As I speculated when his name was floated earlier this week, Green and his father have staked out into the draft process independent of UNC.

“Danny and his father contacted me in the last 24 hours and indicated they wished to test the waters and enter Danny in the draft,” says head coach Roy Williams. “We have done the necessary paperwork to do that.”

Now you are looking at real problems since he was the safety net to losing Wayne Ellington and Ty Lawson.

Okay, I think this might be a huge issue because I think it points to broken relationship between Green and his family and the UNC staff. Remember Roy said late in the week that Green was not looking at going and dismissed the DraftExpress report out of hand. Obviously he was not informed of Green’s intentions and you have to wonder if (1) he asked Green prior to making the statement and was told it was not true or (2) he never talked to Green and dismissed the report when he asked on an assumption.

Another question is whether this pisses Roy off that he denied the report and then was basically undercut by Green and his father forcing him to make a statement today about. Anyway it goes, I am not sure it bodes well for Green to return. The pressures Green probably feels from his family given his father’s situation are tough but at the same time it has been documented that Green’s father has been discontent with the playing time his son has gotten.



  1. brandon says:

    let em go, he doesn’t wanna be at north carolina don’t force him, but he’s unlikely even to be drafted

  2. wadsworth says:


    I’m not sure your position with respect to Green has been consistent. After your post regarding Green not probing, I suggested that he may be working outside of the process. You commented in response that “There has been enough bad information floating about anything is possible but at this point I would think Roy would know if Green were considering or not because he would want to at least give him all the same information as the Big Three are getting.”

    I love the site and I check it several times a day, but I just feel like this post stating that you speculated he was working with his father is not entirely accurate.

    In any event, I do not think all three will go although I continue to believe that we will not see Lawson again. I hope I am wrong.

  3. Brian says:

    Now the question is if they come back how will it affect team chemistry. This last second approach by Green and his father is weird.

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:


    I would say it has been as consistent as the information 😉

    That was not intended to sound like a statement of my present position but recalling the speculation I offered back when the Green rumor was floated. Obviously when the public information changed i.e. Roy saying it was not true I took that word over a rumor posted on a independent mock draft site. Turns out they had the right story all along but I have no reason to doubt Roy’s statement which is why I followed up with that update following my original post that I think this points to a serious breakdown between Green and the UNC coaching staff.

  5. Tar Heel Fan says:


    I think it is trouble as far as him returning, especially since he apparently kept Roy completely in the dark on the matter.

  6. brandon says:

    i agree completely

  7. Josh Bowling says:

    Danny has to know that the potential absence of Ellington & Lawson opens up a lot of playing time for him, which I thougth was his “beef” with UNC anyway. I hope you guys are still thinking that we are a number one team next year.

  8. wcb22 says:

    We have no idea what is going on, but we do know that Danny believes he is going to play in the NBA and that he is not happy coming off the bench. (As an aside, I think his dancing at the beginning of the games is in some way a reaction to not being allowed to start.)

    As for the issue at hand, Roy said Danny wasn’t going to take part in the NBA draft process. Therefore, Danny and his family did this on his own. But why? We know Roy would have helped his as he would help any of his players. The only conclusion is that Danny does not trust Roy to give him an honest opinion of his draft status. That is not a good sign.

  9. keithunc says:

    I loved Danny coming off our bench and thought he would be ready to start next year. This saddens me. I haven’t walked a mile in his shoes but I think I understand why he’s ready to go. Good Luck Danny. Hope to see you in a Carolina Uniform next year.

  10. wcb22 says:

    Again, there is no basis to jump to any conclusions here. We don’t know what Danny hopes to gain from this process. Perhaps he would be happy getting drafted in the 2nd round, but he may simply want feedback in order to prepare for the NBA next year. Hard to say.

  11. keithunc says:

    I looked it up and Danny was fourth total minutes for the year. SO not really thinking that is an issue.

  12. keithunc says:

    Actually he was third in total Minutes, Sorry

  13. keithunc says:

    Whats next Marcus??? Bobby??? please make it stop….

  14. MinnyTarHeelFan says:

    A couple of thoughts here…

    You do have to wonder if there is family pressure to go. It’s obvious they either don’t trust or like Roy and did this entirely on their own. I just hope he doesn’t cave to the pressure and hire an agent. I think, even if he stays another year, he’s at best a second-round pick. With that said, I think he could turn into a solid pro.

    Second, Danny could have changed his mind (or family put the screws to him) after yesterday’s announcements. If he feels like, all along, he was on the same level as Wayne or others, then he (or family) could be thinking “if they can go, so can I.”

    This will be a very interesting and stressful next six weeks.

  15. Howard says:

    I have consistently felt that there was something “wrong” with the coach’s style, the way he related to his players. Anger, not encouragement. Criticism, not praise. To me, this kind of approach can wear a person down, something that I believe was evident in the attitude of the players as they took the court for the Kansas game. It was obvious even before the first basket that the team didn’t have the enthusiasm, the drive. They were moping out of the locker room. And they moped onto the court. I asked myself then, what had the coach done to create this?
    Some time ago, someone responded to my voicing this with the quite understandable view that it’s difficult to coach and that each coach has to alter his or her style for the group at hand. The gist of that was that maybe Roy was doing what he was doing because of his particular group of guys. That could be. I’m not a coach. So I certainly and quickly defer to one who does know coaching.
    But now, we’re seeing three of the top players possibly defecting. And the Green affair is quite puzzling.
    I believe this points to Roy in a strong way (I agree that there are other reasons within each player’s thinking). Maybe someone in the system needs to check into that and maybe have a sitdown with the coach.
    Williams, in my view, is certainly not a Dean Smith. I will admit that I feel Williams can win more that Smith in the long term, mainly because of his driving attitude and his pushing the players. If you remember, Dean Smith didn’t seem to approve of any celebrating. Thus, he had subdued teams, but teams with great skill. He also had great loyalty and respect. I wonder if Williams can achieve those last two items. Doesn’t seem so, at least in terms of this particular team.

  16. wcb22 says:

    Howard – with all due respect, I think we have the best college coach in the country. Sorry.

  17. uncsuperfan says:

    Let him go. Gineyard can hit 3s if green goes ; ) In all seriousness I hope he has a spot on dancing with the stars because he will not be drafted.

  18. Chris says:

    Howard, all you have to do is look at what Roy did with the David Noel team after the 2005 championship and it tells you what kind of a coach Roy is. I don’t think it has anything to do with Roy……..I think these guys are just over-optimistic about the NBA, over optimistic about their abilities, and (prematurely) want somebody to show them the money.

  19. keithunc says:

    Well said Chris.

  20. chuckheel says:

    Why is everyone getting so upset here?
    Geeesh!! I feel you all are trying to make THF a suicide counselor.
    First off, there is nothing wrong with Lawson, Ellington and Green declaring, going to the NBA workouts and seeing what they need to do to improve their draft position this year, or what they need to work on next year to be in a better position for next year’s draft. All 3 will maintain there eligibility and at least Lawson and Ellington anyway, have stated they just want to get feedback from NBA teams. All legit.
    I think it is almost a foregone conclusion that Lawson and Ellington will back at UNC next season. The only one up in the air is Green, because no one knows what his motivation is. If it is GUARANTEED money he will back at Carolina next year. If it is ANY money he can get, then he is gone.
    I just don’t think we should throw Lawson, Ellington and Green under the bus until we KNOW FOR SURE what each of them is truly going to do.

  21. Lake says:

    We shouldn’t throw Lawson, Ellington, and Green under the bus at all. Period.

  22. chuckheel says:

    Also, and I just thought of this and don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner. That’s what I get for blogging while watching the NFL Draft. Anyway…
    If Danny Green was truly GONE, which some on here have implied or if he didn’t like Roy, why did he declare and not hire an agent to keep the possibility open that he could return?
    TOO many people are jumping to TOO many conclusions about this stuff. Sit back, relax, and things will work themselves out.

  23. TxTarheel says:

    I don’t think Roy is a “Sunday school” teacher…but an important balance has to be struck by the coach however. Praise them publicly, but be cautious if/when criticizing in public. I do not pretend to know the operations of coaching genius and will say know more on either Williams or Smith’s modus operandi. Combined they own about 1,450 wins more than I ever will.

    for Danny, perhaps a combo of family pressure + good ol’ American ambition to prove his mettle. Fair to say Danny could’ve started for a good number of teams in the field of 64 this March. He is athletic, at times can play very good on both ends and when he is on can be lights-out from outside.

  24. Tar Heel Fan says:


    We get it. You do not care for Roy’s coaching style but please do not turn every discussion into a question of Roy’s coaching style or make any problem that arises an indictment of that style.

  25. gregandshea says:

    Right decision, Danny. Wrong way to go about doing it!

  26. chuckheel says:

    What it your GUT feeling? Don’t you think all 3 are coming back or am I off my rocker or just wishful thinking?

  27. Mark says:

    Several points–

    First, I wouldn’t trade Roy Williams for any other coach in the country. I distinctively recall his first press conference addressing May, Felton, et al. and felt completely at ease in the face of that firestorm that we had the right man for the job. I still feel that way now. As fans, we see Roy ‘s interaction with his players only during games and press conferences. We have no further insight on his coaching style or personal relationships with any of his players. Unless you are a player or a member of the coaching staff, anything else is speculation.

    As it has been stated before, declaring for the draft w/o agents is an opportunity to participate in the pre-draft camp and assess your stock. Just like a grad student might intern over the summer to prepare yourself for future employment after college, these players are taking advantage of a chance to play against equally skilled players to see how they match up and what they need to do to improve their game. If Ty, Wayne, or Danny believe they needs to work on a particular aspect of their game by coming back for another year, I’m stoked as a Heel fan. If they sees that they’re ready, its their own decision. Roy supports it. Somehow, Carolina will carry on.

    Now, Danny Green. Obviously, an unexpected development given the way the announcements over the weekend have transpired. I’d like to point out that Green’s contributions to the team greatly improved from last season to this recent season. This is likely due to Rayshawn’s graduation and Green’s hard work in the off season. So, why shouldn’t we believe that if Danny decides to leave, that William Graves or someone else won’t matriculate into the same role?

    Carolina has always this uncanny ability to develop players for roles as they fit within the system that Carolina plays. I don’t doubt that this would occur next season if everyone stays in the draft. We thought the cupboard would be dry after 2005, but that worked out OK.

    BTW- What is the status of that PG in Oregon who was released from his LOI? Would the defection of one player to the NBA free up a scholarship for him should Roy decide to pursue him?

  28. wcb22 says:

    THF: Please delete this last idiotic post.


  29. Mark says:


    What’s your point?

  30. Mark says:

    Sorry THF

    Shouldn’t have dignified.

  31. Tar Heel Fan says:

    No problem….he won’t be bothering us anymore.

  32. Leann says:

    Getting back to the manner in which Danny went about his decision: We all know because Roy tells us this every year that he meets one on one with every player after the season. That would have been the point at which Danny should have told Roy he was considering the draft. Based on what Roy said earlier this week about the rumor on the draft website, Danny must have failed to mention what his father’s plans for him were. There may be a breakdown in communication, but I think it resides on Danny’s side of this whole thing. You can practically feel the hurt and anger Roy must personally be feeling since he started his quoted statement with “Danny and his father contacted me within the last 24 hours.”. That was to tell the media that his statements earlier in the week were made to the best of his knowledge based on what Danny had likely told him in the weeks before that.

    THF: I agree with you that if Danny comes back there might be some rough going or at least another one on one meeting with Coach.

    P.S. I agree with deleting that idiotic comment.

  33. Josh Bowling says:

    Seems like we are on a roll bashing those that do not see UNC as God. Try doing that in Chapel Hill and you will have a ghost town. We will not be king of the hill next year, but hopefully we can beat (if for one time only) whoever is. I just hope again that it is not Duke taking home the ACC crown. I have had enough of their success and overachieving play to last me a lifetime. Those guys seem to do so well even in the midst of adversity. It makes me sick sometimes how they pull stuff off like that. These freshmen need to listen to Hansbrough and get their on-court attitude from him. I know that Herd on 850 the buzz isn’t impressed with Davis & Zeller, but being around the coach and Hansbrough could have a positive influence on them. I am very excited about next season regardless of what decisions these kids make.

  34. Tar Heel Fan says:


    I would trust anything Colin Cowherd says as far as I could throw my car. The man is a rabble rouser and general moron. He also ordered a DOS attack on The Big Lead blog through his radio program and as a IT sys admin I consider such an action to be nearly unforgivable.

  35. william says:

    It is strange how the quality of comment posting seemed to be much higher during the season, THF, than it has been since the end of the season.

    Maybe we should all just refrain from commenting until we know who is going, if anyone, and who is staying. I didn’t see sniping among people like this all season long. Everybody just take a deep breath. Carolina will have an excellent team next year and hopefully all of our players will truly make the decision that is best for each of them considering both their interests and those of the university and the community.

  36. TxTarheel says:

    Josh: Carolina is king of the hill until someone better knocks us off it. Duke is not, I repeat, not king of the hill for the last 2 seasons in ACC play. Duke is not, I repeat not, coming off back-back seasons wherein they finished Elite 8 / Final 4 seasons. Carolina repeated as ACC conference tournament champions for the 1st time in a while. It is another team’s job to knock Roy & the boys off this perch.

    If the band-wagon is so darn creaky then let em all jump off.

  37. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Seems to quality of comments is directly related to the kind of news being generated by the program. I just need to make sure the comments section does not end up looking like State Fans Nation.

  38. Josh Bowling says:

    Why is it that so many people do not want to have any optimism about next season. I for one, in times like these when so many people are pessimistic, will at least try to “manufacture” optimism if it doesn’t already exists. There is still good reason for us to cheer on and root for next year. We have 3 decent freshmen coming in, a poy returning (although that could lead to a Stepheson transfer) and some returning players (Ginyard, Frasor) for example. We could still find ourselves in the sweet 16 before next season is over with.

  39. C. Gross85 says:

    A sweet 16! are you kidding me? if you think thats what tyler came back for your crazy. I read an article by andy katz on espn.com, he said ppl should relax until we see who comes back and who leaves. i am concerned about what the team may look like next year but im not gonna worry about something i cant control. Coach roy williams has doesnt have a basketball team at unc he has a basketball program! unc will compete for a national championship every year not just sweet 16’s…

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