The Honey Do List

Painting a door and putting up a new mailbox.  Plus I need a blogging break and now is a great time to do it.

Enjoy the weekend folks.  I will be back on Monday.


6 Responses to The Honey Do List

  1. DeanForever says:

    I completely understand THF. When there is little to blog about other than a Duke story, you need a break.

    Have fun brother.

  2. TxTarheel says:

    you could always pick either baseball or golf for another sport to opine upon: you know, Mickelson birdies the 14th, I napped for 10 minutes & missed Stevie Williams sending another camera to an untimely demise

    Or C. Jones hits a 2-run homer in the 6th, I napped for 15 minutes while LaRussa and Cox made multiple switches in bottom of the 7th inning in a 5-run game in late July. exciting material, yep ?

    I salute your endeavors with a frosty cold one

  3. Larry P says:

    As the Woodman would say, “Go where you go and do what you do.”

  4. THF Wife says:

    And you did a great job on all the projects this weekend! Thanks honey!!

  5. keithunc says:

    Hey Everyone I’ve found these great Carolina 1982 Matches on EBAY. I’m not the seller, don’t know the seller but I bought two myself to display in a shadow box. They are really neat. He had 60 or so last time I emailed him.

    This is how they are titled on Ebay

  6. keithunc says:

    If I knew how to hyperlink I would have.

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