?  A player leaving the program whether it be a transfer or making an ill advised leap into the NBA Draft seems to be an annual occurence now.  I can count on one hand the number of transfers or NBA defections from the doghouse during the Dean Smith years.  If I wanted to count the number Duke has had in the past 20 years I’d need a ledger.  Clearly something is amiss in Durham.  Duke is losing the recruiting war with UNC and other schools.  They have failed to develop any ACC caliber low post players since Shelden Williams graduated.  Conventional wisdom says Duke will bounce back at some point but it does not appear to be coming in the near future.


30 Responses to Duke Is Bleeding

  1. william says:

    Duke message boards are comparing the last 2 years to the D’oh era:


  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Hyperbole much? Oh wait it is a message board, of course it was hyperbole.

  3. william says:

    Bobby Knight seemed to have a lot of transfers. I don’t think a lot of these kids are ready to play for “old school” coaches who may deal out large measures of authoritarianism, profanity and humiliation to kids who are used to being told how great they are. I am pretty sure that Montross simply wanted no part of Bobby Knight and I wonder if Steve Alford wishes he had gone to someplace like Kansas or Purdue. I did find it somewhat strange that Sean May apparently considered transferring to Texas Tech to escape Doherty’s regime.

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    May loved Knight which came from his father. Apparently Knight as well as K inspires a level of loyalty that boggles the mind.

  5. TxTarheel says:

    Is that loyalty or a cult? Jim Jones inspired loyalty too, but I digress. My guess is Knight really took it out on the top players at Indiana, more than the role players or bench-warmers. And remember that both coaches were at West Point for a while

  6. The thing that’s sad about this is… oh, wait… there’s nothing sad about this.

  7. Steve says:

    Amen to that brother

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  9. Big Apple Heel says:

    My favorite delusional – on so many levels – comment from that Duke board:

    “I just hope he doesn’t transfer to UCLA… that would be a little bit too symbolic of Duke passing the torch of being “the” college basketball program to UCLA.”

  10. william says:

    Because we all know it is UNC, right?

  11. Tar Heel Fan says:

    What the heck is UNC, the local YMCA team?

    They do not seem to understand that the only time they have enjoyed prolonged absolute dominance over UNC was with Gut and Doh. Once Roy got it going, Duke has found life very difficult. Heck they cannot even beat UNC in Cameron now. In terms of program consistency UNC lays sole claim to that mantle since they have been imminently relevant since the 1960s.

  12. Josh Bowling says:

    Let’s give Bobby Knight a break. He is a great basketball coach as well as a person. Heck, he is the only talking head out there that has UNC winning it all. Wait, Vitale does as well. Gold, Gottleib,Rose,Kornheiser, and all of the Around The Horn guys have everyone but us. I will jump on Knight when he doesn’t pick UNC.

  13. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Gottlieb would not pick UNC even if he was up for credit fraud charges…oh wait!

  14. MinnyTarHeelFan says:

    I think Dook’s recent “slide” (most programs would die to be at their level) is a clear sign of recruiting drop-offs and perhaps too much success. You need to recruit really good players who will stay 3-4 years, and sprinkle in a couple more players who will stay 1-2 years and are NBA lottery-type picks. Dook hasn’t had the latter and perhaps earlier in the decade had too many of those types that left the program high and dry (Deng, etc.). Speaking from personal experience as a college coach (not hoops), when you miss out on your top recruits, you end with players who have flaws. They’re still nice kids and hard workers, like King, but they still have those flaws. I think it was obvious King was nothing but a role player in the ACC. I’m sure he can find more minutes somewhere else (Big 10 school?) and that’s apparently what he wanted. The hard thing for Dook fans (and the same would go for UNC fans) is kids tend to stay in those programs even if they’re not receiving the minutes because the experience is so great.

  15. Josh Bowling says:

    That’s what’s in question, the “experience”!

  16. Josh Bowling says:

    Also, Taylor King leaving will allow them to recruit someone better. I want this Duke team to stay intact, because I feel as if we can beat them in most outings. They sure aren’t as intimidating as they used to be. Tell me, how can it be that a team as good as us and a team as bad as Duke can be playing for the ACC title on the final game? Can you say officiating? Especially in close games is where it manifest itself the most.

  17. Josh Bowling says:

    It is funny to watch Duke in the post season. When they drive to the basket and lose or fumble the ball, they wail their arms in the air as if they had been hit, and the officials let it go. Not in ACC land, where that results in a foul.

  18. Ed Geth says:

    Born and Bred Ed cracks me up. Thanks!

  19. Josh Bowling says:

    Ed Geth, it’s been a while! How was overseas basketball?

  20. Josh Bowling says:

    I used to go to Alamance Community College with a girl who says she was related to Ed Geth. Her name was Shannon.

  21. rbl says:

    On a Duke message board I read of some concern that Nolan Smith would transfer due to lack of playing time. A Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch article at the beginning of the tourney wondered “How much will Coach K stick with gritty but limited senior (this is a mistake, he’s just a junior) point guard Greg Paulus over more explosive but unpredictable freshman Nolan Smith?” The Dispatch also asked “Speaking of apparitions, is Duke for real or not?” I think we know the answer to both questions.

  22. william says:

    Check out Duke’s records from the period between 1971 and 1977 where they were the slowest team in the ACC to integrate if you want to see Duke at the utter bottom.

    Things were so bad that they tried to hire Adolph Rupp and he accepted but then reneged when his HORSE TRAINER died, because training his own horses plus training Duke’s lacking horses was to much for him to handle in his 70s.

    I am not kidding….

  23. william says:

    Excellent post from Blue in the Face on the Duke boards–he is right, Paulus is a clone of all the other ethnic white point guards at Duke–also take a look at Cameron and his avatar–there are some pretty unbalanced Duke fans who think jokes/avatars based upon servitude are funny:

    Originally Posted by Cameron
    What is that supposed to mean? Greg is a perfect fit at Duke. If you are implying that we should have recruited a Jason Williams to Durham instead, then get over it. That’s not going to happen every year.

    Greg is an all-world student, plays his pottymouth!pottymouth!pottymouth! off every single night, shows as much passion for the Duke uniform as any player I can remember the last few years, and has improved his overall game pretty much every year he’s been in Durham (including leading the ACC in assist to turnover ratio this year). And his shooting is some of the best we have EVER seen from a point guard at Duke. Greg is a great fit here and I am proud to call him a member of my favorite team.

    Oh god, lets not all go into this again. Whether or not Paulus is what everyone wants- you just can’t argue he is a bad fit for Duke. He is absolutely EXACTLY the prototypical Duke player- for better or worse. He is the perfect fit for Coach K (i.e. the Duke program)

  24. uncgirl50 says:

    Ah the sweet smell of dook going down the drain. All is now right with the world.

  25. Arlen says:

    The thing about this, it seems like Coach K has lost his intensity; rarely has he had teams that really were as loaded as UNCs, but he still won. Now the arrogant, floor slapping ferocity that people hated about Duke are like distant memories.

  26. Josh Evans says:

    UNC has just as many NBA draft early entries as Duke has. Duke has had two rough years. This past year, we did not have a low post presence, but hey we still beat: UNC, Marquette, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, & some other decent teams. So, maybe not a horrible season. We did exit the tourney, but Duke still has more tourney wins than any team over the past 10 seasons with the two early exists. Duke will be back on top this year.

  27. THANK THE PASSER says:

    Michigan and Illinois had really good teams this year. How will you be back on top with essentially the same team as last year?

  28. Wilson says:

    Arlen, you’re right. Coach K was actually smiling in his postgame interview after the WVU game. He didn’t seem upset at all. It was very eerie.

  29. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Actually Duke does have some help coming for that woeful interior game. Miles Plumlee older brother of Duke 2009 commit Mason Plumlee git his LOI release from Stanford and chose Duke. So Duke will presumably have better depth on the interior, whether they actually develop into anything is a crapshoot.

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