FoxSports Reports Lawson To Declare Without An Agent

Jeff Goodman at is reporting that Ty Lawson intends to enter the draft but not hire an agent in an effort to “test the waters”

If true, I think this is odd since Lawson is probably not at full speed coming off the ankle injury.  Then again, it could be simply a move to go through the process and get a sense of what he needs to do.

UPDATE: Also, what can we infer abour the other two by Lawson’s news coming out in this manner.  Do they plan to do differently?  It would seem if more than one intended to enter the draft or they all intended to go, a press conference would have been in order to make that known.  Could we be looking at a press release indicating Hansbrough and Ellington are staying with a press conference for Lawson to announce he is leaving?

UPDATE #2: Another point.  ICAdmin on the IC message board is saying that UNC will not do a PC unless they think the player is leaving for good.  “Testing the waters” news will likely be done via a press release.


47 Responses to FoxSports Reports Lawson To Declare Without An Agent

  1. keithunc says:


  2. unc/uncwfan says:

    Here we go…It’s going to be a long day…”reporting”, I wonder who his sources are?

  3. wcb22 says:

    If a player intends on testing the waters and not hire an agent, I wonder if UNC might just do a press release instead of a press conference (i.e., he is not really leaving). This is highly confusing.

    Also, if Ty is going to go through workouts, maybe his ankle is 100% healthy even though Roy said it would be a while. This is seemingly contradictory in my mind.

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    First of all, FoxSports would follow standard journalistic practice meaning the info is likely true.

    Secondly, part of me thinks he simply wants to go through the process and intends to return. Perhaps he is back to full speed and strength now that he has been able to fully rest the ankle in the past three weeks and he has some time before the Orlando camp.

  5. brandon says:

    not a suprise, but i haven’t heard anything yet on wral, or the n&o, but thats a good sound for tyler and wayne, b/c thats originally what everyone thought would happen, lawson is out of his mind

  6. Tar Heel Fan says:

    It’s not insane if and I stress if, he is simply wanting to go through the process and get some feedback or go through the process and see if something breaks his way to raise his stock. There is really no risk to him(other than injury) as long as he does not sign with an agent.

  7. brandon says:

    yeah well when ya hear word on tyler and wayne let us know man, because i still have not see that report on any of the other news lines yet

  8. wcb22 says:

    I wonder if Ty can have a good showing and get himself a high draft pick?

  9. brandon says:

    probably ty lawson no matter what happened his last game is an amazing athlete

  10. Tar Heel Fan says:

    That is the thing. As fans we are going to pessimistically assume that anyone who goes to test will not come back but going through the process is nothing but a positive experience for the player. Either his stock goes up or he gets an idea of what he needs to work on and he also gets experience. Outside the possibility of being injured, a player can only benefit from going through the draft camps.

  11. brandon says:

    its been posted on wral,but whats weird no one knows where there getting there sources

  12. w says:

    if lawson truly wants to help himself, he needs to come back for another season….this year will be hard for him if he goes pro with all the other quality point guards…the game against kansas needs to be erased, somehow…

  13. DeanForever says:

    To paraphrase an old David Spade sketch on SNL:

    “If any of you thinks he has a great shot at securing a *solid NBA contract in 2008, please step forward…not so fast there, Ty Lawson.”

    *this warrants lengthy criteria which (I believe) have already been defined in numerous posts already.

  14. DeanForever says:

    I don’t see how this would be a downer, shock, whatever…

    Lawson wants to play in the NBA, yes. Lawson (probably)thought that he should have been a top-20 pick. Roy Williams probably instructed Ty to give it a shot. That way, everybody is happy. I think that Ty essentially needs to walk on water in order to turn enough heads, but stranger things have happened.

    I’m starting to think that the other two will do the same thing. Why not?

  15. Josh Bowling says:

    I fear that if they do “test the waters” that they might be successful in impressing people, and they are gone forever from UNC. Really though, I have no problem with them assessing where they are at in terms of nba potential. Should they all go, we’d still probably finish around .500 in the ACC with a slight chance of an ncaa bid. It wouldn’t be as bad as a couple of those Doherty years. Let’s hope that a few stay & give us a chance at a good ncaa run to the sweet sixteen next year.

  16. Josh Bowling says:

    Go UNC!

  17. wcb22 says:

    I think Dean nailed it on the head. I would only add that I think (and I believe Ty thinks) he would have been a top 20 pick if not for the injury.

  18. Over at the IC message board they are fighting over whether to respect Ty or crucify him. How quick we are to eat our own. Ty made a big decision, which we all have to do in our lives, and he will be the one who lives with it. He should be free to test the waters if he wants, Probably he will find out what Roy has been telling him for 3 weeks and he will be back.

    No word on others right this second?

  19. DeanForever says:

    It’s funny how the college fan culture shifts. Back in the 90s (a decade which definately feels like a lifetime ago now) I used to get so upset when players would leave early. Granted, I was transitioning from a teenager into a young man in that decade, but still, I was aware of the UNC tradition of “assisting” players in making the right choices for the NBA. A lot of us were up in arms when ‘Sheed and Jerry left. I was incredibly perturbed when McGinnis left after ’96…well, until I saw Ed Cota play. We all knew that Carter and Jamison were gone after their junior years, but I was still upset. Even when Forte went early in ’01 I was bemused by his choice.
    Since the Doherty era, we have grown more comfortable with the prospects of (UNC) players leaving early. This is mainly attributed to the fact that we have a coach who is bringing in blue-chip athletes annually. I would dearly miss Hansbrough, Ellington, and Lawson, yes. But tomorrow might be even better. This is why we are fortunate to know that, should all of these kids go pro now, there are many wonderful memories on down the road. Without the Big Three, next season could be somewhere in the not quite ’06, but not necessarily ’96 territory.

    However, last time I checked, Lawson, Hansbrough, and Wayne were still on the team 🙂

  20. Chad says:

    “Should they all go, we’d still probably finish around .500 in the ACC with a slight chance of an ncaa bid.”

    Seriously? I mean, they are all fantastic players, but should they all go, we’d still have a proven upperclassman running the point (Frasor), two big men down low that have made fantastic progress this season (Alex and Deon), a lockdown defender in Ginyard and a 3 threat in Green, and three freshmen contributing off the bench. I’m fairly certain .500 in conference would be a disaster for a team of that caliber.

    They come back we’re competing for a NC, none of them come back and we’re still competing for a conference championship.

  21. 52BigGameJames says:

    However, last time I checked, Lawson, Hansbrough, and Wayne were still on the team 🙂


  22. Joe in Toronto says:

    No matter what happens, the Heels will be OK. If they all go, so be it…it’s been great to have had them in uniform and I respect their decisions. GO HEELS!!!!

  23. Josh, please have some faith. First, we have arguably the best coach in the college game. Second, we have seasoned talent coming back even if the 3 go. Third, the incoming freshmen are great fits and will supply our needs, even if not right out of the gates.

    And last, do you remember the 06-07 season and how well we did after everyone said we would be middle of the road ACC and hurting to win 20?

    And Dean is right…they are still on the team.

  24. I meant to say 2005-06 season. Sorry.

  25. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Some of the message board fans operate with a sense of entitlement concerning the team, players and coaches. This is why Stickergate was such a big deal because they claimed to be PERSONALLY OFFENDED by Roy wearing the sticker as though they own him and he is beholden to them every minute of every day.

    In this case some of them think they are entitled to have all three come back to try and win a national title. The fact of the matter is (1) It is always a personal decision for the player between him, Roy and his family. And whatever whining and righteous indignation fans toss around, we would all do the exact same thing if presented with the opportunity. The same people who want to run Lawson over for making a personal choice that might negatively impact the team would do likewise if they had a chance to tryout for a different job that was doing something they loved and paid millions of dollars.

    Yes, as a fan you hope that they all come back to be a part of a great UNC team. However, they are also looking at the rest of their lives with these decisions and far be it for me to complain about how another man handles his personal business. I also am not privy to the information UNC has gathered which may paint a better picture than we are seeing in the public arena. In the end you can hope they make the best decision for them and their family. From where I sit I think that is testing the process out then coming back and improving his game one more season so he can go lottery in 2009. We will see if that is how it ends up and in the end I hope he does what anyone of us would hope to do and make a decision that leads to great success.

  26. Tar Heel Fan says:

    And we are still top three in the ACC without the Big Three. The last I checked Duke still did not have much inside presence and Paulus was still the PG. Wake will be good but young, same with VT and GT. Green has a chance to be a 16-18 ppg as one of the top options in the offense. I expect Thompson and Stepheson to improve. Ginyard will be a better offensive player and who knows that the freshman bring.

    And remember, Roy carved 23 wins out of a team that lost more than this one would lose, he can do it again.

  27. C. Michael says:

    Personally, and as a fan, I hope they do whatever is best for their careers, whatever that may be. The more Heels who succeed, and succeed rapidly in the NBA, the easier it becomes for Roy to recruit (not that he needs any help).

  28. Wadsworth says:

    Who was the last UNC player to “test the waters” and then come back to school? I can’t recall a single one.

  29. Chad says:

    /\/\/\/\ None, the “testing the waters” option has only been available since the ’06 draft.

  30. Mjfc44 says:

    Do you guys find it strange nothing has been said about the other two? Think this could be a telling sign? I dunno

  31. C. Michael says:

    I like to believe Forte would have, given the opportunity. Pretty much every other Tar Heel who has left early has been a lotto pick… and you should never come back under those circumstances.

  32. Dan Schwind says:

    It should be noted that the people who are willing to crucify Ty are part of the reason he’s become so disillusioned with college. During the second injury bout, he complained (albeit via facebook) about the IC message board bashers, and indicated that he felt like UNC fans are ungrateful, all thanks to those “entitled” few that you mentioned, THF.

    I have to say, Ty’s announcement comes as no surprise, and if I had to guess, I’m thinking it’s kind of a compromise like DeanForever mentioned. I’m thinking Ty wanted to jump in headfirst then Roy came along and said, “honestly, that might not be a good idea, since you’re a bubble first-round pick,” so Ty simply opted to forego the agent in case his draft number fell further down than he liked. I’m thinking we’ll see Tyler go the same root, but see Wayne hold off.

    By the way, THF, your buddy Brandon Staton is bragging about the FoxSports report as vindication for him and proof that he was right when he “broke” the story a week ago.

  33. […] point guard Tywon Lawson will be testing the waters.  Reading the tea leaves, does this signal a pending domino effect […]

  34. Tar Heel Fan says:


    What exactly did he break? He has a completely unsubstantiated report that Lawson met with an agent for 30 mins in the Durham Outback. Lawson is declaring without an agent which makes the probability he met with one less likely.

  35. DeanForever says:

    But please…Ty, Wayne, and Tlyer…if any of you happen to glance at our posts, understand that we love you and we would like to witness your maximum chrushage of opponenents next season. We appreciate the work that you have done at UNC and we suggest that coming back next year would increase your chances of getting drafted much higher. You would have continual national coverage and a shot at going undefeated in the ACC. This may not equate to hopping clubs in Miami, or getting to ride Jay Z’s yacht, or buying your own island, but (you coming back for one more year) would increase the likelihood of those things happening one year later.
    Ty-you are good, but you can be great. I want you to be happy. I want you to be successful. But your profile right now (according to my collective resources-which do not include the UNC coaching staff) you are not going to be doing much in the big leagues other than watching games. If you want to do that for upwards of $450,000 a year, then I can appreciate that. Yet, you have a shot at actually playing, and doing so for seven figures a season.
    Wayne-you could be an All-Amerian, have your jersey in the rafters, and “test the waters” in the supermodel market (once you have locked a sweet, first-round lottery contract in 2009). Let’s see, struggling to stay awake on the bench or getting texts from your agent about a lucrative Nike contract (who knows?) because you just earned NBA ALL-ROOKIE honors…
    Tyler-you love the college game. The unanimous outlook for your draft selection is that it will be virtually unchanged from this year to next. You want a title. You would love to be both all-time ACC scoring leader and national champion.

    Roy-we all love you and we are blessed to have you coaching the North Carolina Tar Heels.

  36. Rob D says:

    Inside Carolina has just reported that Tyler is returning for his senior year and eminent assault of the UNC record books.

    They are also reporting that Ty and Wayne are both declaring but neither will sign with an agent.

    The betting money is on both returning for one more go.

  37. Dan Schwind says:


    Believe me, I know. He didn’t break anything, which is why I used quotation marks when pointing that out. It’s actually kind of funny seeing him take credit for this, because today’s announcement does not prove anything about what Brandon Staton said. I just thought you might get some laughs from said announcement.

  38. DeanForever says:

    Rob D,

    If this source is anywhere close to being accurate, I will have to slide you down a digital beer…one that does not exist, but if we were talking in person right now I would buy your next one, two, three, and four. Big talk for someone who is referring to a fictional scenerio, but you must know how much I enjoyed reading that.

  39. Asheville Heel says:

    It is still my belief that all three players are declaring. I had heard that at least one of the players was not going to sign with an agent. I would not be surprised if none of the three sign. I selfishly hope not because that means I might be able to see at least some of them at UNC again next year. One thing we need to keep in mind is that Wayne and Ty really want to play in the NBA as soon as possible and they are looking for reasons “to go” this year. I am not certain whether Tyler is just evaluating himself or if he is determined to turn pro. Of the three he is the one who will definitely be drafted in the 1st round. We’ll know for sure if he acquires an agent. If not, and the other two return, his desire for a NC might win out!

    Also, it is still too early to be counting on having Alex back next year. Even though he has said his father’s health is no longer a factor, the call home to California is still thought to be very strong. No matter what, the tallent we will have on-hand next year will be significant if a bit more inexperienced. The coaching staff is still expecting Will Graves to be a serious player if he continues to develop as hoped.

  40. Rob D says:


    The only info that I gleamed from Inside Carolina dealt with the intentions of the three players. The additional fodder is just my opinion which is worth next to nothing.

  41. wcb22 says:

    poor Asheville. Just a few minutes behind the times.

  42. Rob D says:

    My apologies for clogging the post, but I meant to respond to Dean, not Dan. This will be the last you hear from me. I promise.

  43. DeanForever says:

    Psycho T is back and J.J. Redick’s records are dust.

  44. Dan Schwind says:

    Rob D,

    I’m sorry about the timing of my last post. That was not directed at you, but rather at THF in regards to our talk about Brandon Staton’s “breaking” the story the week before. IC generally seems to be on the money with these things.

  45. Asheville Heel says:

    If I am wrong about Tyler I consider myself “blessed” and not “poor”!

  46. Dan Schwind says:

    ESPN, the Fayetteville Observer and TarHeelBlue are all reporting on Tyler staying now too.

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