I Like Ed Davis Already

From WRAL:

“I want him to stay. I’ve got to get better and I can do that if I battle with him. [Hansbrough returning] is going to help me and the team so I want him to stay,” Davis said.

“I want to play, but if I get playing time when it’s my turn then I’ll be a happy man.”

Great attitude, especially when it comes to when he will get playing time.

Also, Tyler Zeller is taking a similar approach as he waits to see what the Big Three will do.

This is what Roy means when talks about taking “character” kids.


42 Responses to I Like Ed Davis Already

  1. Josh Bowling says:

    Man, you gotta love that!!!

  2. Josh Bowling says:

    These kids look confident in Roy. I feel as if they have concluded that Roy will give them all the support they need here at UNC.

  3. cltheel says:

    I remember Tyler saying something very close to that about Sean May. He had hoped to play against him to better his skills.

  4. Josh Bowling says:

    Turns out he didn’t need to. Hope the same bodes for Tyler Zeller.

  5. Will says:

    Pretty amazing how unselfish those kids are. Not typical for 17-18 year olds.

  6. C. Michael says:

    From his ESPN chat at the Jordan Brand All-Star game:

    David (La Grange, NC): Ed,congrats on becoming a Tar Heel! What do you feel will be the greatest challenge you will face in Coach Williams’ system?

    Ed Davis: The greatest challenge would probably be competing in practice for playing time!

    Tee (Morganton, NC): Ed Davis, what do think it will take to bring back a championship to Chapel Hill if all of our guys decide to stay? Are you up for the “team” (Tar Heel way) that Carolina is know for?

    Ed Davis: Just everyone playing as team, if everyone does that, it won’t be hard.

    Tee (Morganton, NC): We saw that you were a beast in the All-American game. What is the most important thing that you feel you can offer our Tarheels next year?(feel free to elaborate)

    Ed Davis: Rebounding, running the floor, and offensive scoring.

    Jose, Brooklyn: Ed, what are your thoughts about playing with Tyler Hansborough? Do you see him as a player who makes his teammates better?

    Ed Davis: I know that he’ll make me better in practice just by going full-force every day in practice. Everyone in the country knows how good he is.

  7. Josh Bowling says:

    Man, it seems as if Davis is up to the challenge. I am not so sure that these guys won’t see much playing time. If they battle hard in practice, I imagine they might play as much, if not more, than Stepheson/Thompson. In our system, 10 minutes is a lot of play. 10 minutes of Roy Williams’ basketball will wear you out!

  8. I love it!
    You keep seeing so many kids interested in getting one or two years of college, then jump to the pros for the paychecks. I like Ed Davis’ comments and being genuine about playing time. He knows Hansbrough will make him better, and maybe Ed can improve some areas of Tyler’s game as well.

  9. Josh Bowling says:

    I am still having concerns that we may have some transfers because players are on the fence in knowing wether Roy Williams is on their side or not. I hope that this doesn’t hurt incoming recruits & committs. The Czar of Inside ACC blog has reported that this has hurt the team in many ways unseen by the media. Committs are having second thoughts because they are not sure wether Roy is going to be on their side (gettin’ my back in street lingo) when it matters most (final 4 situations) such as Kansas vs UNC. I am afraid that this may have implications later on down the road. We as UNC fans need to keep the hopes high that Roy has the best interest of UNC at heart. We still need to defend Roy. Remember the options that we had prior to his coming, and that should seal the deal that he is the Man for the job here at UNC. But remember, that Czar of Inside ACC blog was on the money when it said pre-season that NC State would finish next to last in the ACC, while WE here all thought they might finish in the top 4.

  10. C. Michael says:


    What Inside ACC blog? I’ve never heard of it, and when I Google it, nothing comes up? Where is the link? Most media reports (and player quotes) I’ve read indicate the players and recruits had no problem with it. Tyler Zeller even went so far as to say he thought it was cool. Seriously, these one-beat posts are getting tired and are beginning to border on SPAM…

    (FTR, if the real Josh Bowling is in some way being spoofed (I’ve seen that before) than I apologize.)

  11. 52BigGameJames says:

    link? having not read it, the only possible validity that comes to mind would be Roy’s post-game press conference, where he marginally accepted responsibility for the results. is that what’s being referenced here?

  12. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    What is better: that Hansbrough waits a year, maybe moves up in the draft and ends up with a terrible team (maybe the Knicks or Seattle… no Oklahoma Supersonics) or goes this year, is a later first round pick and ends up with a playoff team that could probably use a hard-working post player off the bench?

  13. 52BigGameJames says:

    CM: I believe this is who Josh is referring to but I couldn’t find any associated link…


  14. C. Michael says:

    Possible, but I’ve never read Czarnecki write on anything other than the NFL. I suppose he could have a personal blog.

  15. DeanForever says:

    Once again, we are ushering Tyler out the door and slamming Roy for wearing a Kansas sticker. I took my first hiatus due to my silly superstitions. I may take my second hiatus due to the bloggers who would rather roll the dice and get another 2006, as opposed to another 2005. 2006 was a lot of fun and I know that we all enjoyed that push in the second half of the ACC season, but I’d still take 2005 for the one obvious reason. Draft this, stock that…Hansbrough has unfinished business. Also, who’s to say he wouldn’t get drafted next year by a good team, and then get swaped to a bad team for someone else?

  16. 52BigGameJames says:

    then maybe your suspicions of a spoofer are correct–if so, he’s a good one, lol. Smells of Dook, but Jayhawk poop is beginning to have the same stench.

  17. 52BigGameJames says:

    just curious THF–can you view IP addresses?

  18. Tar Heel Fan says:

    And Josh, if you are going to drop that kind of information as a comment I have to insist upon some kind of link. I can almost guarantee if Roy wearing the sticker had done that much damage it would be out in the media.

  19. TxTarheel says:

    I still think that is possibly one of the dumbest ideas to follow from this whole sticker nonsense. Players transfer due to lack of playing time or the current system does not/never will fit them.

    I thought the whole issue about “the Sticker” was finished…and perhaps for most adults I will assume that is the case.

  20. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I am very close to declaring it a banned issue for discussion.

  21. C. Michael says:


  22. Asheville Heel says:

    3rd’d, 4th’d & 5th’d!

  23. Josh Bowling says:

    If you read my post, I say that we need to defend Roy Williams against all of this talk going around. I had said that he is head above the rest in terms of other options UNC had on the desk. But it is hard to ignore the buzz that is going around about this. You can’t go on Franklin Street without hearing all the angst against Roy. I was merely posting the verbal stuff I hear when defending Roy Williams. It is very bothersome to me that any UNC fan could possibly think that we’d be better off without Roy. However, that is the prevalent and most popular position to hold when it comes to Roy. I am just in the minority when it comes to defending Roy Williams. Amazing that someone who has done what he has done has to be defended to anyone on a UNC campus. I go to Panera Bread on Franklin Street, get in a conversation about our team next season, talk about how optimistic I am about what we can do next year. Next thing you know, 10 people butt in on it and say they are disgusted with UNC and Roy Williams. Tell your boy Ol’ Roy that he needs to go back to Kansas and coach those hicks over there if he loves them so much. Or I hear, how can you possibly be so happy about next year if Roy is coaching your team? I am in the “heart of battle’ over here at Chapel Hill and I tell ya, people Ain’t happy! People say that Danny and Stepheson are going to transfer because they are not sure wether they have Roy’s support or not. It is all over the place, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it continues, it could suck all of the energy right out of Roy. But people aren’t going to let it go. Just as soon as you say you are looking forward to next year, multiple people will show up like free gold bars are being passed out to rag on Roy and how they may jump ship if he remains head coach. Go down Franklin Street and try it for yourself!

  24. Josh Bowling says:

    I tell ya Tarheel Fan, you can ban it on this site, which might be a good thing, but you can’t ban it when you go out and talk to people because that is all they want to discuss in terms of UNC basketball. This is the only site I know where you can discuss this topic and actually have people who agree with you on it. This site is a collective group of people who love UNC basketball and understand what Roy has meant to it. Outside of this site, it is like I have popped my bubble and real world views of UNC aingst have come to realization.

  25. C. Michael says:

    I live in NY, so that may be difficult! 😉

    One thing though… if they are saying, “Tell YOUR boy Ol’ Roy that he needs to go back to Kansas and coach those hicks over there if he loves them so much,” or, “how can you possibly be so happy about next year if Roy is coaching YOUR team?” Then aren’t they essentially admitting that they are NOT UNC fans? Pay them no mind. Idiots like to hear themselves talk, but quantity of word does not equate to a quality of knowledge.

  26. Josh Bowling says:

    Back to Ed Davis, he seems to go after the ball as intensely as Hansbrough does. He doesn’t carry his body that well, but he fights for loose balls and hits the boards hard. Looking forward to seeing what kind of jumper he has. If the big three return, I doubt we will ever see a jump shot from him next year. Also, is Zeller good in the high-post? I can see him hitting turn-around mid-range jump shots from about 15 feet. Some list him at 6’11 while others list him at 7’0. Some have him weighing 220 while others have him at 225. It would be nice for him to come in at 7’1 and 225 wouldn’t it?

  27. Josh Bowling says:

    Well C. Michael, they (at least on UNC campi) will tell you that they are a UNC fan first, was a Williams fan 2nd. They defend their premise by being a BigTime UNC fan.

  28. Josh Bowling says:

    Glad to see that UNC fans outside of the state have a better understanding of what is best for UNC than long-time Chapelhillians do. I agree with you!

  29. C. Michael says:

    Haha, yeah, I know the type. Mets’ fans can be just as bad. Unfortunately, there is no way to argue with someone who refuses to stick to the boundaries set forth by logic.

  30. Josh Bowling says:

    Well I tell you C. Michael. I don’t mind getting into a debate as long as the “premise” for their argument has merit. My premise for defending Roy is the fact that with him, we have won more over the last decade than without him. Other’s premise for debating against him to me has no merit. When things such as “he loves Kansas” too much or “He doesn’t support his players enough”. I do not agree with those premisis. Hell, I love my wife, does that mean I don’t love UNC enough? The one thing that gets to me most is when people say he did a better job of coaching Kansas on Monday night than he did UNC on Saturday because those Kansas players knew they had Roy’s support as opposed to the UNC players. I wonder if that upsets me so much because it might have more merit than the other arguments. I will try not to discuss UNC basketball anymore on UNC campi. I look like an E.T. when talking about it because everyone else is on the ant-Roy bandwagon. Once these things get started, they are hard to defeat because it becomes kind of like a cult, to where everyone feels acceptance as long as they all agree that Roy stinks. They are more anti Roy on that campus than they are anti-conservative.

  31. 52BigGameJames says:

    I find it hard to believe, but then again I’m not in CH. My reply would be simple and succinct: “yer an Idiot”…anything more is wasted breath. It’s the flip side of the somewhat legit argument that UNC fans can be Pollyannish. I prefer my steak medium.

  32. Josh Bowling says:

    Yeah BigGame, but if you call them an idiot they will simply say that if your argument had merit, you wouldn’t use such names. Glad to see you are supporting Roy as well!! Can’t wait for next season and what these young players will bring to the table. Wish I could see them play some to get a feel of what they were like. I hate to analyze them based on one McDonalds game. However, that is the big stage and if you have it in you to “bring it”, and you don’t show up, maybe that says something. I was most impressed with Zeller, Tyreke Evans, and Elliott Williams. Although Zeller looked like he was not interested in defense at all, he ran the floor like a guard. Davis simply crouches over too much when he handles the ball (like someone is going to take it away from him), but he goes after rebounds like he is possessed (kind of reminds me of Teen Wolf with Michael J. Fox, when he goes after the rebound so hard, that Mick says “If you want it that bad you can have it”).

  33. Tar Heel Fan says:

    This is the same message board crowd who panics 30 seconds into a game because Ellington misses two shots. This is the lunatic fringe of the fan base who do not operate with anything close to a logical grip on reality but rather take a “what have you done for me lately” mentality with the memory of a fly.

    This blog represents the middle view on all things UNC and one of the reasons I read the boards is the make sure I keep them far enough on one side of me to stay in the middle.

  34. Josh Bowling says:

    Hey THF, we don’t need to be in the middle. Being in the middle doesn’t provide enough “checks/balances” to those on the far end. If those rediculous fans are on the far end, don’t we need to be on the “other far end”, so that as a result, you have the middle? J/K. I appreciate what you do here. I wish we could (in some formal fashion) display this site on the UNC campus. Man, they would go crazy with our view of the Coach and UNC Basketball.

  35. Josh Bowling says:

    Has Tyreke Evans decided where he’s going to go. Would an Ellington leave be one reason he (Evans) is holding out.

  36. Tar Heel Fan says:

    My understanding is Evans does not fit Roy’s ideal profile for a recruit in terms of character and attitude issues.

  37. C. Michael says:

    Yeah, last time I checked, being the driver in a suspected drive-by is not high Roy’s list…

    The favorites are Memphis, Nova, and Texas. He supposedly chooses at 3.

  38. DeanForever says:

    Character issues? Suspected drive-by? Where is that gold ol’ UNLV program of Tark’s heyday? Oh yeah, Memphis has successfully copied that model. Have fun playing one season for the Tigers Mr. Evans.

  39. Josh Bowling says:

    Yeah, I do not want anyone around like that. Just curious what we would do at the wing if Ellington goes. I guess Green will start and Graves gets a lot more pt.

  40. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    If Ellington goes Green deserves to start. Bringing him off the bench to surprise people won’t work as well the next time around, as he has so thoroughly burned too many teams with big shots. My impression – and it is based on limited evidence as he didn’t get a lot of minutes- is that Graves needs some work on his D.

  41. Josh Bowling says:

    Graves may have to learn D on the fly.

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