Odds and Ends

  • UNC played pickup ball with Presidential candidate Barack Obama on Tuesday morning.  Regardless of what you might think of his politics, it was undoubtedly a thrill for the players and a lot of fun.  Obama was in town for a campaign rally and apparently is quite the basketball afficianado though having former Duke player Reggie Love as his personal assistant shows an obvious lapse in judgement in this area.  Check out the photo gallery hereUpdate: More coverage from the N&O here.  Apparently he slipped past Hansbrough but missed the layup.
  • ACC Now is reporting that UNC women’s coach Sylvia Hatchell has been approached by South Carolina about their vacant head coaching position.  My response to that is, “Why in the name of Dean Smith would you leave UNC to coach at South Carolina?”  And yes I know Frank McGuire did it but he had a pro coaching stint in between.
  • Durrell Mapp and Connor Barth both signed free agent contracts with NFL teams following the draft.  Mapp was picked up by Green Bay and Barth went to Kansas City.
  • The UNC baseball team took two of three from FSU over the weekend in a battle of nationally ranked top three teams.  The Heels are looking to get back to the College World Series for a 3rd straight season and current sit 2nd in the Coastal Division behind #1 ranked Miami.

13 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. Black Mountain Sophomore says:

    Afterward, Obama announced he’s dropping out of the race in order to enter the NBA draft …

  2. Brian says:

    Every time I see Sam Perkins I laugh.

  3. DeanForever says:

    Coolio THF! I must check out the photos…especially if Sam Perkins is in there somewere! I won’t get into politics, but it’s cool that Barack hung with the boys. I can’t see Bush, Kerry, or McCain being able to lace it up.

  4. C. Michael says:

    Not hoops, but Bush could definitely hold his own throwing BP to the Diamond Heels. Say what you want about the man (and most do!), but he is without question the greatest President ever when the subject is, “throwing out the first pitch!” 😉

  5. 52BigGameJames says:

    I wonder who our greatest Prez-athlete has been–didn’t Ford play guard for Michigan fball?

  6. AEM says:

    Nice job THF (as usual), while you do “odds and ends” might has well put that the Lady Heels of Softball won the ACC RS crown this weekend.


  7. C. Michael says:

    Ford… and it is not even close. Starting center AND linebacker for back-to-back, undefeated National Champs at Michigan. Turned down contract offers from the Packers and Lions to go to law school.

  8. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I bet George Washington would have been a great linebacker.

  9. Black Mountain Sophomore says:

    Teddy Roosevelt was evidently a great natural athlete. The Rough Rider stuff may have been mostly P.R., but his years of hiking in the wilderness were for real. Ford takes the prize though–the image of him as a klutz was really offbase, and the fact that he played along and laughed at himself shows what a decent guy he was.

  10. Larry P says:

    Naw, THF, Washington would have been a QB. Ever see the portrait of him standing in the boat as it crossed the Delaware? Now picture him standing in the pocket.
    Plus, he’s purported to have thrown a coin across the Delaware (why’s it always the Delaware?). Not a bad arm, either.

  11. Thanks for the baseball update! I hope to see the Heels for a third time in Omaha, and hopefully we can get it done this time around!!!

  12. Josh Bowling says:

    If Wayne, Ty, and Danny go, is there anyone we can pick up this year on the table? And if so, can they compare to what the 3 did for us this year?

  13. TxTarheel says:

    i bet Lincoln could’ve played some nasty D in the paint. Tall with those lanky limbs, plus the top hat adds to his height !

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