More Hardware For Hansbrough

Add the National Association of Basketball Coaches POY as well as the Naismith Award to Tyler Hansbrough’s collection.  Obviously he would like a Final Four MOP and national title to go with it but that was not meant to be.  At this point Hansbrough has swept every major award except for the Wooden Award which will be handed out next weekend in Los Angeles.  At this point it is fully expected he will take that one as well.

Update: Also, according to ACC Now, Hansbrough will have the awards placed in the basketball musuem since his house is a “college atmosphere.”  Yeah, cannot run the risk that Bobby might get ticked off he lost a Madden game on XBox, throw a pillow and knock one of the trophies down.

And while we are here.  Hansbrough stayed behind in San Antonio due to the awards obligations.  Anyone want to post odds on whether or not he still found somewhere to workout and practice his jumper?


4 Responses to More Hardware For Hansbrough

  1. C. Michael says:

    He can get the MOP and NT next year! 😉

  2. Matt says:

    Hard to tell a guy not to go for the money, but man I hope he sticks around for his senior season. The ovation on senior night against Duke would be absolutely thunderous.

  3. Redhawk says:

    Hansbrough is a fine player. Clearly an All-American and an example of all that is good in college sports. If he sticks around, he could very well win awards that he deserves next year. This year, however, Michael Beasley was a far better “basketball player.” Again, not taking anything away from Hansbrough. I saw both play kids play against Kansas. I am fearful that for one of the few times, the college hoops awards are becoming like the Heisman Trophy – going to a good player on a great team and not being awarded to the best player.

  4. keithunc says:

    Hansbrough was the best College player this year, Period. The only way you could stop him was put THREE defenders on him and even then he had a chance to score. He held is own against taller guys in the middle. A Rebounding machine. Please. Stop all the talk about Beasley.

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