Odds and Ends

So many stories, so little time.

  •  The UNC women had their season ended by LSU who is being lauded for five straight Final Fours despite the fact they are 0-4 in the four previous appearances.  UNC was the #1 seed in the South but the Selection Committee for both the men’s and women’s tournament love to pull this cute trick whereby the complete screw a #1 seed by having to play in the backyard of the #2 seed.  Memphis and Kansas are well versed in this trick on the men’s side and now the women’s team at UNC has been introduced to this ploy by playing LSU in New Orleans.  Not that I think it mattered here but it seems that on principle the committees should protect the #1 seed a little more.
  • Ty Lawson says the ankle is fine despite tweaking it at the end of the Louisville game.  He just needs to keep telling himself it is only two more games and then he gets to rest.
  • As expected the decision to have UNC play the 2nd game was completely driven by potential ratings.  Then again this is not rocket science.  UNC and Duke are probably the most televised teams in the nation and in terms of national games I imagine they lead in that department as well.  During the earlier rounds of the NCAA Tournament when CBS splits the coverage, UNC is often broadcast to a larger chunk of the country than whatever game(s) they are up against.
  • CBS Sportsline is calling the UNC-KU matchup even between the players while giving UNC an edge in terms of coaching and intangibles. Vegas is calling the Heels a three point favorite while Ken Pomeroy says Kansas will win by five and has a 65% chance to get it done.

18 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. 52BigGameJames says:

    tell the truth-Pomeroy is secretly a Carolina fan, and is just using the reverse mojo 😉

  2. Steve says:

    About the Lady Heels… They largely played themselves out of the final four last night. Only Pringle and Breland showed up, for whatever reason. Pringle played the best game of her career, in her last game as a Heel, equaling All-American Fowles performance while missing fewer shots free throws. Sure LSU had something to do with it, they boxed out like no women’s team I’ve ever seen, and didn’t turn it over. Still, McCants and Larkins were fumbling the ball and knocking it out of bounds. At the end of these seasons, which always seem to end the same, I’m left with the same questions about the coaches ability to get the players where they need to be in terms of physical and mental preparation. Why do they tend to play worse than usual when it matters most?

  3. […] last year’s Elite 8 on Saturday night. I had  a lot of beer though. Doomsday? Tar Heel Fan has news and notes. Plenty of time to get the beers in on Saturday. Dook sucks according to Taylor […]

  4. william says:

    Not that it would change the placement of Saturday’s game, the Pac Ten has chosen to exile itself on Fox Sports Net. The SEC, for some bizarre reason has chosen to exile itself on no network. The ACC has agreements with both Fox and ESPN and along with the Big East, dominates college basketball coverage.

  5. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I think the SEC is Raycom only and Fox Sports showed the SEC Tourney. I am guessing football is so big they just do not give a rip about basketball being on TV that much.

  6. Santiago says:

    Sad to see the Ladies get bounced, but they can’t complain about LSU having home field advantage after the way the ‘Heels played. Playing any other #2 or decent #3 like that would’ve resulted in the same outcome.

  7. MinnyTarHeelFan says:

    Steve – Agreed on the women’s game. I’ve seen them play a handful of times this year, and they looked terribly nervous. I thought Coach H tried to remain even-keeled and not yell at the kids and just tried to “coach them up,” but it was obvious they were tight and had some head-scratching turnovers and missed a ton of easy shots. The officiating certainly didn’t help, as it was obviously a home game for LSU in that regard as well. Too bad, because they had a great season.

  8. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I am not saying the home court thing had anything to do with it. It was a bad game for the Heels. I was pointing out that this business of scheduling lower seeds close to home is unfair to the higher seeds.

    I also think the women’s tournament is too focused on desirable matchups for the sake of ratings. There is no way in heck Rutgers should be the #2 in UConn’s region except ESPN would love to have a Rutgers-UConn regional final. One could argue a UT-Rutgers regional final would be more entertaining given the clock malfunction earlier this season but that would have been too obvious. Of course ESPN wants the UConn-UT final since they stopped playing each other during the reg season and it is entirely possible Geno and Pat hate each other’s guts.

  9. Santiago says:

    You mean to tell me that the Mens’ and Womens’ NCAA selection committees think about match ups and rating when making the brackets? I’m shocked! Shocked, I say!

    You can argue that LSU was given a gift, but you cannot say UNC was treated unfairly. Since it’s the closest region to their school, UConn gets to play in Greensboro, just as UNC got a Raleigh-Charlotte route on the Mens’ side. Perhaps UTenn should’ve been there last night, but then one would just complain about UNC having to play in OK or the state of Washington.

    I’m all for Mr. Spock seeding the fields for both tourneys, but until that happens I wish we could just play (and win) where, and who, we’re told.

  10. ericomac says:

    Well if Ken Pomeroy is predicting it…Carolina should be a lock then.

  11. chuckheel says:

    The whole NCAA Women’s Tournament is and has been set up UNFAIRLY from its inception. I remember three seasons in particular where Carolina was ranked #2 or #3 in the polls nationally, won the ACC and was given a No. 3 seed in the tournament.
    This season Tennessee and Maryland received favorable seedings and brackets, whereas UNC, UCONN and Rutgers got hosed by the committee.
    Carolina goes undefeated against the ACC, is ranked No. 2 in the country, but gets placed in the same bracket with LSU and the regional final in New Orleans. UCONN gets placed in the same regional as Rutgers, a team it has already played twice.
    Maryland, on the other hand, got to not only play its first two rounds in College Park, (Carolina had to play in Norfolk, VA) but gets the weakest of the No. 2 seeds in Stanford.
    The women’s selection committee needs to be more fair and equitable in its seeding placements.
    If the seedings were done fairly, here is how the tournament should have been seeded:

    Greensboro: 1 UConn vs. 2 Texas A&M
    New Orleans: 1 UNC vs. 2 Stanford
    OKC: 1 Tennessee vs. 2 Rutgers
    Spokane: 1 Maryland vs. 2 LSU

  12. Josh Bowling says:

    I think that is EXACTLY how I would have placed them Chuckheel. Those teams you mentioned did get hosed. It was an unfair bracket. It is hard to imagine how a group of people can gather together for the sake of making a tournament bracket, and come up with this. UNFAIR is the word for it.

  13. Josh Bowling says:

    Has anyone noticed how well Al Thornton is playing in the NBA. This kid looks good, as if he didn’t already in the ACC last year.

  14. Tar Heel Fan says:

    The point you are missing is those matchups take away those precious storylines and also puts teams in off geographic locations which cuts down on the crowds in the stands. I am on record as NOT being much for conspiracies but in this case it is obvious attention is being paid to putting certain teams where they can draw crowds and preserving the matchups they want. UT-Rutgers is the only matchup that would draw TV ratings but it is a safe bet the crowds would be smaller for those games.

    There is an agenda afoot and it is obvious when you heard commercials on ESPN for the Sweet Sixteen and they blatantly said “with UConn and Tennessee in action.” Thankfully the men’s tournament became what it did on the basis of upsets and lower seeds crashing the party like Davidson did. The women’s game is top heavy and as a result the draw is based on the elite teams being around at the end.

  15. william says:

    True, but UNC missed free throw after free throw and lay-up after lay-up after lay-up and threw turn-over after turn-over. I was a bit peeved at first, but the LSU coach seems like a decent guy–at least he’s not hitting on the players–and as Old Roy said, how much difference can a building make anyway–none, apparently to his team.

  16. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Not hitting on the players like the last female coach they had there?

  17. william says:

    Yeah, she blew a $300,000 a year gig because she was apparently a bit too handsy….

  18. Tar Heel Fan says:

    What else do you expect from a woman named Pokey?

    I still do not know who was dumber her or Kelvin Sampson. Probably Sampson since he blew a second chance.

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