UPDATE: Apprently this was a bit overstated in earlier reports.  Apparently the owners are prepared to go after it but the Player’s Associate will need to be convinced.  Also the current age limit still holds unto 2010-11 so this may have been much ado about nothing.

The NBA and NCAA have apparently hammered out a new 20 year-old age limit in an effort to keep players in college for two years curbing the rash of “one and done” players.  Given my love for the college game I think this is a great move and I also think two years is the right number.

And for everyone who wants to say how nice it would have been to have this rule in effect last year so UNC could have kept Brandan Wright may I remind you it would also mean Texas would still have Kevin Durant and Ohio State would have Greg Oden, Mike Conley and Daequan Cook.  UNC actually made out the best of all the teams that saw NBA defections and if they can minimize those defections this season it will be the case again.


19 Responses to NBA CONSIDERS Raising The Age Limit[UPDATED]

  1. Will says:

    Wow. That is huge.

  2. C. Michael says:

    So what happens to Jerryd Bayless, who has already hired an agent? This rule is fine, but they need to put it into place after next season. Doing it now is way too late, IMO.

    Also, if it does go into effect now, kiss Tyler, Ty, and Wayne goodbye. Next years draft will be loaded (Beasely, Rose, Mayo, Love, Hickson, etc.) so they would be best served leaving now.

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I doubt it will go into effect now. I am betting it starts with the high school class of 2008.

  4. C. Michael says:

    That would make the most sense.

  5. C. Michael says:

    I think this rule will be a huge hit to mid-majors and NBA-factory schools (USC, KSU, etc.) If kids know they have to go for 2 years, they are going to want to win as much as possible to boost there marketing value.

  6. […] Jump to Comments NCAA president Myles Brand and NBA commissioner David Stern have apparently reached a deal that will require most players to stay in school through the end of their sophomore years. If the […]

  7. Josh Bowling says:

    At least the NBA will have more ready-to-play kids coming in. Great move for NBA and college. Both benefit, if only a little. This should go in effect for this years high school senior class. If our big 3 go, we have no wing to replace Wayne Ellington. Danny gets the start and Graves gets more pt, I suppose. Larry Drew seems to be a good poing guard. Ed Davis should pan out to be a good forward. A team with Hansbrough, Ellington, and Lawson gone probably means we would finish 2nd/3rd in the ACC next year. If they come back, we should finish the regular season # 1 in ACC, and win a title.

  8. Josh Bowling says:

    How much would Tyler Zeller help out in that Kansas game? 7’0 225lbs should have been able to help.

  9. Josh Bowling says:

    Although Zeller looks slimmer than his listed 225.

  10. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Ed Davis may have been more helpful than Zeller. I think he is largely a better athlete and rebounder than Zeller. Then again who knows by the time you reach the Final Four.

  11. Jenn says:

    Jerryd Bayless has not already hired an agent.

  12. Big Apple Heel says:

    So if this goes into effect with the incoming freshmen this fall, wouldn’t that make next year’s draft relatively shallow? And possibly more attractive for those that are mid-late first round possibilities in this year’s draft, i.e, Ty, Tyler and Wayne?

  13. C. Michael says:

    Big Apple, you hit the nail on the head.

  14. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Not so much…apparently the present age limit is in effect until 2010-11 which means the new age limit cannot take effect until the fall of 2011. There is also the matter of the player’s association approving it but my understanding is the PA would not mind a higher limit since it benefits older players in the league.

  15. Big Apple Heel says:

    Interesting. In any case, there’s no one among the big 3 that’s a Top 5 pick, and based on my limited NBA knowledge, I’m guessing top 10 is very questionable. Ty and Wayne could definitely use another year, I don’t see how that hurts them outside of the classic career-ending injury argument – and that’s not an argument without merit.

    The big question mark for me is Tyler. On the one hand, I totally believe he could improve his game with a 4th year, especially his outside shot. But he’s had an unbelieveable year, including a sweep of the POY awards. I’m really not sure what the right call is in his case, strictly from a business standpoint.

  16. Josh Bowling says:

    From a business standpoint I think Tyler should go pro, although I am the biggest stay in school supporter. I thought Wright should have stayed last year. Given his first year in the NBA, he would have found more success in college, and had a better time as well. I am not sure what Tyler has left to do. He has done everything. I say look at the draft board and see how high you are. If you are lottery, then go ahead and go. I say this because I am convinced he will get contract after contract after contract– A long NBA career. My thoughts on someone like Brandan Wright leaving is the fact that if he doesn’t produce in his first couple of seasons, he could wind up in the development league, and may never get another contract. A few more years for him would have meant a higher pick to a lesser team, which usually equals more playing time in the first year, and a better chance to display/prove yourself of value.

  17. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Tyler has not won a national title and has stated that he cherishes team success above individual honors. So he might return but I could see what Lawson and Ellington do affecting his decision. Roy said it could be “three or four weeks” before a final decision is made. More like three since the deadline is in 20 days.

  18. Wilson says:

    BTW, this is non-story. All the speculation about the “big” announcement by Brand and Stern served to foster the age limit rumors, leading to this.

    The announcement was actually about improving youth basketball. Yippee. Brand has such a knack for great things.

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