NCAA Releases APR Data

For those of you who don’t know APR stands for Academic Progress Rate and is a part of the NCAA’s efforts to make sure schools actually graduate athletes.  The report for UNC can be found here in PDF format.  The men’s basketball team scored a 995 based on a period from 2003 to 2007 which is fairly impressive when you consider there were five early entrants to the NBA Draft during that time.  Apparently those players are keeping their academic standing up.  Baseball also ranked highly with a 985 as did men’s tennis, women’s golf and fencing.  The latter two scored a 1000.  Among the sports at UNC scoring on the lower end were men’s golf, men’s track and women’s soccer.

On a personal note, my alma mater, UNC Greensboro was penalized for poor ratings in men’s basketball and baseball.  I am willing to bet AD Nelson Bobb is not a happy man since I cannot count the number of times the student in student-athlete was emphasized during my three years of running cross country there.


3 Responses to NCAA Releases APR Data

  1. DeanForever says:

    I found similar data in an AP release pre-NCAA tourny. I showed it to my wife and, well, it was kinda like a baptism (for her) into the sheer beauty of our wonderful UNC basketball program. I remember when we first started dating and I was looking at some of her college photos and I saw her wearing a North Carolina sweatshirt in several shots. I had to ask her “are you a UNC fan?” Her answer was, “I like their colors.” Since then, she has given me a hard time for being a UNC fan in Ohio, as you might expect. I explained the story of how my dad raised me on UNC basketball and we traveled all over the midwest to watch UNC in my youth. None of that impressed her. She is about loyalty to one’s geographic location and she is from Cleveland. So, a Browns fan will not listen to a North Carolina fan who grew up in Indiana and lives in Cincinnati.
    Nonetheless, when I showed her the information, which happen to be graduation rate percentages, she was most impressed. According to the AP report (and I may not be 100% accurate here, as the Kansas Debacle still fogs my memory) UNC graduates nearly 90% of all players on the men’s basketball team. That statistic is staggering, especially when compared to the atrocious percentages of other schools. I don’t want to misrepresent any schools here, but a lot of Big East powerhouses were in the teens (in terms of graduating their players).

  2. Josh Centor says:

    This is exactly what I like about academic reform – fans getting excited about the academic performance of their favorite teams. If you ask me, college sports are special because of the link between athletics, academics and campus community. When all three click at the same time, there is reason to celebrate.

  3. Silent Sam says:

    DeanForever — I found your post to be very interesting. Just curious as to why your dad raised you on UNC basketball [if you even know]? It’s great to have Tar Heel fans in Cincinnati, the home of Skyline Chili! (I was in Cincinnati once for the NCAA 1st/2nd round & the Heels were playing there; I think it was 1992). I think one of the obsolete bridges over the Ohio River was blown up while my buddies & I were there. Just goes to show, following the Heels around the country can be very educational.

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