Tyler Hansbrough News[UPDATED]

UPDATE #2: You can also add AP Player of the Year to the list now.

UPDATE: IC is reporting that Tyler Hansbrough has also won the US Basketball Writers Association Player of the Year Award.   At this point I would be surprised if he did not sweep them all.

Original post after the jump.

It was reported earlier that Hansbrough won the Rupp Award for the best player in college basketball this season.  The awards ceremony was held in San Antonio yesterday.  ACC Now has video of the acceptance speech.  Feel free to skip to the 1:46 mark so you do not have to suffer through Bruce Pearl’s acceptance speech for inexplicably being named coach of the year by the organization.  Along with the Rupp Award, Hansbrough received another fringe benefit:

Hansbrough also was named an honorary Kentucky colonel, joining the likes of Muhammed Ali, Steven Speilberg, and a certain iconic restauranteur. 

That’s right folks.  It is Colonel Tyler Hansbrough now or when he makes a clutch shot in the game it will be Colonel Tyler Freaking Hansbrough.

Meanwhile back at the N&O, J.P. Gilgio wades into the cesspool of Tyler Hansbrough hatred to see if he can figure out what is wrong with these people.

There is a fluidity missing, but it is overshadowed by his trademark intensity. In one particularly awkward sequence in the second half of UNC’s third-round win over Washington State, Hansbrough, as he is prone to do, stumbled through the lane and drew contact from the Cougars’ defense. He threw up a side-winding, only-Dan Quisenberry-could-love shot that kissed the rim and dropped through for two of his 16 second-half points.

That’s the player of the year?” asked one thoroughly unimpressed member of Tennessee’s staff who was scouting the UNC-Washington State game from press row.

While Tar Heels fans will remember Hansbrough’s follow-up dunk in the second half of the Louisville game, the quintessential Hansbrough moment came earlier in the second half when he hit a 10-footer from the baseline that he shot-putted from his waist — around the reach of Louisville’s 6-foot-11 forward David Padgett.

“I’m happy people are saying I’m not athletic,” Hansbrough said. “Ask someone who has guarded me if they think I’m athletic.”

To wit, Padgett said: “Everything that everybody says about him his true,” the Louisville senior said. “He works hard on every possession and he’s determined to be a great college basketball player.”

All I can say to that UT assistant is you better be glad Louisville took your sorry, non-disciplined, poorly coached, overrated basketball team out before UNC got a hold of them because I think we all know how it would have gone had you guys been on the other bench Saturday night.

I will say this about Hansbrough.  Yeah, it is ugly about half the time.  I have no idea how he shoots the ball from the hip and makes it.  I cannot figure out how he scores some of the points he scores.  And free throw shooting might not be sexy but hitting 15 foot shots standing still is not easy work, it is were Shaquille O’Neal would be near the top of the scoring list in the NBA.  This is a clear case of simply getting it done and Tyler Hansbrough gets it done.  I don’t care how it looks and I do not give a flying flip what other people think of it.  UNC is 36-2 in large measure because this kid has gone out there and given the Heels one of the greatest season long performances in school history.  And while different eras dictate how players get compared there is not getting around the team record and his role in that.  You also have the fact his play sets the stage for his teammates to have big games as well.  Hansbrough and his sheer determination is one of the reasons I think UNC will win the title because I am having a difficult time imagining him allowing them to lose the game.

It may not work out that way but right here and now we are witnessing something special and I am not talking about how he listens.


19 Responses to Tyler Hansbrough News[UPDATED]

  1. MinnyTarHeelFan says:

    If anyone has ever played the game, you know there are types of players like Tyler. You know, the guy you guard in open gym or when you played in high school that no matter what you did, he scored on you. It wasn’t because he looked great or fluid or was just super-dominant, all he did was put the ball in the freakin’ basket and it drove you nuts. You would body right up on him, challenge the shot just like Coach taught you, maybe you even fouled him, but no matter what you did he scored.

    Then there were the types that looked great, had sweet moves, but you could handle them because if you got a hand up in their face or played a little physical with them, they fell apart.

    The object is to put the darn ball in the hole, not look great trying to do it.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Or as they say on the golf course: “It is not how you drive, but how your arrive.”

  3. Josh Bowling says:

    Some of his post interior moves are beautiful though. I admit that some of his shotput shots are awkward looking, sometimes he has to do it that way because of the body contact he gets when he shoots it. You can’t deny though that when he gets really close to the basket, his post moves & pivots are beautiful. I do not buy into the (well, he doesn’t shoot outside jumpers) thing. WE HAVE guys that can do that. NO ONE can dominate the paint like Hansbrough, and that is why he is not trying to be a damn point guard and shoot outside jumpers. UCLA needs Kevin Love to do those things for them. UNC doesn’t. End of story!

  4. Josh Bowling says:

    Why didn’t this same argument apply to Eudonis Haslem, Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer, Elton Brand, Ben Wallace, Antawn Jamison? They sure as heck weren’t putting up outside shots in college, or even the NBA. They are all 6’10 & under players. Tyler will definately surprise some folks.

  5. C. Michael says:

    Tyler, IMO, is a better athlete than Boozer, too.

  6. jackiemanuel says:

    I think his game is beautiful.

  7. Black Mountain Sophomore says:

    Style points are for diving and gymnastics.

  8. Johnny says:

    A buddy just related a funny website commentary on Hansbrough. Apparently folks were debating the potential winner of the Final Four and one Hansbrough fan simply wrote in, “Psycho T is coming.” When preseed for more analysis on the upcoming games, the poster again replied, “Psycho T is coming.” And the poster has apparently been randomply adding that same phrase to the thread over and over. 🙂

    Really, what more is there to say at this point?

    Psycho T IS coming.

    I can’t wait for Saturday.

  9. Flitz says:

    he deserved it.. i would gladly take a ping pong ball off the chest from the psychoest of t’s for a carolina champiobnship

  10. DG4Heels says:

    Another golf saying that fits: “There are no diagrams on the scorecard.”

    Psycho T is coming.

    Love it. Hate this agonizing wait. Do they have anything like “Hoops-On” which I can apply directly to my TV?

  11. 52BigGameJames says:

    Psycho T is coming…

    hasta la vista Baby!

  12. uncgirl50 says:

    As one of my subsitute teachers once said “You want to have a strong opponet because if you see your opponet right behind you in a race you will run faster. If he is right far behind you will not work as hard” I replied with “Unless you are Tyler Hansbrough. Because even if his opponet is far behind he will work harder to keep him back there.”

    Psycho T is the NPOY and the recipient of many awards but he will always work harder to get even farther.


  13. Russell says:

    Hilarious. I love the Hoops-On analo-parody. You’re a wit, no doubt. Thx for the haha’s. Please keep posting. This site needs you!

    On other matters. I do not like the “Pyscho T” moniker. It’s high-school. Sorry it carried over to college and that’s a reflection on the level of creativity of the current sports-writing/fan generation. (“PT Cruiser” is sure to surface shortly.) Tyler is, obviously, obsessive-compulsive in his work ethic. Like other headline-sucking figures such as Dohmer or Trump. Only his O/C is channeled in a universally socially acceptable way – sports. I would compare him most favorably to Howard Hughes in that respect.

  14. 52BigGameJames says:

    Tyler OC? hmm, wait, I know…”Potty-T”

    just play along will ya! 😉

  15. Russell says:

    ^Sorry. It’s the Psycho T in me that makes me play that way.

  16. Russell says:

    Seth Davis: “…it is North Carolina’s defensive deficiencies that nudge me towards the Jayhawks.” Suckeeerrrrr! (He apparently missed tivoing the Wazzu game.)

  17. 52BigGameJames says:

    so-thinkin a little theme music here-I need something with a little edge to reflect the toughness of this Tarheel team. Seeing as how San Antone is the site, a little ZZ Top is in order…stayin with a theme: “Just Got Paid”!


  18. Bailey says:

    Hey I am a big fan of Tyler. I love how ahrd you play. GO NORTH CAROLINA!!! WIN IT ALL FOR ME!!!

  19. Bailey says:

    Hey the key to winning the game is working hard and doing your best. You gotta want it to win it.

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