Duke Basketball Used To Generate Boos?

April 7, 2008

According to Slate’s Josh Levin in an interview with The Fynal Cut:

I went to a Wizards game the other night, and despite the fact that Gilbert Arenas made a surprise return to the lineup, the crowd was comatose for pretty much the whole night. When the Bucks shot free throws, the Verizon Center crew put up a collage of Duke images — Paulus, Coack K, etc. — on the scoreboard to get the crowd to boo, and it worked like magic. I’m not kidding. That really happened.

I am not sure what to make of that.  Yeah, I know Duke is hated but wow, using images of Duke players and coaches in a random NBA game to get the crowd booing is just bizarre.  Antawn Jamison and Brendan Haywood both play for Washington and I am sure they had nothing to do with it.


Roy and Krzyzewski in War of Words

February 19, 2008

Well, Krzyzewski started it.

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And ESPN Wonders Why People Call Them DSPN

February 2, 2008

Since UNC-Duke is less than a week away, you might be looking for something to get yourself fired up for the game.  Maybe you want to rewatch The Foul a dozen times or stare at a picture of Greg Paulus.  And if that does not do the trick then tune in to ESPN NFL Countdown at 11 AM on Super Bowl Sunday and see Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski discussing…well…football I guess.  From RAWFS:

This Sunday, at 11am, none other than Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski will be on the panel of the ESPN Super Bowl pregame show, no doubt in his “Builder of Character and Maker of Men” ™ role.  I doubt he’s been invited to share his views on the zone blitz, or the 3-3-5 Nickel defense that one team or the other might call in a critical third down situation.  In other words, Krzyzewski will be shilling himself, which in turn is really just another sideways recruiting appearance.  It’s not against the rules, but it certainly is distasteful if you think about it.

I agree.   I think it is safe to make two assumptions here: (1) Krzyzewski does not know jack about football and (2) he probably will not be staying in a Holiday Inn the night before. There is nothing he brings to the table that is going to enlighten the casual fan on the intricacies of football.  No, Krzyzewski will be on there yapping about leadership or being a champion or some other such nonsense which means he will be doing an extended commercial for himself.  Granted it is not illegal according to the NCAA but it sure the heck is annoying.

Only four days until College Basketball Armageddon 2008, Part 1…

Steve Jobs Hates Duke

July 18, 2007

The N&O is reporting that the iPhone may be responsible for brief outages on the wireless network at Duke University. Apparently the iPhone overwhelms wireless access points in it’s vicinity in an attempt to acquire a network connection. NC State and UNC have not reported such problems. In fact, based on a quick Google search, no one is registering complaints about iPhone’s disabling wireless networks anywhere else. This lends itself to an interesting theory. Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ wife, Melinda is a Duke graduate and the Gates family has poured millions of dollars into Duke through their foundation. Now the iPhone, made by chief competitor Apple, is released and when it hits Duke’s campus it effectively cripples their wireless network.

Coincidence? Most likely. But very interesting all the same.

Bill Simmons on the NBA Suspensions

May 17, 2007

The Sports Guy delivers an incredibly well written column taking the NBA to task for their handling of physical altercations and what not.  Among the more salient points he raises is a shot at “flopping” which had become an all too used tactic for defensive players to draw charge calls.

The single most disgusting NBA development of the past few years? The flopping. Slowly, regretfully, inexplicably, the sport is morphing into soccer — as exemplified by Kirilenko’s swan dive near the end of Tuesday’s Jazz-Warriors game that fouled out Matt Barnes, or Kirk Hinrich’s perfectly designed flopparoo to draw Chauncey Billups’ fourth foul in Detroit Tuesday. I blame the influx of European players for this trend because flopping has always been an acceptable part of soccer; they grew up watching that crap and understood that it could work in basketball as well, especially if you have a group of largely incompetent referees calling the action. So it started a few years ago, it’s gotten worse and worse, and now, it’s affecting the overall competitiveness of these games.

I won’t disagree with the assertion that flopping is an import from Europe but I would point out that you can also cast a withering eye towards Durham.  Duke players are notorious for flopping in an effort to draw offensive fouls to the point Shane Battier is often called “Floppier” on UNC message boards.  In fact this past NCAA Tournament I posted a video from YouTube showing Greg Paulus attempting draw a charge and falling down without actually drawing contact.  The flop along with the “kick out on a three point shot/pull the defender on top of me” move are common parts of the Duke game(and the Boston College game for all intents and purposes…yes I am looking at you Jared Dudley.)

So while the influx of the “soccer” mentality is probably a good place to start when it comes to the prevalence of flopping, it would be a mistake to ignore the “contributions” of Duke in this area.

Let Us Take A Moment…

March 16, 2007

…and enjoy the fact that Duke has been eliminated from the NCAA Tournament in the 1st round with their fourth straight loss. And to celebrate here is a brief look at one of the most atrocious attempts to flop and draw a foul I think I have ever seen.

So long Duke…see you next year.

One more thing…

I heard several folks say, “Wow, Duke lost in the 1st round…the NCAA Tournament will not be the same without them.”  And they are absolutely right.  What ever shall we do next Thursday/Friday without Duke choking in the Sweet Sixteen because their best shooter can hit the broadside of a barn with a sawed off shotgun.

ESPN.com: 10 Most Hated Dukies

March 7, 2007

Interesting list put together by Thomas Neuman. Of course I always find hate to be such a strong word. I prefer to look at it as “Strongly Disliked to the Point of Revulsion.” No qualms with the first four on the list:

1. Christian Laettner
2. J.J. Reddick
3. Steve Wojciechowski
4. Chris Collins

After that my list would differ.

5. Bobby Hurley
6. Greg Paulus
7. Danny Ferry
8. Quin Snyder
9. Shane Battier
10. Thomas Hill

Including Mike Krzyzewski is a waste of space. He has a list all to himself called “10 Ten Reasons Why We Strongly Dislike Mike Krzyzewski to the Point of Revulsion.” My disdain for Duke players seems to predicated on the general whiny behavior of their guards which is why I am moving Hurley and Paulus so far up the list. Danny Ferry was just plain annoying during the late 1980’s as was Quin Snyder who was also a laughingstock at Missouri. Shane Battier had something about him(besides the flopping) that just grated the nerves. And Thomas Hill? The crying after Laettner hit the shot against UK in 1992 was enough of a reason to put him on the list. I disagree with including Gerald Henderson, Brian Davis, and Shavlik Randolph because they did not really do enough to annoy UNC in general. Henderson needs more time at Duke to really draw some serious dislike. I need more in the way of annoying chest bumping or some kind of signature habit to really get my ire up at him. Davis was inconsequential and I am not sure even Duke acknowledges at this point that Randolph was ever on the team there.