Which Rumor Do You Want To Believe?

For the record here is what we have on the rumor mill:

  • Hansbrough and Lawson returning, Ellington on the fence.
  • Hansbrough returning, Lawson going, Ellington on the fence.
  • Lawson and Ellington meeting with agents and therefore going pro and Hansbrough returning.
  • All three leaving
  • All three returning
  • Bobby Frasor not returning to pursue a career in television*

One thing I find intresting is, except for the rumor that all three are leaving, no one is discussing Hansbrough as leaving the way Lawson and Ellington are discussed.  I really do not know what to make of that other than people simply believe he is coming back. Period.

*No Frasor is not leaving to do television but if you have 36 minutes check out the end of season video shown at the awards banquet on Thursday. Frasor has a prominent role and watching Roy jump around in the locker room with the players after wins is fairly amusing.


35 Responses to Which Rumor Do You Want To Believe?

  1. C. Michael says:

    Don’t forget, Tyler did say, “I’m not leaving without a championship.” Now, while it maybe easy to dismiss this as the exuberance and bravado of your average college athlete, I think, to this point, Tyler has proven that he is anything but your average college athlete.

  2. 52BigGameJames says:

    if you’ve ever worked in an office, you learn not to put any stock in rumors…well, some do anyway 🙂

    I believe (based on my own observation) that all 3 come back.

  3. Will says:

    The good news is that the deadline is this Sunday (April 27). It seems to me that any press conference announcing a decision to go to the NBA, or a press release announcing everyone is staying, would happen sometime this work week.

  4. DeanForever says:

    Outback Steakhouse? Oh man.

  5. […] ‘Selfish reasons aside’ it is never a poor decision to take guaranteed millions over more un-guaranteed millions. I think that is very hard for fans of the college game to understand that. Yes they could improve their status, but there is plenty of risk in that. Tar Heel Fan has all of the rumors. […]

  6. Kat says:

    Okay sorry in advance, because this is totally off topic, but does anyone know when the Boshamer Stadium construction is slated to be finished and the heels will be playing back at home as oppossed to Cary?

  7. C. Michael says:

    Add another one to the list: Kostas Koufos.

    While I wasn’t overly impressed, you can’t teach 7-feet, so he’s a first rounder.

  8. Tar Heel Fan says:


    Also, he is in that European big man mold of playing inside-out shooting threes and such.

  9. Santiago says:


    I believe that if construction stays on schedule they’ll be back in Boshamer all of next season. All 2008 home games–including post season play–will be in Cary.

    I usually try to take the kids to at least a couple games each season, but playing in Cary made me think it would be a little more difficult and a bit of a hike. But when I finally got around to it last night and looked up the location of the “USA Baseball” training facility, I was surprised to discover it’s just a couple of country roads from my Chatham residence. More Green Level than Cary.

    Also, if you have the ability via radio or computer, I highly recommend listening to Jones Angel and Adam Lucas call the games. They know their stuff and are pretty funny to boot.

  10. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Lucas and Angel are funny. Against Clemson Lucas says:

    “With the pace of this game you know how season ticket holders for Washington State basketball feel”

  11. Kat says:

    great, thanks for the info.

  12. bamagrad says:

    I’m hopeful for all three to return, but trying to set myself up for the worst case scenario (all three leave). If I have to pick one of the three to stay, I pick Tyler but mainly because I want him to win a championship for North Carolina more than any other player since Phil Ford. And Phil never won one as a player. That still saddens me.

  13. keithunc says:

    I have to admit…I’m 36 and I turned on the End of season Video, and with the first few piano notes and I got to about the knees of QQQQ and I got so choked up ( Started Crying) that I had to turn it off. I WAS (Am still am) NOT READY FOR THE SEASON TO BE OVER! I still get a knot thinking about the Jaypoops first half.

  14. Will says:

    KeithUNC: It sounds like you are related to Roy! 🙂

  15. wcb22 says:

    It’s hard to work knowing that an announcement could come at any time.

  16. C. Michael says:

    How cruel would it be if they all decided they were going to stay, and also decided not to say anything… just let the deadline come and go, while UNC fans all lose there minds!! Makes me laugh just thinking about it… good thing I wasn’t a high level D1 b-ball player!! 😉

  17. wcb22 says:

    That would be torture

  18. 52BigGameJames says:

    somebody ought to suggest that to Ty CM–he’s a bit of the jester they say, and that would be rich indeed, lol.

  19. Santiago says:

    You sound like you could use the Serenity Prayer. (And no, I’m not trying to be a jerk, or an evangelical.)

  20. Will says:

    I agree, but I don’t think it would help!

  21. wcb22 says:

    Instead a prayer, I think I’ll watch the 2005 highlights video. That always makes me feel good.

  22. Dominic says:

    Thank you so much THF for the link to that video. Just finished watching the whole thing, great show.

  23. Santiago says:

    I was thinking of the Reinhold Niebuhr version. But if Frank Costanza’s abridged version works for you, I say go for it.

  24. Brooks from Baltimore says:

    So I guess we will know something from the 3 by Sunday, April 27th? Is that the right date? I’m going insaine!!! Somebody post something soon. Ahhhh!

  25. Santiago says:

    Serenity Now!

    Man, I’m so glad I’ve got my 10th anniversary to distract me–a little–from this, at least until Friday. And you’ll notice that the date isn’t during March Madness. 😉

  26. Josh Bowling says:

    Mine either. We got it made Santiago!

  27. Wadsworth says:


    I alone may be increasing your site hits by a significant number. I have decided that if there is going to be bad news, I want to hear it first from THF.

    And to those who think it would be bad if they do not announce anything this week, I say poop on you! I would love it if they did not announce anything this week. I would gladly trade this last week of agony for an entire summer of hope. After all, in this media age, there is much more reported over these next 6 months about who will be number 1 when the season starts rather than who was number 1 when it ended.

  28. Dfrom Floirida says:

    another day and no news…. I’m beginning to get depressed…GO HEELS!!

  29. TxTarheel says:

    The longer it drags out, I think the more likely at least 2 are staying. Doesn’t take 2 weeks to figure out what the options are going to be, Given the resources Roy can tap into, would seem pretty obvious after discussions with front-office types that “tres amigos” are perhaps going to stay.

    I would add more but the NYU intern is coming over….we are stress-testing our “oil-bladder” theory from atop the PlayNow building.

  30. brandon says:

    actually on wral.com today they reached hansborough’s father and said he just can’t make up his mind

  31. VegasHeelFan07 says:

    I agree w/TxTarheel and say that no news is probably good news…


  32. C. Michael says:


    Ty Lawson- Sources with knowledge of the situation claim that Lawson will return to North Carolina next season, as he is not satisfied with where he’s being projected to be drafted—in the late first to early second round. He’s been moved to our 2009 mock draft.

    Tyler Hansbrough- Sources close to the situation tell us that Hansbrough will likely enter his name in the draft without an agent and try to help his stock with a strong showing at the Orlando pre-draft camp. He’s currently projected to be drafted in the 20’s, although it’s not quite clear how much another year of college basketball will help him in the short or long-term.

    Danny Green- Is reportedly strongly considering testing the waters without an agent.

    No mention of Wanye. Presumed to be returning.


  33. 52BigGameJames says:

    “although it’s not quite clear how much another year of college basketball will help him in the short or long-term.”

    htf do these people get passed off as expert resources? better court vision and passing…better interior/post defense???? admittedly marginal, but if he comes back and REALLY wants a title, he’ll need to be able to light a fire under some others (leadership).

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