Copeland Injures Knee; Surgery Scheduled

Junior reserve forward Mike Copeland has a partially torn ACL ligament in his knee which will require surgery to repair.  Copeland is expected to be out until the end of the year which would cut fairly deep into his senior season.  The knee was injured during a pickup game last week.

While he has not been a huge contributor, Roy often used Copeland in spurts to relieve the Tar Heel post players, an area UNC is about to get even deeper in with the arrival of Tyler Zeller and Ed Davis.  With that being the case you have to wonder if redshirting might be a better option for Copeland.  We will see how it shakes out.

Best wishes to Mike during his surgery and rehab.


11 Responses to Copeland Injures Knee; Surgery Scheduled

  1. brightmma says:

    it should be a pretty easy decision. He can hit the gym, improve his shot, work with the first class coaches for a hole other year.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Well…maybe not, if Roy is expecting that scholarship to be free(which he is based on the fact he has four commits for 2009 and one more offered) then the RS might be out of the question. Then again you know one way or the other Lawson and/or Ellington will be gone before 2009.

  3. Will says:

    Hmm. Does a player need the coaches permission to redshirt? Never thought about that before.

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I think he does or rather the school has to submit a player as a redshirt for that season otherwise the eligibility is burned. The question here is whether Copeland wants to play as soon as he is ready and if the coaches want to burn his scholarship for a fifth season. It impacts recruiting since Copeland’s ride is expected to be available for 2009.

  5. DeanForever says:

    This should be a no-brainer. Even if Michael recovers by, say, January, you have got to believe that his conditioning will be SEVERELY compromised; in particular, his overall quickness and foot speed.

    I say let him redshirt. There are enough clydesdales in the stable for power forwards. What UNC needs is a couple more wing players.


    ”Then again you know one way or the other Lawson and/or Ellington will be gone before 2009.”

    Are you referring to 2008/09 or 09/10? I ask because I am surprised that you are assuming that at least one of these players is definately gone. Okay, it’s not surprising, but do you think either would be satisfied with a late-first round selection?
    I might seem off base here, but I still maintain that both would rather be positioning themselves for the lottery in the 2009 draft. I could use examples (McCants getting the guaranteed money in ’05 as opposed to “who knows?” in 2004) but we aren’t in these players’ collective thoughts.

  6. Tar Heel Fan says:

    2009-10 season. Copeland is a rising senior along with Hansbrough, Green, Ginyard and Frasor. It is expected his scholarship will be free which is why Roy has five offers out there: Wear twins, Strickland, Henson and waiting on one more. Of course I am not sure how it would be handled if they grant Frasor an extra season which would take one of this scholarships. However it is assumed at this point Lawson and Ellington, should they return will exit as juniors with the Hansbrough class meaning seven scholarships would be open or five if Frasor and Copeland get a fifth year.

  7. DeanForever says:


    Gotcha. Let’s assume that Frasor is denied the redshirt, but Copeland is granted one. That would leave six total scholarships, two open. Do you have any thoughts on who Roy will go after? Let me be more specifc (as I have already compiled a list of probable small forward candidates in the “…Air” thread), which currently available small forward(s) do you see Roy going after (in the ’09 class)?

  8. Roy should allow the redshirt. It would be the right thing to do, and, barring some sort of pedicament or injury to Lawson or Ellington (assuming they come back, which is probably not OK to assume for Ty) then it should not cut into scholarships.

    Yes, THF, please give us your thoughts on available SFs out there other than what we have already discussed. Thanks.

  9. Silent Sam says:

    We don’t know what Mike wants to do; he might want to graduate with his class & he might want to redshirt. Sup, Mike?

  10. keithunc says:

    Speaking of redshirts has anyone heard if the redshirt that Carolina put in for Bobby came through or not?

  11. keithunc says:

    I’m re-asking this question because no one answered it. Did Bobby get his redshirt approved??

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