More Analyst Opinions

Via ACC Now.  The basic gist their position can improve by returning to school and jumping into a thinner draft next season, with the exception of Tyler Hansbrough who has hit his draft ceiling.  It was also noted that Hansbrough and Ty Lawson announced their intentions at the end of season banquet last year.  This year’s banquet is on April 17th.

The deadline to declare is April 27th.


6 Responses to More Analyst Opinions

  1. 52BigGameJames says:

    thanks for that Will–especially the summer school part…and we all know what Momma wants…

    good thing too, cause I would hate to have to “throw Momma from the train”.

  2. Will says:

    I think Ty has really good parents, Dad is a military man and I believe his mom is a teacher. They will give him good advice I’m sure.

  3. Josh Bowling says:

    Will, when you say “Ty”, are you referring to Lawson or Hansbrough?


  4. Tar Heel Fan says:


    Hansbrough’s dad is an orthopedic surgeon and his mom was Miss Missouri. They were divorced in 1995.

  5. DeanForever says:

    So, from what I have gathered reading the link up above (many thanks Will!), Ty Lawson is going to enroll soon to take summer courses. On the one hand, I am thrilled in that this augments my hopes that our starting point guard will be returning. On the other hand, I had heard similar annotations about O.J. Mayo. I would like to go with the former option, in that Mayo’s game (right now) is NBA-ready (or at least pretty much so). Lawson’s place in the draft will not be all that high (in the first round), so maybe that will allow the axe to drop (in our favor). However, it is Ty’s life and if he thinks he has a good shot now then I will respect his decision. I honestly think that his draft slot will be somewhere in the top 10 if he can wait one more year.

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