Predictions Based on Air

May 5, 2008

Maybe you have noticed but I have been very circumspect discussing what I think will happen during the next basketball season simply because everything is still very much in the air concerning what the roster will look like.  And it is not just the NBA water testers but also late recruits such as Duke securing Mason Plumlee after he decided not to attend Stanford.  For myself I see zero point in attempting to predict next season when we are not sure who UNC will have.  That being said….

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A Full Circle

May 2, 2008

Let me state upfront I am not into conspiracy theories but this chain of events is quite interesting:

1. Joe Alleva leaves the AD position at Duke for the same position at LSU

2. LSU hires Stanford’s Trent Johnson to be the head men’s basketball coach at LSU.

3. Stanford hires Duke assistant Johnny Dawkins to replace Johnson at Stanford.

4. Stanford 2008 commit Miles Plumlee asks to be released from his LOI; Dawkins obliges.

5. Plumlee commits to Duke where his younger brother, Mason Plumlee is already a 2009 commitment.

Now, if I am not mistaken, Trent Johnson to LSU was in the works prior to Alleva coming on board or at best it was simulataneous.  I do think it is odd that Dawkins was willing to release Plumlee to Duke which is his former(and future?) employer.  I tend to think you should force kids to honor their LOIs since they signed with the school and not the coach.  Dawkins even said he thought Plumlee would end up at Duke which is convenient he could help his old coach out by sending him a 6-10 forward for next season.

In the end there is really nothing funny here, unless you think the “Dawkins releasing Plumlee so he could commit to Duke” action points Dawkins caring more about Duke than he does his new employer.  Overall it is just an weird circle of events that started at Duke and ended at Duke.

ACC Basketball Schedule Expansion

May 1, 2008

The ADs are desperate to lift the leagues NCAA Tournament profile but I am not sure this will get it done.

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Duke Is Bleeding

March 31, 2008

Talk about two ships passing each other, UNC is heading to the Final Four with a 36-2 mark and the prohibitive favorite for NPOY in Tyler Hansbrough leading the way while Duke is heading who knows where.

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ACC Basketball Update(Final Edition)

March 26, 2008

And then there was one and it was North Carolina.

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ACC Basketball Update(3/24)

March 24, 2008

Miami bows out, Heels dominate.

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ACC Basketball Update(3/23)

March 23, 2008

Down goes Duke.

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