Obama Scrimmage Video

WRAL has about four minutes of video from the scrimmage with Barack Obama. I offer this for no other reason than to permit you to get your Tar Heel basketball fix since it has been almost a month since they played the final game of the season. Some noteworthy observations from the video: It appears Wayne Ellington and Deon Thompson are absent.  I also did not see Danny Green in the video but I saw him in the photo gallery on Tar Heel Blue.  Some guys may have had class or other obligations since this all went down this morning. The best part is when Tyler Hansbrough shoots an outside shot on Alex Stepheson and banks it in.  Stepheson smirks and shakes his head as they go back down the court.

Is it November yet?  And I am not talking about the election.


17 Responses to Obama Scrimmage Video

  1. Rob D says:

    What a PR stunt.

    Still not voting for him.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Not to delve into politics here but everything candidates do is a PR stunt.

  3. Johnny says:

    I’ll consider Hillary or McCain if they scrimmage too. I bet Hillary can set a Malcolm Mackey type screen on a guy. 🙂

  4. Jacob Swiger says:

    It’s finals week so some of the players might have been absent for this reason. Looked like Wes was there.

  5. Tar Heel Fan says:


    That is apparently a Duke guard thing, so focused on the ball they forget to watch for screens. In 1996 Duke played UNCG(while I was in school there) and our center stepped up to screen Wojo off our PG. He laid Wojo out and we all laughed for a good 2-3 minutes watching on the big screen at our gym.

  6. C. Michael says:


    If I had to bet, I’d say Hilary’s move would be more similar to Chris Paul’s shot on Julius Hodge… 😉

  7. 52BigGameJames says:

    dang CM–that’s photo-shop material there!

  8. I saw this on TV about an hour or so ago. My wife laughed at me because I can’t stand Obama and my favorite college team had him on their court. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand McCain and Clinton about as equally as Obama, but I was hoping to see a highlight of Tyler dunking over Obama like he did against Kenny George.

  9. Larry P says:

    I watched the video but happened to notice to the right of the screen the download for Larry Brown’s interview as coach of the Bobcats. That was much more interesting for me.
    It’ll be interesting to see who Larry brings in as assistant coaches.

  10. DeanForever says:

    Oh, I forgot, it’s time to hate on Barack Obama now…that’s right. Did you want to see Hil Clinton sporting a UNC cap and professing them to be “her team” like she did with the Yankees? Or, what the hell would John McCain do there? I thought it was pretty cool to see a presidential candidate out there doing his thing. It appears to me that there was little posturing and more (relatively speaking) action. If you don’t like this action, I’m sure Mike Krzyzewski would love for you to travel the majestic eight miles to Durham where you can meet John McCain in that big, white tower of his. Oh wait, is McCain conservative enough for Krzyzyewski?

    Back to business-

    I guess Larry Brown couldn’t find a decent college job, heh? I think he’s still bummed that UNC left him to dry in the Doherty hiring.

  11. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I was never sold on bringing him to Chapel Hill because he left Kansas on probation and I seem to recall him having issues at UCLA as well.

  12. DeanForever says:


    Good point. AND, he stole Danny Manning!!!! Wanna play the “what if” game? Imagine Danny Manning joing the ’85-’88 Tar Heels? There would have been front line combos of Warren Martin/Brad Daugherty/Joe Wolf/J.R. Reid/Rick Fox/Scott Williams/and Danny Manning.

    Another huge Tar Heel “what if”:

    The spring of 1989 saw Bobby Hurley set on coming to Chapel Hill, but UNC appeared to have a lock on Kenny Anderson. Now, I love Hubert Davis (and King Rice was good, but that hair…), but Kenny Anderson or Bobby Hurley heading the ’90-’93 teams would have been incredible. I gaurantee Duke would not win either title in that stretch without Hurley at the point.

    Perhaps I should save these posts for the middle of July, when we are pressing for things to talk about, basketball-wise?

  13. UNCMike says:

    Ellington and Thompson are shown in the photo gallery…

  14. Nothin Could be Finer says:

    Obama picked UNC to win it all then scrimmaged with the team. Nuff said – he’s got my vote.

  15. Dan Schwind says:

    If you watch the video again, at about the 1:27 mark, Deon walks by the camera, so he was there. Or at the very least someone wearing a #21 jersey was there. I assume it was Deon.

  16. Big Apple Heel says:

    All the presidential candidates should swing by the Dean Dome.

    That way they’ll be a little familiar with Tyler and the boys before the Rose Garden ceremony comes around in late April ’09.

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