Statements From Green’s Father and Roy

The N&O gets both the father and the coach to talk about Danny Green’s decision.

Roy Williams:

North Carolina coach Roy Williams said Sunday he was not surprised by junior Danny Green’s decision to enter his name into the NBA Draft. Green will not hire an agent.

“We’d been talking about it for three weeks, so I’d say no,” Williams said during UNC’s baseball game against Florida State at the USA Baseball Training Complex.

Williams said Wednesday that Green, UNC’s sixth man last season, had not been part of his process of contacting NBA teams to see where his underclassmen might be drafted if they put their names in.

Ty Lawson, Tyler Hansbrough and Wayne Ellington were going through that process at the time.

Asked Sunday why Green hadn’t gone through that process, Williams said: “Just because it sounds like something doesn’t mean it’s true; Danny and I have been talking about it for three weeks; everything doesn’t need to shared. He and I have been talking about it for three weeks, his dad and I have been been talking, and I had been talking to the other teams about it.

“I think there’s some good things about it,” he said. “I think possibly some youngsters could do that when it wasn’t a realistic approach. I don’t think that’s any of our guys, because I think they do have some possibilities, so I have mixed emotions about it. And also, I think the rule is so new … we’ll just have to wait and find out and see what it looks like after this.”

In the meantime, UNC will continue to have a role in the threesome’s futures.

“We’re the only people who can set up the workouts, so we’ll do everything. We’ll first of all try to see about getting them in the pre-draft camp in Lake Buena Vista … so we’ll try to get them set up there, and then after that, there’s a window of about two weeks [where they can set up individual workouts].

Danny Green, Sr.

“Playing in the NBA has been Danny’s dream for a long, long time,” Danny Green Sr. said in a phone interview. “Most of his class, the Class of 2005, is already playing in the NBA — so why not see where he stands?”

Green joins sophomore teammates Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington as the first players coached by Williams to “test the waters.” Difference is, Williams contacted 18 NBA teams to gather information for the latter two.

Asked Wednesday by The News & Observer if Green was a part of that process, Williams said, “no.” A team spokesman confirmed it again Saturday.

Green Sr. said that his son did mention the NBA to Williams during the coach’s usual end-of-season one-on-one player meetings, when they also talked about the player’s strengths, weaknesses and what he needed to improve for the next season. Green Sr. said he also talked to Williams within the last couple of days to discuss declaring for the draft.

But Green Sr. was not clear about why his son had not been part of the more comprehensive process that Williams had gone through with the two sophomores and junior Tyler Hansbrough (who chose to return for his senior season). Green Jr. was not available for comment.

“Roy was thinking it was a certainty that Danny was coming back,” Green Sr. said. “But we felt it wasn’t a bad decision for him to go through the process and not hire an agent. … [Danny] was one of the top sixth men in the country this year, came up big in the end when the team needed him too … let him compete [against other pro prospects] and see where he stands.”

“I’ve told him, ‘I’ve still got to go to work and pay the bills, no matter what you do,’ ” Green Sr. said. “He’s worked his behind off to play at Carolina, to play for Roy Williams … and every player at Carolina has those dreams to play in the NBA. If he has a chance to realize his goals, why not? If it doesn’t work out this summer, he can return to Carolina … and that’s not a bad scenario.”

Two things before I address the statements.

1. Not to beat the StickerGate horse anymore but do any of those “Roy is disloyal” folks want to comment on his well documented and consistent support of other teams at UNC?  It is well know Roy loves to attend UNC baseball games and there he was again today as the Heels won series from FSU this weekend in a battle of nationally top three teams.  Seems to me that says more about the man than what he did in San Antonio.  And it is nice he actually supports the other programs at his school unlike a certain coach in Durham.

2. The article containing the Green, Sr quotes goes into quite a bit of depth on Green’s draft status and it is not good.  In fact he might not even be drafted according to analyst Chris Monter who the N&O talked to about Green’s situation. Monter also said that Green entering into the draft process might be for naught since it is possible he could be excluded from the all important pre-draft camp in Orlando.  I find this telling, more on that in a minute.

The statements are mostly consistent since both Green, Sr. and Roy say Green discussed the possibility of declaring with Roy and Roy also talked to Green, Sr. about it.  The two statements I find interesting are Green, Sr saying Roy thought for certain Green was returning and Roy saying he was not surprised by the decision adding that simply because something appears one way does not mean that is the case. Obviously a bit of a contradiction raising the idea that a discussion was had and Roy thought the decision was made one way and it ended up going the other.  As for Roy not being surprised, that could simply be him not trying to look like he has no idea what his happening with his players.

Taking those two statements together I think this is what has actually happened here.  I think Green and his father did discuss the declaring for the draft with Roy and he told them he would make some inquiries.  I think Roy did do some checking on it and ended up telling Green and his father basically what Monter said above and that is his status is so low “testing the waters” is a pointless activity from the perspective of improving his stock.  Now as I have stated before, I think going through the process is a good move, even if you only do it for the experience.  That being said, based on what Roy has said and how UNC operates their pre-draft analysis for their players, entering the draft for the heck of it does not appear to be something Roy agrees with.  In fact I am pretty sure he believes the information gathering they do is more the enough for the players to make a final decision on the matter and not test the process to see if things get better.  In Green’s case I honestly think based on the manner Roy talked about it and the fact Green, Sr indicated Roy thought Green’s return was certain leads me to believe that Roy advised against “testing the waters” simply because there was nothing to gain from it other than experience(which Roy does not consider necessary.) Green or rather Green, Sr decided to do it anyway so here we are.

I am also taking the other statements by Green, Sr, such as doing it because the rest of his high school class is in the NBA already and the sort of “well why not” attitude lends itself to the interpretation that this was outside the scope of what Roy was really looking at.  And yes, I have read enough Roy Williams statements to know when he is covering up a rough patch and that is how his statement on Sunday feels.  Especially the whole “everything doesn’t need to be shared” line.

Now, what’s done is done and if Green is serious about heading to the NBA then he will make the decision to return fairly quickly after the draft camp(assuming he is invited) since his best bet is to go pro next season when his stock will be higher from a stellar senior season and the draft will be weaker.  From my perspective I think getting the experience is a good idea but only if the players takes the advice to heed and makes a good decision with it.  Hopefully Green does that and this is all heading towards all thee current UNC draft testers returning to kick some serious rear end on the way to a potential national title


37 Responses to Statements From Green’s Father and Roy

  1. 52BigGameJames says:

    I’m not having any of it–the players & parents simply can’t trust Roy anymore 😉

  2. wcb22 says:

    I totally agree THF. It sounds like a disagreement about whether you should test the waters even if there is no realistic possibility of a reasonably high draft selection.

    If this is the only disagreement between Roy and Danny Jr,/Sr., then I don’t really think this whole thing is too big of a deal.

  3. Yeah, 52Big, first the sticker and now this! Shameful.

    Seriously, THF you are probably right on in your assessment. And if Danny cannot participate in Orlando, and if he gets no workouts from NBA teams, then he has placed himself in an awkward position. In short, he looks a bit foolish, and will be the butt of all jokes at Cameron Indoor, just to name one venue. And what kind of a wedge will this drive between Roy and Danny (and Danny Sr.)? Certainly we don’t need that kind of Doherty v. McCants drama unfolding with a player with the caliber of DG. Roy has done a great job of noting time and again that with DG he really has 6 starters, and DG has taken well to being the 6th man. I am afraid Danny Sr. may be doing more harm than good, although I understand he is just looking out for his son, like any dad would do.

    I don’t want to read too much into this, or make too much of a comparison, but remember that McCants dad played a large role in the discontent issue as well with Doherty. Maybe not large, but at least very vocal. Parents should be supportive of their kids, but questioning playing time like Danny Sr. has been noted to do undermines the coach’s ability to do what he does best, which is coach.

    It will be intersting to watch all of this unfold over the next few weeks.

    I still say that if DG is projected to be picked even at the bottom of the second round he will stay in the draft and take his chances. And that will be a HUGE chance to take.

  4. DeanForever says:

    Nah…he’ll be back. My reason for saying this is the telling part of the article where is father indicates that (whatever happens) he still has “pay the bills.” That doesn’t sound like an optimistic outlook. His dad is essentially treating it as is, which is that Danny is working out, trying to show what he has to offer, and going from there. If the first round potential is there, then Papa Green will definately work to pay the bills one more year and then..JACKPOT. And everybody’s happy.

  5. Dean, I hope you’re right, but the drama may just be starting.

  6. Brian says:

    I think it all comes down to pride. Danny’s heard this “he could start at any other school in the country” line too much and felt like he could be in the draft. He’ll get rejected by the camp and come back to school with his tail between his legs. Or at least I hope thats how it plays out.

  7. william says:

    Guys pull out of the draft every year–who makes fun of them? I think McRoberts gets made fun of for not hving pulled out of the draft. There are so few players in Division I who can even contemplate going pro early that I doubt being made fun of for withdrawing is much of a consideration. Any of Carolina’s top ten players hope to be in the NBA someday and they are unlikely to begrudge Danny taking a fly at this.

    I think this divide between Green Sr. and Williams comes down to perceived effort by the staff. Carolina is pretty good at placing marginal guys in the NBA. Even though we surprisingly missed with Jawad, David Noel did get drafted and made a roster, something than none of the guys from the great 2005 Wake Forest team, except for Chris Paul, were able to do. Carolina has placed other marginal NBA guys like this in the past as well. Sometimes doing this requires calling in favors and as we all know, you only get so many. I think Roy probably told Danny that he would go all out for him next year and Danny’s father may not understand the difference in terms of what favors can be called in this year, versus next, should Danny slip towards the second round.

    Roy certainly doesn’t want to start a precedent for other guys of Danny’s talent level, such as Deon Thompson, for example, or the guys to come in the future, that the coaching staff will encourage non-first round guys to declare. It is a fine line to walk, but is probably the right one. I think this is all going to work out in the end.

  8. DeanForever says:


    Excellent analysis. I agree that a dengerous precident would be set (if Danny’s declaration is deemed acceptable), but it will start to happen all over the country. My gut tells me that the (ick) “testing the waters” rule will be overtuned one day soon. It is more work for the scouts. Instead of evaluating the top-flight amateur talent every year, the scouts now have to sort through double the usual suspects. Plus, this really hurts the opportunities (of making a team) for seniors who stuck with their teams in order to both win and develop their own game.

    All is fair in love and war.

  9. DeanForever says:

    For the record, I also agree that (if a Danny Green type player declares) Deon Thompson, given a 11-12PPG/6-7RPG year, would also test the waters. The good thing is that Roy has horses in the stable and has more coming in, so that the transition will be seamless while other schools will struggle to compete.

    Looking back thus far, I believe that the Lawson/Ellington/Wright recruiting class has delevired thus far (67-10 record, two ACC RS titles, two ACC tourn. titles, a 7-2 NCAA record, and a Final Four appearance). Granted, they have had help, but we have been truly blessed to have these guys around the past couple of years.

    Having said that, I have elevated expectations for the next 2-3 years in that the recruiting classes coming in are even deeper. Roy is bringing in kids that appear to be 2-3 season (if not more) players.

  10. […] Heel Fan blogs about why Danny’s decision was a bit different. Barry Jacobs thinks Tyler made the right call. Til […]

  11. Steve says:

    Danny, if you’re reading this, get off the internet and study for your finals. Don’t be like me. Don’t you be like me.

  12. 52BigGameJames says:

    One last thing for me on this subject, then I’m done: I don’t have a problem (and in fact would encourage it) with any of our guys “testing the waters”. You get legit feedback on what you’ll need, and how you stack up for the next level. and you may even show em something, and win yourself a big ticket right now–again, nothing wrong with that.

    BUT, if I’m Tyler, and I’ve demonstrated my commitment to UNC, and my desire to win a NC, and the other “water-testers” come back for next season, if I don’t see they’re as fully committed (in practice and in games) as I am, and there’s somebody ridin the pine whom I think might help the cause more, you can bet I’d be lobbying Roy to make a change. I’ve already made their decision a little easier by stating my intentions early on–if I get the sense they’re just along for the ride, they’re getting the boot from me.

  13. Josh Bowling says:

    I have less of a problem with Danny Green & Tyler Hansbrough testing the waters than I do Lawson & Ellington. Why exhaust that opportunity now? You may need to have a better feel after next season where you stand, and now that opportunity will be no more. As for Green/Hansbrough, what do they have to lose? After next season, it will be declare for the draft anyways, so they will not have to use that option next year.

  14. DeanForever says:


    I think that Tyler has proven, time and time again, that his main focus is winning a title here. I honestly don’t think that he is too concerned with any of this. In fact, he is probably relieved in that he is no longer a part of this process. Baller.

    I think that the other three are showing that they are confident in their respective abilities, and that collective confidence is what they will bring back to Chapel Hill.

    Josh Bowling has written often about the negativity swirling around Franklin Street (most of it directed at Roy) these days. I would hope that, should Danny return for his senior year, that the faithful would welcome hiim with open arms. He is simply taking advantage of this whole process. Tyler had a choice to work hard before scouts or work hard at UNC, and he chose the latter. I don’t know that the other three would be working as hard had they elected to stay in Chapel Hill. Now, these guys will get seasoned experience against the very best in the country (and abroad). Given their projected status in this year’s draft, you have got to think that nearly all will be back. Imagine the shape that they will be in if/when they do come back. You can’t tell me that Ty Lawson would get pushed very hard in summer workouts in Chapel Hill. You can’t tell me that Wayne Ellington would get many jump shots swatted away in shootarounds. Then there is Danny Green. He is multi-talented, can leap over hobbits, and is solid from the FT line. He may get in the mix, impress some people, and move up dramatically. OR, and this is the likely scenerio, he will face players who can do specific things very well (Derrick Rose getting to the basket/Rush creating a shot when nothing is there/Roy Hibbert emphatically planting himself in the way of a drive to the basket/any of the foreign players “Out multi-tasking” Danny.

    In summary, Hansbrough is going to press on and care nothing about any of this. Once again, baller. The Other Three will be working out equally as hard (then again, Tyler’s ethic is one-in-a-gazillion) and all should be announcing their respective returns for next season. I know that anything can happen, but I’ve visualized several scenerios (based upon the current depth of talent in the workouts) and I can’t see how any of these guys end up with a satisfactory pro contract. The fact that D.J. Augustin is in this draft cannot be overstated enough (in regards to Lawson’s prospects). Ellington is a good shooter and occasional slasher, but there are guys who do those individual things much better. I’ve already stated why I think Danny gets nothing more than a good workout in all of this.

    When you think of the situation as these guys getting some great experience against top-flight competition, it all bodes extremely well for UNC basketball.

  15. On Danny and his prospects as it stands…

  16. 52BigGameJames says:

    DF-totally agree with most everything you’ve said—read between the lines and you (might) glean that my remarks are targeted at Ty-his effort & commitment is the only I (might) have questions about. If Tyler wants a NC, he in fact will need to care about the commitment of others. I think that ingredient is what’s been lacking in this team so far–Marcus has tried, but talk is cheap-Tyler needs to be willing to bite down on someone’s rear on occasion.

  17. keithunc says:

    This comment by Father Green is the concern. “I’ve told him, ‘I’ve still got to go to work and pay the bills, no matter what you do,’ ” I think I see where the young man’s head is. Good luck Danny.

  18. Josh Bowling says:

    I imagine it makes the coaches charge easier, unless a player’s criticisms/coaching/etc causes a lot of discord. I think that Tyler/Marcus would probably get more of a pass from other players in regards to doing this, although, that is typically a poing guard’s responsibility. DEAN Forever, I would like to think that when we win our opening game next year, that the land of blue in Chapel Hill will once again be ignited with hopes & aspirations of another championship run. I am still convinced, in spite of many efforts of those on this site to tell me otherwise, that we need Wayne/Green/Lawson to be here for that effort to have much realism.

  19. keithunc says:

    I’m also confused by all the Roy bashing. I thank my lucky stars daily to have him back home.

  20. Blueblood says:

    It would be easier to “pay the bills” if Danny gets an NBA contract. I think Danny Sr. his pushing Danny towards the NBA right now. The “other kids in his class” line makes me think he is telling Danny, basically that your friends have already made the jump, you should do it too.

    I dont think Danny will be back.

  21. Dewey says:

    I am so sick of this testing the waters BS I`m about to puke. Either you`re in or your out. Screw retaining your scholarship. If you put your name in we`re going out to recruit. None of these 19 or to year old kids are bigger than the University. Sionara!

  22. […] a parallel situation across the country, UNC’s sixth man Danny Green became the third Tar Heel to declare his intentions to test the waters, joining teammates Tywon […]

  23. Chris says:

    B52-your statement about not being able to trust Roy anymore is ridiculous. Players like Danny Green are fortunate to have such a good coach. If Danny and his father feel that he is so wonderful and can fly without support from the UNC staff, then so be it. I say go and see how you do without the UNC support and background, and don’t look back if you’re so convinced. It will only end sadly.

  24. 52BigGameJames says:

    Chris: sense-o-humor—get one.

  25. Chris says:

    B52-wise statements-find some.

  26. 52BigGameJames says:

    dude–it was meant as sarcasm–ATH seemed to get it–lighten up bud.

  27. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Well, there was a smiley at the end of the comment which usually denotes it is meant to be a joke.

  28. 52BigGameJames says:

    apologies THF for the fishing expedition–humor is the best antidote for the absurd imo.


  29. Chris says:

    Hey 52 you could stand a little lightening up too. For example your sermon above about Tyler having to crack down on his teammates is absurd. They won everthing this year, and then the loss to Kansas was not about lack of commitment but a lack of talent……they were overwhelmed. So I’ll say it again–wise statements-find some,bud.

  30. C. Michael says:


    52BGJ has proven to be one of the wiser contributors to this site. You missed his sarcasm. Just man up and admit it… no need for the personal attacks.

  31. Josh Bowling says:

    Personal attacks have heightened recently. I don’t mind’em so much, I just hate they have to be against our own. I enjoy both BigGame & Chris’ posts. Let it ride. We will all be friends again come November.

  32. Chris says:

    C Michael, Please give me your full name and address so that when I need critical advice in the future, I’ll know exactly who to go to. What a relief to know that there’s somebody out there………….

  33. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Okay, knock it off all of you. It is starting to sound a lot like my kids in the comments section and I’d like to think we can all do better.

  34. C. Michael says:

    Price of fame, THF. 😉

    More people = more opinions = more disagreements. Unfortunately, debate appears to be dead in today’s society, which means disagreement ends in… well… watch a political debate… 😉

  35. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Yeah, I know. And it is not like I can keep people from saying certain things unless I start banning people or deleting comments which is more of a headache than I want to deal with. Anyone want to be my comment intern 😉

  36. Chris says:

    I’ll do it!

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